Colombian Governments

Seven military bases or leases of seven barracks to the mercenary forces of the United States and Israel, reveals the profound crisis that lives the Government illegitimate alvaro Uribe and the sadly famous and fateful Plan Colombia. alvaro Uribe has not had sufficient gallantry to acknowledge its military defeat against the groups guerrilla operating in Colombia. Don Alvaro, prefer to bring to international public light worn item of Chavez support to the guerrillas in his country. Now feels more supported by the imminent presence of illegal and unconstitutional bases American-Israelis in Colombian territory. They seek to give the Colombian internal conflict a disproportionate international proportion that eventually most will affect Colombia than to other neighbouring countries. There will be the inevitable conflicts between American mercenary forces and different guerrilla groups, thats what they want and American, Colombian Governments and Israelis provoke it. This will be a very large and obvious temptation for the FARC and the ELN, will be the justification for a total intervention on an unprecedented scale of foreign forces in Colombian territory, to which countries and neighbouring Governments may not ignore, nor neglect.

We will have at least another ten years of information drawn from so-called super computers of Raul Reyes. She is decodificaran more documents that involve Governments, armed forces, social organizations, in acts of terrorism against the Government of man number 82 of the list of traffickers traffickers most sought after by the DEA and the FBI, Mr Don alvaro Uribe. When they begin to operate bases fully American-Israeli, they arrived with them the terrorist practices of national security, disappearances of political, Trade Union and indigenous leaders. Narco trafficking will become stronger and virtually legalizara trade in cocaine and its derivatives, because that is the interest of big tobacco and industrial consortia in the United States, Europe and Israel. It will strengthen the paramilitary presence in the borders of neighbouring countries and should be organized from Colombian territory States future coups in Latin America.