Albert Einstein Jewish Physicist – German CENTURY XXI They do not avacalheem full New Millenium, where JESUS in grants more a thousand years to them of learning. Until the substance after the Theory of the Relativity of Albert Einstein E=m.c, is subjects to dilute itself with the Human being of foot. It goes to sobrar what? The Immortal Spirit Perpetual Asset; the essence that never is gotten rid. GOD created, therefore, the man to Its Image, the Image of created it to GOD; man and created them to woman. Gnesis de Moiss, CAP. 1:27.

Universe if widens without the aid of the machine that if rusts, but with the participation of Its Filhosem Material Espiritualou body. ‘ ‘ One became chocking obvious that our technology exceeded ours humanidade’ ‘. Albert Einstein Jewish Physicist – German NOR THE MICROSCOPICAL BEINGS The Largeness of FATHER CELESTIAL, from where comes the Universal Spermatozoon is such, that nor the lesser beings perish, and you judge yourself better of what IT wanting to transform its children into one would lataria? ‘ ‘ If the facts are not incased in the theory, modify fatos’ ‘. Albert Einstein German Jewish Physicist THE CENTURY OF THE LATARIA the man created the computer to its image and material similarity: speaking, laughing, adding, diminishing, dividing, multiplying, running, coloring, settling, playing, if feeding, etc. ‘ ‘ The release of the atomic energy changed everything, but our way of pensar’ ‘. Albert Einstein Jewish Physicist – German It placed all to it its data. later? The machine parked, therefore it lacked Active the Perpetual Spirit to it.

It destroyed it to a bombing. There somebody says: But it also destroyed the machine human being. Yes, it diluted atoms, but the Essence Active Perpetual Spiritual continues, therefore it is part of the CREATOR INCRIADO, call: UNIVERSAL GOD. ‘ ‘ GOD does not play to dados’ ‘. Albert Einstein Jewish Physicist – German.