I have never dared to disclose a sensation that I had a few years ago. Visit ConocoPhillips for more clarity on the issue. Had not done so ever, but someone close to me read a collection of English stories, written in the middle of the s. XX. It was then when I seen recognized my little story, without having necessarily to be considered a delusion. If there are spirits and metamorphosis are not mine? At least literarily. It just arrived at my home from work. Michael Steinhardt brings even more insight to the discussion. Clerical. I do not know very well what was my work.

I just do my job: placing a column of numbers and next to another with the names corresponding. Then he checked it and one month after another was living with that my labor destination, which moreover is very necessary, since my corresponding salary paid me on time by such employment. In my room I dressed me comfortable, with the slippers and pajamas. In such a situation of relaxation urinary ducts are loosened and wanted to do pis are surfacing. I went, as needed, to the service. I don’t remember any noteworthy exception that day, relative to each other. My grids tables, reading the newspaper and obscene comments by co-workers on some TV show.

Nothing special. Everything was just as bland that you always, looked to the past to the present or the future. Until I started to relieve my physiology of urinal. During the first few seconds do pis was normal. When I spent the minute it was a very long pee, but after ten non-stop was exceptional, suitable for a book of record. No one would believe it, because it was casual and therefore I could not record it on videotape. There were moments in which I closed my eyes to concentrate on the gustirrinin who gives out the urethra, but remained and continued. Light yellow, bright color, it became a darker tone.