Either operate on language causation, or use a set of abstract concepts ("risk", "death", "disgrace", the name of the symptoms and much of what the child can not learn by associating with their sensory experience, ie, as he knows and wants to do). Talking with your child in the language of logic, the adults do not think about the simple fact that children are not available in this language fully, they are just starting to learn. Imagine that you need talk to a foreigner whose language you do not own. Perhaps you are using the following strategy: start talking with him in his language, using the help of intermediaries (dictionary, translator), but still on his tongue; using non-verbal means of communication (body language, emotions). To do this, you must refuse to use in explaining the abstractions of terms. As a practical exercise, try to explain to a child (you can imaginary) that he found in the courtyard of the used syringe is a real danger not only his health but life.

At the same time to explain better to forget abstractions such as "death", "contagious" hiv infection and aids. Just do not forget the main rule – to explain the inexplicable is only possible with the help of a friendly, that was already in the sensual experience of the child. So, explain to your child in a language he understands, and the level of development. There are lots of ways to do this: Very young children understands body language, facial expressions, intonation, and emotional manifestations.


Vision can be distinguished in their personal mission or its purpose. It is specific and can not be everything to everyone. If you attempt to do so usually end up betraying his vision. As a coach, my primary responsibility is to facilitate positive transition.From people through childhood to adolescence, adolescence to adulthood, from singlehood to partnership, unemployment to employment, the disease at all, to resolve the crisis, the lack of success, poverty to prosperity. How can any of us face such daily challenges without a vision of the most appropriate? Identify and prioritize your vision has to be the best answer to the question. It empowers you with its purpose and direction? becomes your compass and your map! “The ability to view a person’s future will determine the outcome!” Organisations led by people without a clear mental vision often experience symptoms of frustration and a slowdown in momentum.

They have no compass or map and as such, sometimes attract people who are happy to stay lost. On the other hand, an organization that has established its core values and vision visionaries really attract her. The purchase by a factor of visionaries? people who are strong in the interior, boost weight – goes beyond natural circumstances and in the securities field. The value of up vision is priceless. What is striking about the definition and development of the vision is that it is never poor. The end is rewarded beyond their expectations. What value is placed on the potential of the vision of your organization? The vision is to awaken the purpose of our life and is the force that drives us forward.

It attracts people of similar spirit. It gives energy, and overcoming obstacles. It stands for something, rather than falling for anything! Coaching provides one of the major avenues to develop the vision, accountability, encouragement and empowerment of the questions, all serve to create strategies for vision. Just as a lot of free downloads online, many of my books are on sale via the Web – and a variety of training options are all there at your service, to build their vision. Tony McKeown is a personal life coach and Director of Training 4 Life in New Zealand. a l has a passion for empowering people to find their life mission and purpose. He has written training manuals, motivational articles, numerous e-books and regularly hosts international tele classes and lectures on vision.

Nature Gifts

The first Russian marks with scent came in a series of "Gifts of Nature: The five stamps featuring strawberry, melon, apple, pear and pineapple. Each of them is covered with fragrant with the smell of glue the appropriate fruit. In 2001 in the uk were issued stamps with the scent of eucalyptus, and later in Switzerland produced stamps with taste and smell of chocolate. Invitations, postcards, brochures, catalogs, tour packages. Such gifts are also often perfumed. The aroma can be a part of brand strategy, ie are branded fragrance, and simply leads to a pleasant association. For example, tour packages can smell the freshness, the tropics, the sea.

Books, notebooks, notebooks. "Aromaknigi" for example, published in America. Smells are selected based on the theme: books on the marine theme smell of the sea, books about flowers and floriculture fragrance of flower arrangements, Christmas tales exude a fragrance of pine. A scented pads and notebooks found in the proposals of firms that sell souvenirs, quite often. Some companies release "aroma phone". For example, Phone companies are equipped with Electronic Aromas cassettes with a set of "basic" materials, which combine to create different scents.

Code of any flavor can be optionally sent via communication. In this case, sniffed, could be find out who is calling you. A similar product is the firm Olfacom: a device designed to reproduce the scent with the motor, ventilation system and odor cartridge. Aromatherapy is a mobile phone and the company Hyundai. Opening phone, you feel a pleasant smell.

Raising A Son

OBJECTIVE: May 31, 2011 I am helping my 7-year-old son to be healthy, intelligent, creative, independent! "Criteria and Strategies: The son alone and without a reminder: Every day preparing your own breakfast and lunch. Meet daily with pm in the school portfolio and clothing toys are cleaned daily (every night) Everyday removes his bed and spreads her in the evening every day is itself a capsule clothing, respectively, the weather, style and performance. 2.Syn well for this: Every day he makes a charge for 10 minutes. Morning and evening of 3 min. brush their teeth, wash face, neck and ears 2 times a week, enjoy visiting the sports section every day in the morning allows you to safely lubricate the nose oxolinic ointment and take vitamin C (autumn-winter-spring) Twice a year, taking vitamin complex Weekly takes a bath, where he lather does prevention femoza himself, washes his head without a whim. Weekly visits the pool. Daily walk 1 km and festivities on the playground at least 1 hour on weekends in all weather conditions is not less than 4 hours of activities – football, bambinton, swimming, volleyball. 3.

Son mastered the Lyceum program, manages all subjects: can draw a cartoon in flash, maintain a simple conversation in English, count in your mind how much deposit should give the store, write a letter to my grandmother and grandfather in Russian, translated independently Page Ukrainian text. Daily yourself makes all the lessons. Daily free evaluates their progress daily, and can articulate what we could do better without the fear of being punished. .


In 1998, Armin Kunstmann began exporting its beer to Germany and the U.S., after reaching a fair agreement for beer in Germany. subsequently expanded exports to Japan in 2001. Kunstmann exports abroad are sold under the brand Patagonia. For 2002, the company held 0.5 domestic market share, reaching a production of 20,000 hl. On 10 May of that year, the acquired 50 of the brewer, so Brewing Company was founded Kunstmann SA

The Leg

Learn this easy. But it is possible. Charge infect and successfully communicating with people already attained success. Pump up the emotional and volitional muscle by performing increasingly difficult jobs. Deliberately freed from all sorts of "brake". One has only to believe and want! Start small – to move on a bit, burn the faith and passion to win and great confidence in what you can do anything. Win drawbacks, remove "brake" not giving full speed. Determine what you want when you lift the leg, in order to make a move, you already know exactly where she was rearranged.

Because you determine in advance where 'll go. And in any case: the more clearly the target, the more well-coordinated and directed movement towards her. The easier it is to formulate and carry out tasks to achieve it. You know, that is one of the secrets of prosperity Japanese firms – Giants? Strategy. They set goals for 250 years! And so, you must be a specific goal.

To be exact – a few goals. One global. For life. For example, to become a millionaire, or the best specialists in the world. And a few short-term – for years, months or even weeks. Taken together, they, of course, must be added together into one smooth, clear way. The path to your success. Gori and move towards the goal, depending on what goal you defined, you choose the speed and direction of movement. Like a rocket. For a missile to fuel its combustion. Same person in order to "burn" and move, we need faith and motivation.

Internet Shopping

Signing up for a car on the Internet and interactive marketing should always be something to try, if more is the theme of this article. But if this strategy is practiced, should get to have all the ropes tied to either not exhaust the smallest detail that motivates a complaint, now that the prosumers have the opportunity to raise their voices.

I will not talk about the famous Dell Hell, but reading complaints from users of the Canadian iPhone, and recalling the entries on Ikea of Microserfs or Air Europa Enrique Dans, we found a press release that the contest naked Viajes Marsans undertaken using twitter and your blog Travel Berta.

It turns out that Viajes Marsans gives some key route twitter, something that reportedly with little reaction time in Los trips Berta, for which supposedly the first to discover the key and is presented in the agency to collect the trip saying password wins the trip. Everything is correct and valid as if the threads are tied comment, but was not the case, as discussed in clipset first hand. And the reason is as regards the promotion itself, as explained in the inning.

It turns out that if the contest is the first to arrive at the office, and published the keys after the closing time of the office, but did not warn anyone that was presented during the night to collect his trip, he met the office closed and the problem of being unable to qualify for the award because the rules did not specify that this could happen to arrive. It seems a silly thing, could have been called, true, but did not specify that, and the good faith of the contestant would have believed that someone waiting to hand over the prize. Total, a disappointment, and an entry goals in the conversation that is the Internet, complaining about the competition and remain fairly read (a blog is influential in technological issues).

In other words, somewhere should have written rules specifying the fact that the office be closed. One thing very simple, it seems, until someone yells to the four winds. In this case, it ascends to the Internet.


Digital Signage

Digital signage LA CONCEPT represents the diverse is the new buzzword in the advertising and media world digital media digital signage applications. This concept conceals a wide variety of applications and uses. In contrast to the traditional media, digital media can provide accurate measurements of success. The application areas span digital signage, in-store marketing at the point of sale, welcome and control systems up to large projections in – and outdoors. Digital signage is about more than just the use of public and LCD screens. Networking (audio) Visual elements are always in the foreground.

The combination of hardware and software is necessary. The content is an essential success factor in deploying digital signage elements. The factor content understands Newroom media Managing Director Lars onstage doing the importance: “content is King.” This motto applies to the digital signage sector more than ever. The digital media can only with target group-specific content useful used to achieve an increased attention. “As a full service provider in the we can access this area a great wealth of experience specifically combine and customize content.” Typical uses include public places such as railway stations and airports, but also in the in-store area. So, the different forms can be used at the point of sale.

In addition to the digital product consultants, public screens, digital trail signage and kiosks can be used. Here too, the Newroom media GmbH offers a large range of products for the different applications. As an innovative tool for the showcase advertising Cologne offers the air touch window an interactive showcase projection that puts the gestures of visitors into actions on the disc. Information systems, as well as advertising content can be combined with different terminal systems. Even in the outdoor area, the terminals can be used and result in large and robust outdoor advertising.

Digital Booth Components

Digital booth components for a successful appearance at the international trade fair BIOTECHNICA in Hannover the BIOTECHNICA is the European platform for leads and knowledge transfer that will take place from November 5th until November 7th in the Hanover fair. The BIOTECHNICA is the starting point for the biotech sector and biotechnology. Here the latest products, solutions, and ideas are presented to investors, business partners and visitors. Where is also the business development in the focus, which allows access to the new business areas and new partners in addition to the leads, and the transfer of knowledge. The selection of the right exhibition stand concept is an important part of business development. The appealing presentation of own services and ideas ensures that the relevant interlocutors are addressed.

In particular digital components provide the necessary attention and the optimum presentation of products and solutions at the booth at the BIOTECHNICA. The digital components range through the classic Information terminals to the interactive projection and screens. The classical information terminals are used multimedia to communicate the information. So, the content also features images and videos can be presented. Barrier-free terminals, even persons with handicap can get access to the information. The screens are used to place content in the edu -, info – and entertainment environment and to generate high attention by the moving images. Both elements offer enormous potential at BIOTECHNICA, because even not yet marketable products as an idea will be presented and can realistically describe possible areas of use.

The interactive floor projections provide a high degree of interactivity. So, the attention of the visitors on the own stand can be directed. The interactive projections allow the playful delivery of the products and brand. So can even complex information easily and presented examples of best practice. The Cologne company LA CONCEPT offers a range of digital Components for the booth. So it can be decided between a wide range of information terminals. Designterminals as well as the combination of brochure stands and kiosks are available here. The screens can be integrated even into the wall of the exhibition. Monitor stands, the screens can be fully integrated and extend the printed message of fair wall to the interactive content of the screens. The interactive projections of the Cologne company reach high attention because the movements of visitors can be converted into actions and can be launched without touching presentations. So can be presented even complex product and solutions interactive and multimedia. Thus, information can be obtained individually and independently. For more information, see digital kommunikation.