Piece Jam

Jam – our national pride and our favorite way to make home-made for the winter! Only in Russia cooked fruit or berries in sugar syrup so that the fruit does not fall apart, and the syrup is easily separated from them. That is why when we want to make jam – it is better to choose one fruit size and ripeness. By the way, over-ripe fruit is not very suitable for the jam – they fall apart. Jam is also considered to be welded halves of the fruit, which not cook completely. In this case halves, such as pears, just should not fall apart. The main secret to good jam – a uniform impregnation of the fruit with sugar syrup. If the jam cook over high heat, then the juice inside the fruit boils, and the syrup is bad impregnate it. But otherwise the juice from the fruit comes out too quickly, and get the same effect as bad impregnation. For this reason, the jam is considered more difficult to prepare product, for example, than jam. But we want to make jam! What to do?