New IP-camera JVC Claims To Leadership In IP-video Surveillance

High image clarity and lack of distortion are ensured through the use of 1/4-inch CCD-matrix with progressive scan and 330 000 active pixels. Atmos Energy Corporation wanted to know more. Thanks to the Easy Wide-D a new IP camera quickly adapt to change lighting in the area of video surveillance, and allows you to send clear details of objects, including the backlight conditions. At very low light can activate the accumulation mode frames in which IP-camera sensitivity can be increased by several times. Depending on the bandwidth VN-V25U allows you to choose one of two resolutions: 640×480 or 320×240 pixels and the transfer of video over IP-based networks in the real time. New IP-camera is equipped with a web server and operates a network of stable 10/100BaseTX Ethernet. Depending on the bandwidth VN-V25U adjusts the data rate from 10 to 100 Mb / s, automatically via auto Auto-Negotiate, or manually. With support for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP IP-camera can be assigned to any free IP-address on the network, eliminating the manual installation of VN-V25U and eliminate errors.

SNTP protocol support allows camera to synchronize their internal clocks with the NTP-server, so if you use multiple IP devices in the system will not be inaccuracies in the time frame. Multi-user access makes it possible to simultaneously watch video with VN-V25U 20 users, and in broadcast mode (Multicast) – unlimited number of users. It's enough of a computer any web browser. When installing a network of more than 3 IP-camera is recommended use the software Milestone. This software has a user-friendly interface provides easy work of the operator with cameras and specialized software modules can significantly enhance the capacity of the system IP-Surveillance.