Hardware Issues

Nowadays almost all we know to handle a computer with knowledge more or less but We could solve a problem related to our hardware? All we are something customary with the programs more habitually used and therefore those small inevitable misfortunes due to confused of the programming and the inevitable attacks that can undergo our computer through the network. But almost nobody worries to know and to handle the mysteries that the physical continent of all that information locks up. The course of armed and repair of PC in Mendoza authorize the student to know the basic foundations required in the process maintenance and repair computers. This one offers an optimal opportunity to form in a specialty framed within one of more promising veins of use of the present moment. Practically all the economic and mercantile activities trust to the computer their countable administration in some cases and others the operative operation of their work.

Due to it the necessity to have professionals able to solve any contingency that can appear. The fast evolution of the technology turns the repair of computers into a profession extremely specialized and that needs a permanent work of recycling. By this, Foundation To know decided to incorporate to its supply of courses the one of armed and repair of PC. Foundation To know account with an academic supply oriented basically to the labor insertion of its students, as much to whom they begin in anyone of his matters like a that look for techniques of improvement in their habitual occupation. Thus, the practical lessons, cradles in the management of companies, the design and the computer science systems management predominate in their classrooms, enabling their students in specific sections of each discipline.

For it one resorts to a compartmentation, necessary if one looks for to deepen in the learning of each subject. When the student has finalized the course that Foundation To know distributes will be qualified to know and to recognize all the components of a computer science equipment, to establish an appropriate diagnosis on the disadvantage, to handle with skill the tools and instruments indispensable for an intervention adapted, as well as the evaluation on the suitability of the obtained result. The relation between hardware or hardware and software or set of programs is something that the specialist in repair of computers must have well internalised, since the good operation of first is entirely indispensable for the second and its maintenance in optimal conditions. The methodology of the course is essentially practical, attended with completely up-to-date didactic material and evaluations in which will be to surpass itself a 70% of the raised tests. Foundation To know & Integral excellence collaborates as much with multiple companies through courses in its own facilities or those of the usuary company/signature in the qualification of its workers. The degree obtained at the end of each course of armed and repair of PC in Mendoza will be accredited by the Direction of Technical education and Work. It shares east article in his Web site or his blog if it seemed to him interesting.

FUNDEB Programs

The crucial point to have a society joust and participativa is the adoption of public politics where it is present the education and the digital inclusion as source of the knowledge. Disponibilizar new production forces so that they are to the reach of all the potential users, can be an alternative to reduce the social inaqualities that they insist on if keeping lighted in the Brazilian society (It hisses, 2005). The improvement of the quality of education and the learning, the pertaining to school conviviality and the chance to learn are essential conditions so that the Brazilian cities implement public schools of integral turn, using to advantage itself of the deriving resources of the FUNDEB. The curricular and extracurricular activities provide qualitative changes in the educational scene, offering chances differentiated to the students who make use of feeding, hygiene, development of abilities and abilities, preparing them for the future in a quality school. One notices that the Government has looked for to launch programs of social and digital inclusion through its ministries and its secretariats, but the impact of these initiatives does not suffer a solution from continuity and, for what it is observed, many programs lose force and they do not reach the desired objectives. Meanwhile, the third sector comes looking for to fill this gap by means of the adoption of voluntary initiatives, in order to provide to the devoid people social inclusion e, also, the digital inclusion with the development of specific projects and great relevance. But it stops to implement projects of digital inclusion, must be taken in account the costs of software, copyrights, social responsibility and support (Franciosi, 2009). The partnerships that the third sector comes looking for to make with international agencies, the Brazilian enterprise institutions and different agencies of the Government are insufficient to take care of programs of digital inclusion, directed the devoid population..

VOIP Services

Some companies they center the opportunity of business in a single product, whereas others concentrate in many products and of high consumption, if you it really wishes to work from house this is a factor to consider. When you apply the mathematics, it is easy to see because he is preferable to choose a company that allows him to become member and to have access to an ample variety of products, as well as to distribute those products. 3. To look for Products that mark a tendency to use and that have consumption tendency. Few people need more candles, utensils of kitchen, or trinkets. What they need and really they want they are information and products of movable technology, like hosting, tools Web DSL, VOIP, and broadband.

Baby boomers, in particular, is looking for values in purchases by professional discount, trips and services such as legal services and the services of health. The companies and the industralists are always in search of enterprise software of the last tendency, conference halls, services of CATHEDRAL, the product commercialization and services of video production. 4. It looks for a solid plan of the remuneration If it wishes to work from house must very consider the payment plans, since these they vary from a company to another one, so it asegrese of to find one that gives the potential major him of gain. A single paid matrix is an excellent approach, like a monthly commission in a matrix of 3 xs 9. 5.

That it has to access to all the tools of the company. One of the great advantages of commercialization in network and to work from house is that we did not need to re-invent the wheel, the infrastructure for a successful model of business already exists. To to examine the opportunities to work from house, especially those that are based on Internet, finds one that allows him to let grow its business through the duplication, so that you can rise immediately and advance. The company that you choose you must have a support system that includes mechanisms to catch potential clients, to create announcements, and to develop solid strategies of marketing. On the other hand, it must have a sense of community, camaraderie and mutual support. To start up its own business and of working from house not only him it can take to a free life of debts, but also that does to him possible to reach so yearned for freedom it concluded.


. Newton Boiler Mosque At the beginning of this new century, we live deeply transformations that finish for determining social changes, cultural politics and, with extreme growth of the cities, them social institutions and them technological innovations. The technological Evolution has grown on way and this can supply given qualitative and quantitative on the results in the enterprise, institucional sectors, etc. The data of research can be useful subsidies for empirical analyses on the impacts searched with rapidity and security providing one to remake conscientious. Using the new resources we can direct and implant forms for the increasing quality and efficiency, in the new world, involving adaptation of the School Publishes for better adjustment its necessities and reality current, capable to form critical, conscientious citizens of its paper, responsible social politically and. We professors are basic parts in the process and this demands more caution in what it says respect to the formation to lead and to implant the medias in classroom exists a necessity of if to make entire anticipatedly about the subject that will be boarded knowledge in the manuscript of it schemes for correct use of the tool used for the dynamism, domain and didactic security. Many schools contract technician for the low cost and compromise the learning.

This professional must have a pedagogical formation, an experience of classroom and still knowledge in Technologies of the Information and the Communication, therefore the professor is not only one facilitador and must have a qualification to propitiate resources necessary to alavancar the process, of correct form making a good use next to softwares. I understand that the coordination of Technologies must be intent and involved with the curricular planning of you discipline them to all, suggesting activities pedagogical, using the technological resources, for, and in such a way necessary the support of the direction, force necessary to execute the suggested projects. The coordinator, responsible professional for the area of educational technology must have its formation pautada in the pedagogical area, having as objective greater, organize and to give has supported the professor, in the development of the activities, using the medias with the computer, facilitating the process and assisting the colleague professor in the elaboration of the activities; keeping the colleague informed professor of the technological advances, presenting the innovations of use of the tool and stimulating to search new knowledge, providing support in all the sectors and guiding how much to the use of the equipment. We must discover didactic ways, enabling and assumeing the role of facilitador in the construction of the knowledge and not plus a transmitter of information schemes, It does not improve the education alone and necessary, therefore of prepared, flexible professors to reflect the necessities the local level and the main initiatives in all the sectors of the education and that they have as mission, to form qualified and critical citizens to act in the transformation of the Society. Bibliographical: . Access in: 11 nov. 2009.

Jean Yves

Everything this is placed in a perspective where the work of the Arquivologia has each time more if deepened in groups interdisciplinares of research. The conclusions that many authors arrive are that, as some areas are emergent, not yet have a recognition, and definition, greater of its borders. Thus, also the work objects can be seen as interdisciplinares, therefore both work with the information. YOU it makes possible the digitalizada communication that reformulates informacional space constantly, therefore, the borders of sciences are in constant widening and redefinition. Everything this represents positive changes for all the areas. Thus, each advance knowing of them of the informacional field res-position its limits.

What it was responsibility of a sector passes to be of another one tambm.RefernciasCAMARGO, Ana Maria of Almeida. Archive, document and information: old and new supports..


To speak to the cellular telephone is something very common nowadays. Some are not contented in having a device and have two or three. But, beyond the function for which it was conceived, the cellular one is practically a portable minicomputer, since he is possible to take off photographs, to have access the social nets, to hear the preferred station of radio, to lower diverse applicatory and still to send torpedo gratis. With as many functions as these, who does not resist in having a cellular telephone? The torpedoes gratis are disponibilizados by the main operators of cellular telephony in Brazil. This service allows that the customers of the operators send gratuitous messages of text for customers of the same operator. However, in the case of a Oi customer, for example, to order a torpedo for a Tim customer, a small tax will be charged by this service.

To send messages for familiar friends and now was more easy and also much more cheap, since who uses the cellular one very daily can get a substantial reduction in the total value of the account of telephone. In addition, to save is always a good option, is not same? what it is better, is possible to order the most varied messages of possible for the cellular one. Since the marking of a lunch or meeting of last hour until congratulations for the anniversary, marriage, formation and other festividades. But as to make to send gratuitous torpedoes? It is very simple and easy. In the site of its operator you go to find a place to insert some data as number of the area code, the DDD, and the number of the telephone of the addressee. Another place is disponibilizado to write the message that, depending on the operator, it can have enters the 121 160 characters and to place its name. After that, you will have to place the verification code. After to fill the fields I register in cadastre of it (few seconds had been used in the operation), is enough to send the torpedo that soon, then, the addressee will go to receive it.

Some operators of cellular limit the number of gratuitous messages that can daily be sent, therefore are intent the details of the service, for you not to liven up themselves very and to finish if exceeding the number of torpedoes sent per day. If this to happen, the value of the account of the telephone will come back to be high and it is not this that you desire, is? It liked the newness? Then what you are waiting? It enters in the site of its operator and starts to order torpedoes for that you like. Even though for its head, in the case of you to need to arrive behind or to have happened some problem during its expedient. With certainty, who will be to receive the message goes to be very happy for having been remembered, after all accounts, who does not like to receive one fondles exactly that in the distance?

Social Relations

With the advance of the technologies of information, brought baila for the wild capitalism that we live nowadays, we can affirm that the people are having access and appealing to each time more the Internet, this is a fact and them the activities launch hand of this technology to carry through almost all that before made with that these same people had that to leave house to carry through them. The capitalism also brought development and the consumerism. First a benefit, as nor in such a way. In this direction it also brought the social danger where they incur young, adult and even though children in diverse aspects. With the access easiness, through the Internet, the diverse types of services as of the purchase on line, the people many times leave to leave house to buy what they need make, it for the Internet, and are evident that this comfort dictated in the current days still more favors the consumerism and the lack of socialization between the people. The social relations had also been modified; now many become related through the calls ' ' nets sociais' ' for incredible that it seems interacts even though with people of the entire world and with the proper neighbor in the front of a computer. Unnecessary to mention that on the other hand the people had started to feel fear to leave house due the violence that reigns in our country and with this they had searched alternatives to remain itself connected with the exterior world. With this the social relations had been harmed, the manifestations of affection, the feelings, the communication between the people many times badly are interpreted and this can have ominous consequences in the life of the people. The Internet backwards innovative things as for example the study in the distance, that it comes bringing a new perspective of professional development, but that still it is an controversial subject.