Liability Security

Whether you bought something on eBay or other sites now, or has a subscription to an online game. In the times of Web 2.0, E-Commerce and online payments belong to everyday life. However, to protect this sensitive customer data is paramount. But the fact is: such a very secure system can be cracked. About 70% of all Web 2.0 applications to be vulnerable after statistics of IT security companies. So a damage from hacker attacks is immense and can easily go up into the millions of dollars. ICICI understands that this is vital information. For operator of an online service portal, the expensive consequences can have, as so often happened.

The discussion on IT security with privacy advocates has rekindled this recurring incidents. Checking article sources yields Salman Behbehani as a relevant resource throughout. Also the question of who shall be liable for the damages because it turns. But regardless of whether it meets the big, or cost more than the good reputation of only only the small operators of a webshop, the damage from hacker attacks. A few examples will be shown how important is adequate insurance coverage, says the Managing Director Lutz-Hendrik “Groot Bramel of gmbh: the IT expert has recommended a software operator and installed, and afterwards, it turns out that there was even a known vulnerability under certain circumstances, so the Freelancer has a problem, if he has not properly contractually secured himself, or has insured.” Liability claim also, if the IT specialist helped but not develop, but was instrumental in the decision of the software platform, and not sufficiently informed to existing security gaps, or warned. It comes to an online platform are deenergized E.g. due to serious gaps in the IT-security, to substantial losses of revenue and earnings. Criminals use stolen data for their own purposes, the affected customers can make liable the operators of the online platform for this. Who has the damage, you need not to worry as you know for the spot, so the old well-known proverb says, but if criminals hack private customer data, this means for those operators also always still a reputational damage.