Plastic Theory On The Rise

Upper Austria offers exciting training opportunities as the stronghold of the plastic. Of the about 130,000 Austrian apprentices are alone approximately 27,400 on Upper Austria and that means 1st place ranking in Austria. Already, 43 per cent of young people in Austria decide after completion of compulsory education for a profession. In total 206 professions to choose from are the young girls or boys. We know some of this training because you have tradition in school books and stories, but those who are still in demand in the future, as well as the doctrine of the plastic are really exciting. An apprenticeship as a plastics technicians or form generator offers even the professional knowledge in the school 2 birds with one stone because of the dual training system in addition to the practical training in the job.

Professionals to locate in the today’s time and that makes this training also has a promising future. Promotes the motivation of young people in direct contact with the professional world and lets them early self responsibility take over. A nice side effect is making the first money of course for many,”the Chairman of the trade representation of the Upper Austrian plastics processors ing. Franz Zitta summarizes the advantages of the plastic gauge. The teaching profession in the overview the material plastic offers young people currently two exciting professions: the plastic molding (3 years apprenticeship) and the plastics technology (apprenticeship 4 years). Plastic form donor or technicians enjoy increasing popularity the country.

The task pane is extremely versatile in the plastic gauge. From the manufacture of plastic products such as car parts, the apprentice deals constantly with new raw materials and methods. You learn to interpret working drawings and technical documents. After the 1st year of training the young person has the possibility to take the diploma in addition to teaching,”provides an insight into the diversity of education ing. Franz Zitta. Oo: the stronghold of the plastic supply and demand define the market. And so it is also with the apprenticeships. The apprenticeships, for the labour supply high, run the risk of sooner or later, confronted with lower salaries to be and become interchangeable. Upper Austria offers numerous lucrative opportunities as plastic stronghold in the plastic jig. Total generating 34,000 employees in 220 companies of Upper Austria. Plastics sector a turnover of 6.7 billion euros. It used average investment in research & development. As one of the most successful and economically strongest industries of Upper Austria, the plastics industry offers many career opportunities for innovative-minded people. We see it as a commitment to provide the best training opportunities to our youth and put much energy into the apprenticeship training. Our dynamic industry needs young, well-trained employees. We offer exciting learning paths, which are well paid and secured on a long time. To bring the strengths of the in-service adolescents, we present us this year with a large booth on the Welser Messe Youth & professional”, highlights ing. Franz Zitta on the training focus. In cooperation with the cyclist sports Harding win the trade representation of the Upper Austrian plastics processors now a bike valued at 750 euro. What to do for and learn more about the training focus can be found under.