Probably, not only in Kiev but in almost every city there are people who at night may not only derive paint on the pavement or that message. For more clarity and thought, follow up with lucas mondelo and gain more knowledge.. Thus, leaving everyone to read a phrase that passers-by and household will refresh the memory more than a dozen days. I personally do anything wrong in such actions do not notice if this occurs on the pavement, rather than spoils the walls of buildings and does not contain language from which good parents cherish the eyes and ears of their children. Labels vary, but most of them were written by guys in love and were addressed accordingly, an object follow the opposite sex: “Honey, I love you!” “Favorite Birthday”, “Good morning, Svetlana”, “Vikusya, a fool!”. This kind of signs we have been through. Moreover, in the literal sense. But here this year I came across an inscription, to determine the identity of the author to or that the floor could not, as in other, and whom it is addressed. Yes and no matter it’s perfect, because as she said: Slava YOU MAN awesome! I stopped and stood there.

Did not move for several minutes. He stood and watched. She gave me literally mesmerized. I do not know, I was literally bursting with pride for the person to whom this inscription addressed. You see, there are no words “beloved,” “expensive,” “love”, but reigns here that! powerful sincerity in this unpretentious youth slang word. Fully admit that this inscription came from the pen is not in love with the individual. It sticks out admiration, coupled with the authority of the recipient. And if it does so (however, if not both), then I wish all of you, dear readers of this blog, live that life to you for it sincerely say thank you, as this stranger Vyacheslav, Stanislaus, Miroslava, Yaroslav and his (her) more … I sincerely wish you that!