The Users

Teams to multidiscipline will have to take care of to the demand of consumption and its format, facilitating the delivery to guarantee resulted in its spreadings. One of the secrets is in the adequacy to the performance niche and in the present experience in the transmission of the information. In the Facebook companies its social relations interact with its publish target in way. In the Twitter they feed its followers with excellent information to its niche. In the Youtube they present well bolados films of products, services and also advertising. In its stuffed sites of institucional information they present its products, you marry and differentials.

Everything this so that the consuming potential can finally make its choice. Then the important one is same to focar in new experiences in the form to present the information, with attention for the behavior of the consumer and its preferences. People exist who consume content for cellular, computer, tablet, some prefer notes fast, at the moments of cio of the day, in the coffee or happy hour, for example. The question is to marry planning, content and technology to deliver the best experience, that one that takes care of the content necessity and contributes with the values of the mark, that is, the excellent content making its part, divulging obtains the mark, through the users and of the available tools in the innumerable social nets. To be journalist or advertising executive nowadays is much more difficult of what old, however much more possibilities exist, after all are many the new medias and thousands of new canals, with this, to reach the success in the objectives the professionals must be intent to the new techniques of content construction.