Extreme sports Extreme

Extreme sports Extreme sports are those sports or leisure activities with a sports component that could pose a real or apparent hazard or extreme difficult conditions in which they practice. Extreme sports are those that involve a real or apparent danger. Under this concept are grouped many existing sports that involve a certain amount of physical demand and very dangerous, especially mentally. For example, include the most demanding sports in the hiking (ice climbing, rock climbing, etc..) And other recently established as (bungee jumping, snowboarding, etc.).. A sport, not considered extreme, can be defined and if practiced under special or unusual circumstances in the. For example, rock climbing a few inches of soil (boulder) is not considered “extreme sport”, but if done on a vertical wall of rock several hundred feet, then it is applied to the term.One can estimate that a person practices a “extreme sport” where does it for the first time. For example, the decline of a class IV river is pretty extreme for those who never before had climbed to a raft and you will feel as far above their personal capacities. The fact living out of that experience will make them think they are good athletes, while his guide is relegated to the background, even if it was he who settled the vast majority of the problems of decline. The term “extreme sports” is not appropriate to apply when performing just a recreational activity or alternative tourism, nor should it be defined by environmental conditions, quite subjective and dependent on the degree of preparation. In contrast, the term can be applied when playing sports in the existing limits of development, whether climbing, athletics, gymnastics or whatever.However, it seems that the term will be eliminated (despite the lack of logic) of its current connotation, as it is to the liking of the public and marketers of beverages, food, food supplements or even snuff companies . Currently, in some countries are beginning to use the term “adventure sport” when playing sports higher risk than normal without being professionals. An example of this is the difference between “caving” and “Caving”: the first refers to a scientific activity, while the second refers to those who practice sport.


Spanish Surfing is a sport that consists of sliding on the standing waves on a board, directing it through one or more keels located in the rear of the table. This sport also includes the exercise of getting to where waves break (pull out to the reef), which is often exhausting. It also involves moving cold (depending on the venue and if you wetsuit or not), get scratches and wounds with the rocky bottom keels or with own table.It also includes the ability to put right where the wave breaks, and no more beyond here, which is not always achieved because the waves always break in the same place. Finally, for this sport is to overcome the fear of seeing many tons of water falling over you making a thunderous noise. There is evidence of the presence of surfing for over 500 years in the islands of Polynesia. The English explorer James Cook reached the Hawaiian Islands in 1778. Contact with European settlers, indigenous cultures were met and went surfing to lose momentum. James Cook was later killed by the natives. In the twentieth century surfing recovered, and in the interest of tourists and U.S. military in Hawaii, and the fame of the Olympic Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku, surfing began to become popular on the coasts of California and Australia, creating the seeds of a subculture in the environments in which it was practiced, then spread to other countries. This was in the 50s / 60.Then the tables were large solid wood objects and surfing was a simple practice. Later it was becoming more difficult thanks to the courage of pioneers like Oscar Rodriguez, patriarch of modern big wave surfing. There was also an evolution in the stunts and movements, while research into new designs and materials in tables that allow other expressions. Currently surfing competition is primarily based on: research design and materials engineers aeronautical surfers looking for a hydrodynamic optimization of the tables. current Aussie style developments (large and energetic movements). in recent years has included influences the movement of skateboarding and snowboarding, sports turn-based surf. In many countries on different continents the surf were already apparent in the 60s.Today surfing is practiced by almost everyone, although most buoyant industries tables and accessories are based in Australia, Europe and South America. Among the most sought after destinations for travelers practitioners are Australia and Southeast Asia. The Surfing is also booming in Latin America and especially in Peru and parts of Chile and Pichilemu (Punta de Lobos). The styles and types of tables edit Long board (longboard), 9 feet long Short board The bond, or invention, represented a major innovation in surfing, avoiding having to swim longer distances when it loses contact with the table, but is not recommended in very violent waves near the shore or in the presence of rocks that can be used to be atrapadoOriginalmente tables of solid wood, and a length between 1’20 and 4 feet long, depending on the islands.

We are the “N”

Who is the one with the gun The past weekend we were able to give a good basketball bath in the presence of our National Team, Russia and Portugal in Extremadura land to participate in an international tournament in Extremadura.The occasion was painted bald and could not stay home from heat so we went to spend yet more heat to the Multipurpose Caceres, on Saturday with a poor Russia-Portugal and Sunday to see our wines together with a select group of kids pretty sure we will continue to delight with its vibrant basket, was faced with the unwanted Russia that we wet the ear in the European past, with Andrei Kirilenko to the head. On Saturday we drove to that flag, when we are at a roundabout with the bus of ” ” and “Julito” that there was the chauffeur who is set to pursue indications of previous “Mario Chozo” which was co-pilot, and we arrived at his hotel in concentration, so the tackle to get us a snapshot as if it were treated celluloid stars … But the best was yet to come, when the next day we went with the “rock CATERING MR JM CALDERON” to see Spain vs Russia that a priori was a “vendetta” by the end of the European past, but at thedessert was, baloncest sticamente speaking, “more boring than the birthday of Leonard Cohen” (as says “Juli”). For us it was the milk because a select group of pe istas could see the morning training of the “N” standing in court, (an entire greeting before Andrei Kirilenko) and do a number of photos, to the end give you a T-shirt Jose Pena, who as usual was very attentive to us. In short, a finde full of emotions and feelings. WE ARE THE !

Later, the progress

Later, the progress of the pedagogy, justify and development education camps. Thus today we can distinguish three types of camps: fun, research and education. Let’s say that this division is possible to do in view the formal objectives to be determined, since in the three, social education element arises even if they integrate the basic objective of the camp. The fun can be made either after the achievement of an activity such as hunting, or exploring unfamiliar areas by stimulating the feeling of adventure of the members without demanding too many dangers confronting them, or by simple economic tourism. But if the fact of coexistence, of sharing, and so on., Facing the individuality with the reality of the camp, educates their social relationships. Components. Similarly, the research, where after a scientific objective members are compelled to share successes and difficulties, they file individualism and the need arises for the common life. Finally, in education, the fundamental objective is to allow access to the camper to full development of their skills, rights and duties of persons living in a society. The experience of many institutions worldwide, has shown that the camp meets as a community control group, showing a live, healthy, physically and spiritually, and members of an alienating society, creating beings that by shifting regulatory frameworks absorbed in camp life, correct the defects of our society. This has led logically to the professionalization of the camp, given that it is not an improvised, but that serves a purpose delicate, important and essential, therefore must be planned based on proprietary techniques.

Impossible is nothing

ACB League 2004/2005 was always remembered by the most frantic final minute of the story. The final top two teams vying for the regular season, Tau Vitoria and Real Madrid. The advantage in the unlikely event of a fifth game tiebreaker would be played in Hall of Vitoria to have been first in the league. Once played the first four games was total equality: 2-2, therefore had to go to the fifth and final match to decide the champion.In the absence of 49 seconds to finish with a score of 69-61, playing at home and the public delivered, it appeared that the historic Saski Baskonia is going to take their showcases its second league ACB. But it happened that almost nobody thought Real Madrid rallied the result and with a triple last of Alberto Herreros in his last professional match, managed to take the match and title.For those who think that some things can not be achieved simply see the following video and think Impossible is nothing

New York Philharmonic

The New York Philharmonic played a free concert at the Great Lawn in Central Park. There were a TON of people there. I’m not sure if all the people were there to appreciate the music or to be seen with their cheese and wine. Regardless, the concert was great and for the price you can not beat it.

Sunday at the Park With George Studio 54

When I bought the entry hesitate: “Studio 54 “. When I saw the logo on the door of the theater yelled, “Studio 54!” Yes, a week ago I went to the theater to see the musical “Sunday in the Park with George” by Stephen Sondheim and the surprise was twofold. The first surprise was the theater. The madman Studio 54 where the bohemians of New York met. Among them: Michael Jackson, Rudolf Nureyev, Elton John, Truman Capote, Margaret Trudeau, John Travolta, Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Gloria Swanson, Mae West, Farrah Fawcett, Martha Graham, Lorna Luft, Divine, Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper, Suzanne Somers, Bette Davis, Freddie Mercury, Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor, Bette Midler, Hugh Hefner, Diane von Furstenberg, Eartha Kitt, and so on. The second sorpesa: the musical. Sondhemiana reflection of the painting and the passage of time. The French painter Georges Seurat is the star of this production.Marshall McLuhan said of him that was the forerunner of television by using the so-called pointillist technique in his paintings. Well, this version of “Sunday” using digital technology to stage Seurat’s paintings. And what projections … “Sunday in the Park” is not a musical that has left many “hits” … may “Finishing the Hat” and “Move On” are the two most recognizable tunes. For those who want to remember or see for the first time here is the “Move On” by Mandy Patinkin.