Direct Sales Stable In The Crisis

We do not pay up in infinite levels and even bonuses expire. Often they were laughed at, the representative with your leather folders, but in crisis can smile now. Stable and positive news from the scene can reach us from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Also for many temporary workers, 2009 was the year of the second standing leg in network marketing. Often, the opinions of reputable and dishonest companies go strongly apart, require a certain license fee, for example, apply networks especially beginners as frivolous. Experienced sales representatives see it mostly differently.

A company with an entry fee protect yourself from unexploded ordnance, which especially as network novices take much time, receive materials and contracts to but ultimately no initiative and costs only. On the other hand brainiacs pay license fees only if they have adopted the system, a desire to see the products, so to speak the first statements knowing them the money plays back. A win-win situation: the company has active employees, the employees in turn are not slowed by temporary hangers-on. One thing must be clear: network marketing is a hard patch, with good opportunities! It is all the more gratifying Web Galaxy corporate cooperation and EDV Systemhaus now wants to offer a number of sales models Kruger. We do not pay up in infinite levels and even bonuses run out. According to owner U.

Kruger. Thus sales should stand out of the structure clearly from the competition. For the time being, only the distribution for ( in the prelaunch phase goes but more are to follow in the next few months. The total portfolio of corporate cooperation should then also Vertrieblern throughout Germany are open. Detailed information for interested readers on the homepage of the Kruger computerized of system House ( Sebastian Walker L.E.. PR