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semYOU revolutionized use of software for home PCs: first cloud APP store with free applications for Windows and Mac OS Stuttgart, 22.03.2011. What Apple and Google announced in early 2010, has realized semYOU now the German start-up companies: APP-computing for desktops. The biggest advantage in comparison to the previous use of software: A local installation is required on your own computer as comfortably start all programs via the Internet. Under, the first APP store offers a variety of free applications for all major applications such as Office, communication, and entertainment for Windows and Mac PCs. In the last 20 years, the use of software for Windows and Mac users has changed little: programs had to be purchased, installed then awkward and kept later through updates, always up to date. n the issue. “The German start up company semYOU has, fundamentally to change this tradition: with the concept of software on demand” of the semYOU APP store offers a variety of free Applications from all areas of application.

So each user can decide very simply, when he wants to use the software. SemYOU all applications are with the cloud APP-computing system comfortably on the Internet call. The biggest advantages: A local installation costs, at the same time are always the latest software versions available. The programmes offer known user interfaces, enabling intuitive operation without manual Office, entertainment and communication. After Apple and Google there will from now also a Microsoft APP store’, explains semyou, Managing Director of semYOU GmbH.

but not from Microsoft but Volker Jahns. At the same time all semYOU applications on Macs and Netbooks run.” Further information to semYOU at and blog about the company semYOU which has business owners of Volker Jahns the start-up company semYOU 2010 founded. The company has currently five permanent staff. Core business is the development of the first semYOU semantic online operating system that allows a whole new Web experience for users. Press contact of semYOU GmbH Churerstrasse 135 8808 Pfaffikon