Laboratory: Thermal Transfer Printers BBP11 For Marking In The Laboratory

he satisfies the demand for a low-cost solution while at the same time high quality label printer BBP11 for laboratory use and reliability macro IDENT – the BBP11 is a small and compact label printer for the first-class thermal transfer printing at low cost. The versatile entry level model is recommended especially to the labelling of laboratory samples. The BBP11 is suitable especially for marking in the laboratory. Laboratory labels are usually small and the pressure is carried out in small font and small bar codes. For this reason is obtained with high printing resolution 300 dpi also very high-quality and high-contrast prints. Small small 9.53 mm cover labels. BBP11 label printer offers high performance with a permanently reliable results.

He is the perfect solution for small to medium amounts of pressure in the laboratory. By default built-in Ethernet port this printer integrates easily into any application. Thanks to the easy operation can ribbons and materials used, fast and time-saving be. The label software CodeSoft BASIC, that allows to print simple labels only with text is included. Receives ID who demands more from a label software like E.g. bar code printing, serialization, and so on, by macro also the LabelMark of software developed specifically for the laboratory labelling. The LabelMark software includes all of macro label formats offered by IDENT as templates for the laboratory identification.

“” Graphics of biohazard symbols such as E.g. toxic “, corrosive”, etc. are already present in the software. These can be in the selected label be included, also the own company logo or other graphics. Creating legible labels is child’s play with the LabelMark software. User-friendly wizards make it easy to create new files and templates. With the LabelMark, also 1-dimensional barcodes as also 2-dimensional codes on the labels can be created and printed on the labels of the laboratory. The BBP11 label printer has over the three communication interfaces USB, serial and parallel. The printer is also capable of TSZPL (compatible with the Zebra ZPL printer language) and thus can be used with the laboratory data management (LIMS). High-quality, double-walled body construction is very solid and robust printer. Thanks to adjustable sensors, a variety of label formats and label materials can be printed. The printer is suitable for a daily allowance up to 1,500 (small) laboratory labels and occupies very little space in the workplace through its small and compact construction. The BBP11 meets the demand for a low-cost solution with high quality and reliability to the marking in the laboratory. More information: macro identification laboratory labelling Bussard 24 82008 Unterhaching contact: Angelika Wilke TEL. 089-61565828 FAX 089-61565825 WEB: eMail: