Online Business

These three values are the basis for the success of an online business but there is something more important than this: these three values are our property, not of a company or a boss, why are of great value, that do not depend on external circumstances and we always have them as allies. 1. Our knowledge. Our main value is our knowledge, these are the key to reaching out to people. On the internet what we’re looking for is information, information that solves some kind of need or that we somehow erriquezca. This information is the best way to bring us closer to our future clients, affiliates or partners.2. Your list of contacts. Your contacts, whether they are contacts for alliances and collaborations as a future client contacts or affiliates, they are important because they allow you to direct and spoiled with them communication, this is the best way of achieving a sale or an affiliation.It directs your promotions towards the creation of contacts, not you sell your business or product first, first get contacts it allow you from his interest in your work entering in your emails and on their heads.And another thing, not all contacts are sales, seeks partnerships of mutual benefit with other people.3. Your presence on the internet. Perhaps this could be the first value because from here (your presence on the internet) is from where start all the exposure of your knowledge and the creation of your contacts, but I believe that without any knowledge nor contacts not can develop a good presence on the internet.You have a presence on the internet is something that is done with the time and work but not just about having a website, but have a website with some credibility. This is something that is achieved demonstrating sincerity and a mood by serving others.