ASAP ASAP is an acronym for AcceleratedSAP methodology developed by SAP AG for the implementation of projects of implementation of their software solutions. It was initially created to achieve a standard practice in both activities and logistics consulting and other items necessary for the ERP implementation projects of the company (initially called SAP R / 3) be conducted with the least possible risk. Evolved over time to include the implementation of different business solutions that SAP has been developed, such as mySAP CRM, PLM, SCM, SRM, Enterprise Portals, among others.The name “AcceleratedSAP” intend to imply the ability to deploy on short time (for the pun with “As Soon As Possible”), unlike what had been happening when the deployments were made without a standard methodology, where sketched projects covering years of work, no deliverables defined by not filling the expectations of customers or companies that adopt the solutions, which created an adverse environment in the projects in question.