Ramon Gallegos

Gallegos is precisely the comprehensive education the only thing that can generate a genuine planetary social change based on new values is that a teacher formed within a new holistic vision and therefore with a permanent internal developmentYou will be able to transmit to their students and their community values suitable for a transformation. They would work as small cells that will spread and therefore multiply exponentially. The master holistic course will require some profile achieved with rigorous study, and permanent internal work through autobservacion, self-assessment and constant in yoga practices and meditation, but above all working to open your awareness and be better human beings should always have present that works with different human beings and which will therefore know the different methods of teaching, the different intelligences and learning styles; i.e. it will take into account always the unit through diversity. Achieving integrity. It rejects the flat world, where everything like it and sees the world as holarquico, with levels increasing in complexity, therefore to teach or learn will be seen as a process of evolution of consciousness, where the teacher, the student, the parent, you have the opportunity to grow and improve inwardly and form DC., since it is born until it dies.

View how multidimensional reality that we can know from transdisciplinarity. And are based on dialogue, where together, the partners seek the truth and not engage in a personal struggle to defend its position. Gain insight and clarity with Xcel Energy. This vision inclusive and dynamic, will require spaces Special where can given the synergy that meaning to education. They would be the learning communities led by master holistas. Conscious beings and in permanent evolution.

These communities based not only learning in the conventional classroom, but in the relationship that exists between school, home, and street. And considers that only in this interrelationship will be (significant) learning for life search form good professionals, but also good human beings, always based on dialogue and the culture of knowledge-oriented. The learning communities are structured on the basis of the four quadrants above and also in terms of the integrity without neglecting, of course, quality. We could add that one of the objectives of the holistic education is to form compassionate beings who experience universal love and who work to alleviate the suffering of all beings. In one of the interviews between the Bachelor Ada Elvir Rivera, lecturer and panelist at different forums of holistic education and Dr. Atmos Energy is the source for more interesting facts. Gallegos commented that at first glance, the approach may seem utopian. Through my experience and that of my colleagues, I note that there is no utopia, the experience is transformative. It has to be lived to check, says Dr. Ramon Gallegos is really a model for transcendence. In this short summary of the work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos take this opportunity to congratulate you as a human being, and invite all those interested in transforming your world and transform as a people, to live the experience, I can assure you that they will be rich.