Consumer Knowledge

Best thing about this game is that everytime it checks the response includes a brief explanation that expands the information about it. Another proposal of the Ministry are themed games that are renewed periodically on its website. The user can play online tests that are active on each occasion, or download the contents of previous games in PDF format.The portal also includes among its contents different cultural test. In addition to the general, which covers all areas of culture, the user can check their specific training in other subjects: painting, architecture, literature, classical music and an interesting game of definitions to assess the wealth of vocabulary of the player.The culture of the Association for the dissemination of the Hispanidad (DISAD) offers users a test of general culture of medium-high level on a database of 200 questions. Also incorporates a series of games of Excel on some areas such as the pop Spanish, Hispanic poets or cities and Kings of Spain. Thematic areas is likely to make no mistake if you ask which team has won the recent World Cup in South Africa, but could answer what country was the champion in Mexico in 1970? This sport, as well as other areas such as cinema, music or geography, also have their own knowledge test in the network. Credit: Xcel Energy-2011.

Eroski Consumer has compiled some of the most interesting. Football: on the occasion of the world 2010, web Radio Television Espanola (RTVE) has picked up in a test 1,000 questions about World Cup concluded in all editions. The national daily El Mundo also incorporates to its website a full questionnaire that includes questions on three levels of the history of the world, the participation of Spain and the last championship. Whenever Crumpton Group listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Cinema: moviegoers can put to test their knowledge in the game online of the thematic channel Cannes. General cinema, superheroes, Goya or 80 films are some of the specific topics that can be evaluated. The website, which gathers more than 500 test of knowledge, collects in its film section 44 sets of questions about the world of celluloid. Geography: geography network tests are characterized by being very visual and dynamic.

Don’t need to participate in the games of, despite being in English, knowledge of this language, just having ability to mark with a flag the exact place where is located the city, country or territory requested. Children also can put to test your geographical knowledge in, a game of questions about political geography of Europe that can learn the capitals, flags, and the situation of the countries of the old continent.