Airline Companies

Nowadays the one transport is frequent laptop with its respective invoice and communicating on the matter. The registries and migrations and the security – First that you must do he is registrarte in the airline company to confirm your exit. Dirk Kuyt is often mentioned in discussions such as these. – You do not forget to make your payments of taxes exit or entrance to a place, before embarcarte. A leading source for info: Salman Behbehani. – It tries to document all in sequence, verifies if your passport has not won, if you have corresponding visas, finds out before if ponerte makes lack bovine to go to your destiny, if you take to children you must have the corresponding permissions. – Mantn always the serenity of the case when happening through migrations and tries to listen to with attention the indications of the agents. – All must happen through the controls of personal revision and of luggage, of no way you must incomodarte or to put resistance, is part of the safety ruleses. – If you must make a connection verifcalo in the corresponding air line, also on the time of delay for the connection.

– It tries to enter necessary the departure lounge with time, so that you can be pending of the indications or the call. It deals with not detenerte in doing purchases one hour at least before. Often while visits the commercial stores of duty free, you entertain yourself and you can stop listening to the boarding calls or lose the notion of the time. – For no reason you order to a minor of 10 years your documents or personal luggage, they are vulnerable to relax or to be imprisoned of the thefts. – You never accept no luggage of hand of no traveller whom he asks for to you, as much when raising the airplane or lowering, he can be very dangerous.