New Education System

We live in a decadent society, which piles up massive State debts that burdened with unreasonably high taxes and social security contributions and must live in the many millions of people by state charity and may give no sense her life a new education system for people who participate, perform their natural task and thereby develop their talents, passions and values competently on networks and direct democratic decisions. We can change that by we rethink. The thinking and actions of each individual ultimately contributes to the success or failure of the whole society. So how well young people know the goals, values, systems and rules of the society and also day to day life is very crucial. This very much depends on a high-quality education by parents and teachers. With the aforementioned, new education the young people can be prepared optimally on a free society, in which they can best develop their inclinations and abilities and can decide itself in the framework of direct democracy. The new educational system fundamentally changed by what? If the visionary today looks back and compares between the old education system (frontal), he has grown, and his basic concept for a new educational system (learning projects), then he finds following basic differences: target: old education system: the minor orders, the well from the top down control using hierarchies, you can provide global expertise well the and which fits easily in ruling systems.

The most important goal for the minor orders is the safe money income source. new education system: the responsible problem solvers and autodidact who competently and actively participating in networks, performs his natural task and it develops his talents, passions and values. The most important goal for the proficient problem solvers and Autodidacts is to find his life’s mission and run. important values: old Education: Obedience (duty), material wealth (independently of inner wealth), diligence (without the sense of diligence to question), socially recognized profession (men should a professional respected in society), beauty (women should be beautiful) new education system: nature, peace and inner contentment (inner wealth, so with yourself in the line live), justice, freedom and love creation concept old education system: the concept of creation is disregarded new education system: the concept of creation is noted old educational system selection of teachers: selection of teachers according to notes new education system: selection of teachers for their skills relevant indeed to the teaching interpersonal cooperation old education system: people are led via hierarchies new education system: people cooperate within the framework of networks constructive teaching and learning old education system: nature – and lebensfremdes learning new educational system: natural and down-to-Earth learning evaluation of the Lernerfolgs old education system: assessment, how much we know new education system in the short term (notes references): assessment, how we act in the long term with our knowledge (learning and competence portfolio) it comes eventually, that young people learn how they can make their lives meaningful. Read the free eBook and eMail introduction to the basic concept for a new education system. Learn more about the basic concept for a new education system can be found on the website of the author. He describes how he wants to put the whole thing into practice, in his course.