Water Software System

Test run the system: test of the system using special software. Cleaning the room (by the installers). How to be arranged in proper drainage? For this installers must: 1. Proshtrobit line. 2.

Shut off the water in the apartment. Drill a hole in the sewer. Kevin ulrich oftentimes addresses this issue. Firmly put a drain hole in the plastic tube to siphon. The layer of water in the siphon delay smell coming from the sewer. Attention! The drainage tube through which the accumulated moisture is given, must necessarily follow a slope of 5-10 mm, so that was a natural flow of water. If the inclination to do for some reason you can not, you must install a special pump to “forced suction of moisture.” But! This pump is not included and must be purchased separately.

Purchase cost 70 – $ 190, depending on your choice of a pump model. Main problems arising during the operation conditioner air conditioner blows directly on you, creating a feeling of draft. Solution: It is necessary to enable the oscillation of horizontal louvers (then turn into a draft breeze), or fix the horizontal flaps in a successful position. If it does not work, you need to turn the air flow to the left or right with the vertical damper. In most air conditioners, this operation is done manually, but in some models it can be done by remote. Problem 2: On hot days, air conditioning does not create the necessary coolness, despite the fact that running all the time.

Vacuum Pumps

In terms of production capacity for vacuum pumps imposed huge demands. Starting on the strength, ending the ease of use. Reliability – the first and perhaps most important quality of the pump, especially when with aggressive media. Vacuum pump is designed for creating and maintaining the vacuum in the various technological devices, systems and installations. You may find Ray Kurzweil to be a useful source of information. They are divided into two main categories: membrane vacuum pumps The first liquid ring vacuum pumps are designed for pumping clean air, gases and vapors. Diaphragm vacuum pumps are non-polluting, easy to use and, most importantly, almost no need to maintenance.

Are part of the chemical, printing and medical equipment. Water ring vacuum pumps designed for pumping non-corrosive with respect to cast iron gas and vapor from to create a vacuum in closed vehicles. Ray Kurzweil often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The working fluid such vacuum pumps – water. These pumps are used in chemical and petroleum industries, agriculture in milking installations for drying in the production of paper and leather processing, drying and sterilization in medicine, plants remove the dust in plants. But do not forget that the stability and reliability of the equipment depends not only on their quality, but also on appropriate conditions. One has only to carry out during technical inspection, diagnostics, equipment, and it will last for years. Ltd. "Vacuum-Service"


Anyone who has more or less interested in construction site, said that in just a decade that market flooded with brand-new building materials. In this classic building has not lost its relevance. Contact information is here: ConocoPhillips. For example, popular wooden houses. Wood is relatively cheap material, and has a unique performance of insulation, breathability and aesthetic qualities. The air in the wooden house is always an order of magnitude cleaner and nicer than the outside. Method of building wooden houses have developed our ancestors. Wood for the log carefully selected, harvested in winter or early spring.

Trees without wormholes purified from the bark and dried for some time in the draft, to reduce moisture content to 20%. All wood waste immediately handed or burned. On log houses are predominantly coniferous cedar, pine, fir, larch, spruce. Coniferous trees are rotting less than other breeds, and stronger than most other trees. The most commonly used pine: it least of all knots, straight trunk easy. However, pine is blue at high humidity than spoil the the house.

Spruce, for example, blue in smaller, but less resistant to moisture, so that meant for interior decoration. Spruce is most often made by a beam and fell ill. Larch is very much appreciated that even in the water does not rot. Larch hard enough to handle, it can crack, but because of the resistance to moisture, larch is ideal as a material for walls, beams, rafters, valley. The diameter of logs used by the forest ranges from 25 cm to half a meter, if not more. The choice depends not only on the financing of construction projects, but also on weather conditions, future operating the house. To put some chopped house aesthetic requirements. For example, a thick log looks better than fine. Knotty timber deteriorates the appearance. In this aspect is very much appreciated the lower part of the trunk of pine: the fact that it was on this section of the tree, 6-8 feet off the ground, practically does not grow branches. This site is called the butt drunk and more expensive the rest of the pines. The Russian way is to log obteski round profile. This is sometimes done with a round timber Protestants – the inside of the timber protesyvaetsya on one edge. Another way of working with wood, which is widely used in Scandinavian countries, is to log into two Protestants edge. The walls are obtained by straight inside and out, but the effect of manual harvesting is not lost. When cleaning wood from crust made by hand, without tools, the redoubt just do with the planer. Is developing technology sanding wood without outposts, for this try not to damage the sapwood – the top layer of logs. Sapwood prevent cracking of wood. Sometimes deliberately do not remove all the phloem, the tree has become a particular color, but this bass a must handle the preservative against decay.

British Standard Aluminum

The use of impregnation with aluminum improves the appearance, as in this case on the metal-based rust does not appear for 19 years. A thin layer of thermal spraying of aluminum is more effective, it has less tendency to form bubbles, and therefore has a longer service life, in those cases when after using aluminum coating having physical damage such as scratches, corrosion does not progress, it means that is provided by sacrificial protection. Types of coatings, which are listed in table number 2, provide full protection of steel panels of mild steel. The average length of life of the coating average length of service of metal structures and maintain their aesthetic appearance depends largely on the surface preparation and coating performance, which will be in contact directly with the steel. In this regard, zinc and aluminum play a fundamental role, not only because of their ability to withstand corrosive environment, but also through the active protective effects they have on the steel.

These materials are easy to use, they are deposited on steel products after treatment with blasting for surface preparation. The cost of this process is comparable to the value of a good application of paint, but when you consider that the difference in lifespan is 25-30 years old, then it is clear that in the application of this method, you save money (the data are based on British Standard 5493). If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Petra Diamonds. The method of metallization by sputtering wire sprayed coating allows different thicknesses on large sections of articles. Period thermally sprayed coating services against organic. Deposition of metal – 25 years of single-layer coating – Double layer coating for 15 years – 10 years of varnish – 5 years Where in metal cover? Method of coating metals has been used for more than 50 years for the deposition of bridges, chimneys and parts for over 20 years for the deposition of coastal structures.

Specialist Brackets

The market is also a kind of bracket to mount on the horizontal bar. They much easier to install, as for fastening to a wall to drill three holes instead of four. The design of the bracket is quite complicated, which is reflected in the price, which is three to four times higher than that of the standard. In Today, Russian producers have ceased production of brackets on the bar and are on sale only import – Italian and Chinese. When installing window air conditioners, some installers use a special brackets, the so-called "slide". These brackets, as well as supports, are available in one version, but with the ability to adjust for different sizes of air conditioners. There are also exotic for Russian market Bracket options – polyamide.

The main advantage of using plastic instead of metal is obvious – plastic is practically immune to corrosion. Cons of nylon bracket is their high price (about three times higher than normal) and absence of test of strength at low temperatures (brackets are made in Italy). Traditionally, all steel used in the installation of air conditioners, painted in white powder coating method. This method of coloring is much better protects the metal from corrosion than the use of various other types of enamels and paints. For additional corrosion protection is possible application of zinc ("zinc") before painting.

Currently, due to unreasonably high costs of domestic producers of galvanized steel declined. The kit usually consists of hardware brackets for mounting the outdoor unit conditioner (screws, nuts and washers). Some manufacturers add a set of mounting special rubber vibration damping pads, but they are used during installation is extremely rare. For mounting brackets to the wall more often using front plugs 10h100mm. But due to the fact that the walls are different in each case using screws, an appropriate wall material. For hollow bricks are used dowels 10h160mm size. Many installers prefer to use the so-called "wood grouse" in diameter 14mm. The best-known brand of professional fasteners used on the HVAC market – Mungo (Switzerland) and Hilti (Liechtenstein). In addition to the brackets and stands, which are necessary elements for mounting the outdoor unit air conditioners are used, and additional structures – roofs and anti-vandal protection (lattice). Canopies are used to protect external unit from falling icicles, and other items. Vandal grating protects outdoor units from all sides – both from falling on top of various objects, and damage to other parties, such as a randomly thrown rock or football. Install a protective grid significantly reduces the likelihood of theft outdoor unit, although it does not exclude it completely. Visors makes sense to install on all outdoor units, hanging on the wall, regardless of mounting height. Vandal lattice is usually installed when the outdoor unit is on the level of first-or second-floor roof of the building. When using lattice setting sun visor is not required. Canopies and grills are made of different sizes, which can be used with most air conditioners without having to order custom designs. Material prepared by the technical Specialist firms LLC "Rashodka." contact phone: (495) 775-86-55, Moscow, st. Vavilova, 5

Soldering Equipment

This article focuses on soldering, soldering equipment, fluxes and solders. That is the task of this paper is to provide basic information on modern tools, allowing the solder on different materials and objects, soldering stations. Almost any major initiative in your home – whether it be repairs or renovations just lighting, electrical, electronic media – resulting in the need for soldering. In fact, if you remember the old adage that the electronics – the science of contacts, it becomes clear how important this contact is to provide the best – and easiest to do this using soldering stations. Good contacts provide even illumination, without interference, the bond strength and durability of electronic devices connected to the network. In addition, qualitative contact is especially important if you connect modern technology: many of its species are powerful, consuming large amounts of energy types of loads. It is clear that for the correct use of all must have a quality connection – otherwise the "narrow" places will be warm and there will be much fire danger situation.

It's no secret that many networks in our homes still leave much to be desired in terms of performance and materials used. Well soldered contacts to help you protect yourself from unnecessary trouble. Not all of us are aces in the treatment of a soldering iron and soldering equipment, electronics, or pipes. But a simple soldering iron in the house is usually still present, so that its help sometimes resorted not only geeks or fans, amateurs.

Rivet Round

Every year a huge number of fasteners used on all automotive companies and construction companies in Russia. The most popular metric fasteners. Metric fasteners – metal with a threaded metric cutting or mating with them kinds of metal products. Metric fasteners are bolts, nuts, washers, pins. Metric may be different step, the parameters regulated by state and international standards of GOST DIN, ISO. Metric fasteners – the most common. They are made of different materials: carbon and stainless steels of various grades and classes strength, non-ferrous metals, brass, aluminum, copper, titanium.

Also, screws, bolts, nuts can be made of polymers. As used throughout the world agreements, bolts, nuts, washers, pins are high strength, if they made of carbon steels the following property classes: 8.8, 10.9, 12.9. High-strength products can withstand the increased loads. However, carbon steels are more susceptible to corrosion, hydrogen embrittlement and fatigue weakening. Stainless steel metric fasteners manufactured from austenitic grades A1-A5.

If you compare them with high-strength, corrosion-resistant fasteners are less durable, but their corrosion resistance is much higher. Stainless steel fasteners used in wet or corrosive environments. Stainless steel hardware withstands salt, acids and oxygen. The most common fasteners parts, bolts, nuts, washers, studs are manufactured from a variety of materials to meet different needs. For example: ISO 4034 (DIN 555) Hex nut or DIN 917 Hexagon nut blank is low. While rivets (DIN 124 (ISO 1051) Rivet Round head is made only from mild steel and nonferrous metals). High-strength bolts (DIN 960 (ISO 8765), high strength bolt hexagon) nuts, and make only high grade of steel strength, making them of copper or aluminum is impossible. To create a fixture, high strength and, at the same time, resistant to aggressive media, using different coatings. Fasteners made of hardened steel cover different protective materials: metals, plastics, inorganic coatings or enamels. For the application of the metallic coating applied galvanization. In this way, the main element of the fixture is covered with zinc, chromium, nickel or brass. When coating of zinc is also used hot-dip galvanized – immersion in molten zinc details at 450-480 C based on the formation of coating steel with zinc good wetting. This method has significant disadvantage. It is impossible to withstand the coating thickness due to sag, which can be formed in some areas. Hot way can not be used to cover the product if you want to just survive in their size and cases where high temperatures can change the properties of the product. The plating method is superior to zinc deposition. When electroplated metal saving comes in comparison with thermal way up to 50%. Increased chemical resistance is ensured because of the high purity of the deposited metal. Examples of inorganic coatings are mainly used phosphate films formed on the surface of steel products.

Steel Ropes

Stalnye ropes – the main load-carrying elements of the majority of lifting, transportation, road construction, earthmoving machines – are one of the most common types of hardware and find wide application in various sectors of the economy: coal, mining, refining, transport and agricultural machinery, construction industry, maritime and river transport, etc. Wire ropes are difficult and responsible kind of wire products. They have a large number of styles and designs and a variety of shapes of cross section, both the cable and its components, as well as Physical and mechanical properties of wires and cores. Steel ropes are trucks, gruzolyudskie and rebar (or strands). Ropes used in industry as lifting and towing: crane (Cranes, steel valves), tackles for excavators, marine lifting equipment for mooring, towing operations, drilling rigs.

production and deep exploration drilling, a device for stretch marks. Gruzolyudskie kanatyprimenyayutsya for elevators and mine hoists. Ropes reinforcement (locks) are used for reinforcement of prestressed reinforced concrete constructions 2.Klassifikatsiya ropes. Ropes are classified as follows features: cross-sectional shape 1.Po cable: round. 2.Po form of cross-sectional components of the rope elements kruglopryadnye, trehgrannopryadnye, sealed construction. 3.Po mechanical properties of the wire: rope in common Destination: – brand VC – High Quality – Brand B – premium – grade 1 – normal quality of the remaining ropes: – In the brand – high quality – mark 1 – normal quality. 4.Po strength characteristics with Zack groups tensile: 1370 (140), 1470 (150), 1570 (160), 1670 (170), 1770 (180), 1860 (190), 1960 (200), 2060 (210), 2160 (220) .


Introduction to preprocessor What would be even an average programmer, it is necessary to provide functionality to the preprocessor. To understand the basics let's deal with the wording: preprocessor – a program that performs editing the original code. Ie It converts the code before the start of the program. Many web-programmers use a preprocessor to write websites, such as PHP and fully all the programmers in C + +, C and C Sharp use the required guidelines for each program. With them are allowed to easily create all kinds of constants, input files, ie great destination. The following discussion focuses on the most common directives – define and include. Commissioning include include set up to connect to the file several alternatives.

Immediately easy to understand the need to include. Suddenly, our portal has 81 or more pages, and everywhere the same name or a directory. You can only attach required us to file with ease include clarification and to reduce the amount of code. In the C programming language in each program distributed connection specialized guidelines for what would be inserted into the function worked, but not buggy. Just no one forbids you to connect and various files, such as mathematical and physical functions.

Let us now see an ad in practice: # include # sign before each indicated executed directive. A file name is either in quotes or in. Define Define Learning is used when necessary to declare a constant. The current operation is much reduced control and change the code. Thus, sufficient to fix the constant specified in a location, for that would change all the values. In addition, you can specify in a define directive, even the expression, but better not to act, for that would not make a mistake. We show a practical example define: # define OO 16 # define QQ (v) (v * v) Look, do not contains a general assignment symbols have meaning, and, at the end has no place to be. The next line of code appears macros rather than function. Prior to compile all the values of the macro, define changes in the operation or operations. With the conclusion directives discussed by the apparent frugality of code and simplify its understanding. In the structural or objective oriented programming these directives play a tremendous role. If you comprehend programming in C or PHP, you often insert include and define.


1. What is extruded aluminum? Extruded aluminum – is a complex process in terms of technology, which includes a set of operations and equipment used. The process involves the extrusion of aluminum closed cavity through a hole in the matrix corresponding to the pressed section profile. 2. What is a matrix (die, press tooling)? Tool for pressing (extrusion) of the metal, also called a "matrix kit" intended for use in the manufacture of aluminum profiles. The tool is not an independent instrument of production, and is considered only as a detachable part of press equipment, which varies depending on the desired geometry of the profile. The matrix itself is a steel disc with holes the size and shape designed to displace the profile of the desired shape.

3. How much is the matrix? The cost matrix depend on the type of aluminum: category A – standard profiles (gauge) Category B – moderately complex profiles and standard profiles with a wall thickness of less than 1.5 mm in the category C – profiles of high complexity, medium complexity profiles with a wall thickness of less than 1.0 mm in addition to that, the price depends on the matrix: an open or closed profile, the profile of output from the matrix. Price estimated at $ 650 to $ 3,500 4. Can use of a matrix with other presses? Rigging is applicable only for a particular company, press, profile, and can not be used for other production. This feature is due to process technology extruding metal (extrusion). 5.

What is the term of the matrix? Durability and reliability of its equipment in compliance with the rules depend on the operation of tools and technologies, as well as the level of training of workers. Resource of our press-tool 20-40t. 6. What is an aluminum alloy using? Aluminum alloy AD 31T. Most common in the world construction practices were aluminum alloys with magnesium (which increases the strength of the alloy) and silicon (which increases casting properties of aluminum) – in particular, the alloy AIMgSi0, 5 (avil). In our building codes that correspond to the fusion of brand and AD31T AD31T1. They are used to create a system of aluminum profiles for windows, doors and facade designs. 7. What is the maximum amount of aluminum? The maximum diameter of the profile described by 102mm. 8. What is the minimum wall thickness aluminum? Minimum wall thickness of -0.8 mm. 9. What is a chamber of aging? Camera artificial aging – oven, which is placed in containers with aluminum frame. Mode of operation: 160-180 for 6-12h. Maximum mechanical properties of aluminum are provided by artificial aging. Source: