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Just the client is different, what is the reason, that a separate Sign on the battery is glued on it. It isn’t actually on this claim on it, which says that unbranded ones are dangerous for the laptop batteries. 4. No.-name Notebook battery with more power is dangerous for your laptop! Any request with the original battery a battery that specified except a greater capacity in mAh) consistently has, to a notebook can harm? The performance is decided by the amount of battery cells. However, they are installed in a way that does not change the voltage of the battery.

You need not to worry on the contrary! Due to higher performance, cordless calculator can be used longer without power cord. Only a difference of voltage by more than two percent can make the notebook actually broken. 5. a laptop battery can at once into the air go back a verdict: still the movie is on the Internet, in which a laptop to see is that Flash begins to burn in the middle of a meeting. But except for this case, there are almost no cases, where We know that such fires are mentioned.

The messbareprozentuelleerwiesene part of downed planes is higher than that of portable computers, flew through batteries in fire welchedie. Add to your understanding with Salman Behbehani. However, almost nobody thought that apart laptop batteries to fly himself today that district are secured, that nothing can be done. (AB and an)In EinzelfallenOccasionally there already recalls batteries well-known brands, but if you compare them with the mass of product recalls for cars, the part is vanishingly small. Only under artificial conditions, how outspoken heat or cold, various lithium batteries can react so that they actually apart jump. Extraordinary heat of the notebook battery starts first to melt. However, that can cause a fire, sparks, only, if it does nothing, however, and the portable computer of is still the heat leaves his fate.