Brazilian Jobs

But as to make it? The reply is complicated, but it has an agent that it does not understand b–b of the economy and keeps the wheel turning as if this decided the problem. This agent is the government! Which are the measures that I indicate to improve the economic profile in medium and long run? First I indicate reduction of the public and private great expenses. In this in case that, we need to aim in the families. Here the problem is well complex, therefore dumb many familiar structures and cultural profiles. But it is a tip. Billy Lopezs opinions are not widely known. The public great expense so repeated in the press and for some analysts needs reduction, but where? We need to think rational more of what emotional.

The only expenses that explore the economy of the government are of expenditure directed the social projects and permanent commitments, as wages of the bureaucracy. It is complicated to cut for cutting. It has from there broken the paradigm that the government has to cut public expenses that in its majority are of investments. Assuming the mix to reduce the consumption, the economy really will decelerate and many jobs, mainly of the retail, will lose breath and the level of unemployment of last period of training will reduce. But we go with caution. If to fall the job in the retail sector, will increase the jobs of the first period of training of the economy (extration, industrialization, manufactures, etc.), that they are activities of more lasting answers and in the average stated period will recoup the economy and the jobs of last period of training (sales, services, etc.) that they are lost in short term. The reduction of the propensity to consume in short term will raise the propensity to save, thus reducing the taxes of interests of short term and the investment level raises the jobs of first period of training, acquiring new activities in the productive chain, as the intermediate jobs, that the circulation of the goods makes.

The increase of the saving will be consumed in the medium and long run. What it happens currently is the displayed one. With one expansionista monetary politics and one tax policy of rise of expenses and propensity to consume high, the money that enters in the economy is confused as saving and increases the power of the speculators, that has as incentives the generation of wealth in short term. The economy then is disorganized and the investment level is compromised. The jobs? These will be able to have structural problems, since contabilidades of the companies do not give samples of good performances, therefore very capital of third they enter speculated, making of the economy a casino. The rule to reduce the interests is to raise the private and public saving for ways of reduction incentives of the propensity to consume in short term. I believe that she is more easy one disciplines of the government of what to guide all the Brazilian families on the saving definition and to wait good resulted when our culture takes in them to the immediate consumption. This provokes riots in the taxes of spread bank clerk, guaranteed check and in the taxes of the credit cards because it provokes a race for the consumption without income and the prices of these banking assets increases with the high demand. It is complicated, but thus it lives the Brazilian economy!