Internet Speed

' But you somehow forgot to tell the most basic, the size of video files compatible with a fast video playback on the Internet. Also, for some reason no one says that There are other causes that directly affect the loading speed of your video on the Internet. It is well known: The actual speed internet, 90% of users, usually below the stated many times because of: network congestion and worn out equipment internet service providers. Before you publish your Flash-video, you need to immediately send an unequivocal message – for whom it is intended. That is to be clearly defined – who is your audience. There are types of audiences that do not need high-quality online video content, or the perfect record. Then we must immediately recognize that these customers will likely also require your goods, videos, or services.

Then begs the obvious question: 'What then can publish your videos on obscure sites, but if you and a couple dozen people with a stable, high-speed to no one else sees, and those who see, look it of dubious quality, then click on advertising at the end of the roller and just move to other videos? " So drop all stories about what can be done as horrible video, upload it to the network at a trendy video service and a month later become famous and popular. Online video should be great, quality, speed, and without advertising. All, nothing else for the successful positioning of its video network – does not exist.