Computer Management

From its creation in 1985 the Textile Technological Institute has consolidated like center of reference of investigation, advanced innovation and technical services for the textile sectors, technical preparation and textiles. And to obtain it has focused it great part of his activity in the Quality by means of different certifications. Facing improving these systems, AITEX decided to realise important improvements in their system of quality by means of the incorporation of the new technologies. In order to secure this objective, AITEX is trusting in Computer science Cesser and Organization, integrator of new technologies, specialized in contributing management solutions by means of the incorporation of tools Web collaborative, as much in institutions as in companies. With the solution of Cesser for the control of the Management of Quality, AITEX will be able to manage their system ISO 9001 of simpler, agile and effective form, allowing that their resources diminish the time used in these tasks and can be dedicated to more important others. This solution is developed using the platform of Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007, which allows to the creation of collaborative vestibules Web, so that the employees share the information, improving their productivity and guaranteeing so much the technological evolution of the product like their agreed growth to the future needs of AITEX. With respect to the system of Quality, with the solution of Cesser, AITEX it incorporates a management of nonconformities (in clients, suppliers, equipment and audit) a management of Indicators and measurements, different command cadres, an outpost documentary management, a system of evaluation of suppliers as well as the tools necessary for the control of the formation and its RRHH.

With this implantation AITEX it tries to obtain important advantages, optimizing his resources, reducing the failures and their administrative cost, improving the organizational controls of information and processes and increasing the satisfaction of his clients. Cesser is one of the implantadores majors of Microsoft at national level and it counts on an ample trajectory in the world of the Technologies of the Information. More than 1,200 clients they have trusting already in its experience and guarantee the professionalism of his more than 400 professionals. More information: Dpto. of Communication Area of corporative marketing of Cesser Tlf.