Digital mobile telephony

With the advent of digital mobile telephony, it was possible to access Internet sites specially designed for mobile, known as WAP. The first connections were made through a phone call to an operator through which transmitting data similar to what would a PC modem.

Subsequently, was born on GPRS, allowing access to the Internet through TCP / IP protocol. By the correct software can be accessed from a mobile terminal, to services such as FTP, Telnet, instant messaging, e-mail using the same protocols that a conventional computer.

The speed of GPRS is 54 kbit / s under optimum conditions, and fare depending on the amount of information transmitted and received.

Taking advantage of UMTS, are beginning to appear modems for PCs that connect to the Internet using the mobile telephone network, achieving speeds similar to those of ADSL. This system is still expensive because the charging system is not a true flat rate but imposes limitations on what data or speed.