Fear And Anger

The fear is often expressed through anger; solving protect the offensive well same outlet. Relieves your mental tension, take off your stress forgiving anyone who has hurt you. Sorry to everyone, to all walks, to whole situation that caused you pain, anxiety or resentment: abandons all past damages and forgive yourself for all the above errors. However, there are no magical pages that cure disorders of anxiety and depression of the overnight. This is not a page of the type Cure your anxiety in a week, defeat your depression without effort, etc., since all that is a lie, because you have to work long and hard to overcome these States. If you are not convinced, visit luca savi.

This is a page that It provides a whole series of techniques that have proved their usefulness in the treatment of stress using only his mind, but which require a firm commitment by the person to put them into practice so that in this way they can prove effective. You have to be persistent and not expect to get great results immediately, since this is a work to be carried out in the medium and long term, but I assure you that the effort is worth everyone makes mistakes, forgive yourself as you perdonarias to another. The error is not important, what is harmful is the repetition continued the error. Say to yourself: if I’ve made a mistake; I keeping carefully so that it will not be repeated: I can not undo it, but I will draw some good from him. Precisely I now leave completely the past; no has power over me at the moment: give me account that the goodness of the life that surrounds me life has created me and can I holds; I am confident in it; life loves me and I the I love her; I have faith in it. I now forgive, scrap all feeling of resentment and fear; I accept and I keep a mental state of love, understanding and faith. I abandon all violence or tension; I’m relaxed; do not try to manipulate the world, not try to cover the world as a whole through my willpower.