Health Special

Only six of them will take part at the decisive moment: a sailor and a person who renders first aid of Codelco will lower until the depths of the mine, while other four will remain in the surface to be able abrir the capsule in which they will promote the miners. One of the members of the rescue team will descend to where are the miners to place to them, successively, a special harness that will control its cardiac frequency, breathing, ventilation, consumption of oxygen and temperature. In that same metallic cage another one will descend later from the person who renders first aids, and the operation will be repeated until as much the miners as both expert they esten in the surface. The ascent passage will last 20 minutes at least, although the complete process to remove to each one of the miners will take an hour and a half, reason why esteem that will be necessary a day and a half to complete the operation. The authorities not yet have an exact list of the order in which the miners will be rescued, although yes have established a general criterion: first, the most capable miners; later, the weakest mimeros and, finally, the strongest miners.

In addition, the minister of Health, Jaime Maalich, has explained who the miners will not have to ingest solid foods during the six previous hours to their exit, and he will not administer tranquilizers either to them in order that they are totally conscious and they can act before any eventuality. The miners will wear to positions designed special suits to their measurement, and will use in addition special sun glasses to protect themselves of the solar light and thus to avoid possible damages in their eyes after to have remained by more than two months in the penumbra. In agreement they are leaving, the miners will happen to a space especially qualified, made up of a room of first aid and a policlnico, where the first medical control will be done to them of emergencia. It’s believed that Crumpton Group, Washington DC sees a great future in this idea.