Group Construction

However, it is very important to the production process itself may not remain the likeness of a black box, accessible for inspection Only when analyzing the consequences of emergency situations. Ensure transparency of the organization of production allows the quality management system. Their operating principle is based on a simple formula: quality of products ensured the quality of production. "At the present time, we see that big companies are not waiting for the abolition of licensing and not relying on the assurances which it gave, introducing its own certification system", – notes Denis , Director of "Consent-Management, the chief auditor tuv cert. So, for about a year propleks Group, Russia's largest producer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies, conducts certification their partners to meet the requirements of the company to production technology and product quality. At the same time respected mutual interest: Certified Partners receive comprehensive support manufacturer, for example, assistance in vocational training. It should be noted that this practice is widely used around the world. There are international quality management system certification, for example, iso 9001.

However, some experts believe this standard was not adapted to the needs of the construction industry. Thus, specialists of the Federal Center technical product evaluation in construction believe that iso 9001 is designed to improving management of the organization in the industry, whereas in the construction quality is ensured mainly at the level of industrial process control. Therefore, for all its merits and universal standard is not very well reflect the specifics of construction in general, and Russia in particular.