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Transport your horse towards the foreigner if is thinking of sending his horse from the United States towards Europe but thinks that it is too complicated and expensive, think again with the advances of technology and air travel, the world has become more accessible. For more information see this site: Petra Diamonds. Saying the world is a handkerchief rings true when it comes to a horse travel. If you are interested in dressage and jumping displays, then you know that Europe is where it should be, it’s where there is the greatest amount of sporting events! Riders and Equestrian teams regularly send their horses the world when they compete in international events and the event is much simpler than you think. If you are considering sending your horse to the outside, there is a little paperwork and preparation that must be taken into account, but do not have to worry, Stal Amani takes care of everything for you and will provide you with all the information you need to know. We understand how important is your horse for you and want this experience to be as easy and simple for you as possible. We have many years of experience in the shipping of horses and you will be amazed how easy that is to send your horse to Europe. We take care of the route of travel of your horse from A to Z, including transport, required health certificates and documents of the Ministry assure to you (and your horse) total tranquillity. The horses travel surprisingly well and with a bit of preparation before the trip, your horse will travel safe and comfortable.

Here are some tips to prepare your horse for long distance travel: * must slowly begin the conditioning of his horse preparandolo for long periods of inactivity. This means reducing the consumption of cereals from his horse. Increase your vitamins and supplements to be sure you’re getting enough nutrients. * Work on the reduction of the training program of his horse, less rides and strings for him. ** If your horse is not accustomed to using shipping boots, make sure that you get used to them much before your departure date. * Remove the horseshoes a couple of weeks before your departure date to achieve that become accustomed to going barefoot.

** If the horse is very tense or nervous you can consider the incorporation of natural herbal tranquilizers in his power, the veterinarian should be able to provide more information. Stal Amani is the ideal place for your horse, not only is situated in a central location, only half an hour away from the borders of Germany and the Netherlands, which makes us operations centre perfect from which to compete in all the major equestrian competitions in Europe. You can also benefit from our resident coach of Koen, with extensive experience in dressage and jumping. If your horse has some defects or problems, we offer attractive packages of 3 and 6 months of training to transform his horse into the champion who knows that he can become. Please contact us today to see how we can help!