International Portal

GLOBAL CERAMIC NETWORK, S.L. is a company in a constant growth process that is born fruit of a market need and it is formed by a multidisciplinary team of young professionals that make up a solid structure, human and prepared to launch a major project that will give much to talk about. What we present is a Web portal at the global level where we will gather all the manufacturers of tiles, sanitary, machinery for ceramics and raw material suppliers around the world with their respective product catalog. For this purpose we have the support of our partners in various countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico and United States among others. Today Internet has become the engine of businesses in a market already without borders, however many of the companies that have their own Web pages cannot be found in the. GLOBAL ceramic will be a portal such as YAHOO, and everything related to the world of ceramics is going to be inside, to find everyone here what you are looking for. Each our client will have on GLOBAL ceramic another Web page with data from your company, history of the same, a catalog where exposing all your products, a contact form and a link to your Web page, so that all those who are interested can contact directly with our customers. GLOBAL ceramic avoids having to scroll to know the product at your company, since with a single CLICK will be announced each and every detail of all their products.

People from everyone may see your product catalog because GLOBAL ceramics will be in the majority of the Internet (GOOGLE, YAHOO, ALTAVISTA, etc.) search engines and portals and Web sites related to the world of ceramics. Our portal will also have advertising in national and international newspapers and magazines. GLOBAL ceramic will also have news and developments from the ceramic sector provided by official agencies (ASCER, ECERS, CFI, ITC, ASEBEC, etc.) and by the clients themselves. This is one website for professionals ((as for individuals: 1) Professional: distributors of any country who are looking for some kind of tile or machinery for ceramics and distribute it in your country, etc. 2) individuals: anyone who wants to reform his house and not know that you model or types of tiles, mosaics, friezes, etc. will be used. Apart from our portal we also offer services of: * photography.

* Graphic design and layout. * Digital printing (booklets, cards, * brochures, leaflets, posters, etc.). * Printing Offset (catalogues, brochures, magazines, etc.).