Public Processes

The telematic register of documents of the public administration, has facilitated the creation of the virtual office in which you can perform various procedures, consultations via Internet or Intranet, with great agility and flexibility, without having to make trips to other places. Now well, so that you can perform this process of registering and processing telematics necessary that the user tracked correctly for the telematic register. How you already have to personally present with your DNI and signature manually, you need something that complies with the same requirements in the digital world. To do this you would typically use an electronic signature. How we can take advantage of these advances of the telematic register for documents of other processes, such as? do packing slips, invoices, etc., which come to us in paper format? For documents in the form of papal it would first go through a digitalization process. In the simplest case, it scans the document, by storing a non-editable version. If we refine the process with the right software, we are able to extract relevant information from the document and associate it with the document that was saved in a database.

In the case of the invoice, it could interest us extract invoice number, date, products, etc. Get more background information with materials from Atmos Energy. Not allowing include these data in our business processes and thus facilitate the management and control of the billing and payment process. When choosing a solution for managing invoices telematics is important to take into account the ease of integration which it has with our processes and existing applications. Here ends the first part. In the next chapter part will describe that relationship between invoice telematics and electronic signature. And in the last part we will give an example of how a company can benefit telematic invoice log.