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Here we return to the digitalis and the contemporary. Or of the contemporary and the digitalis. When one is consuming the respective and inexorable vital parabolas, and it does from spirits afflicted by searches that usually transfer the physical death, begins to become meat that the comtemporaneo is a fleeting episode of the eternal thing. And he is perhaps from creation, comtemplacion and the aesthetic diffusion, from where one can be noticed, that one is not but in its contemporaneidad, that a exceedingly fleeting carrier, of the testimony of an eternity, to our taste very overlapped with the divinity. And the stigma of the provisional state, acompanha to the notion of ” digital”.

Some of the so many spirits, that by these times in all the points of the Planet, meditate on the impact of the tics, maintain that the distinguishing note of the Tics., is the SPEED. This notion of the speed of calculation, already sostenia Toffler, by the end of the decade of the 70, but many not dabamos us account to that one was talking about. By that then not habia begun even the slow process of democratization that suponian the PCs. Who by these hours, already we accede to the present state of the Tics (that are harnessed when associating to Internet, with the broadcasting, I even scan and the photocopied one), we are intuiting what they can pass when it is implemented, which suppose concepts like ” nanotecnologia”. Concepts like: ” Everything what a man, can imagine another one podra realizarlo” , or ” ” it is always necessary to have force, to break all the limites” , they can serve to realise the spiritual exercises, that prepare our intention, to remove benefit, of speeds of calculation, that surpassed, in magnitudes that I do not dare to labeling, the capacity today to our disposition. If the color, the line, the sound could be digitized, that we can hope, of the trigital (that is however of the binary thing to the trinario), in all the fields, the aesthetic one including? And who assures, that other logics can become serious, beyond the trinaria that today to redescubir us in the culture aymara, like the templario/cuatrernario thought that glimpsed the argrentino Jose Imbelloni in decda of the forty? Surely, it is a vice of the times from which we come, the one to close a speech with some conclusion. Cultores of the ethics of the diversity and the trasndisciplinario, slight knowledge that we watered in the mathematician brasilenho Ubiraran D” Ambrisio, present director of the project Virtual University Latin American, and conscientious of the limitations of all monographic emprendimiento, I only aspire to that they honor to me reading these lines, they continue unfolding its personalities through the aesthetic thing for the growth of the human saga.

Receivercontrol Devices

A distinctive feature of the new receiver-control device INTEGRA is possible to connect it to an Ethernet network for remote monitoring of fire protection system (OPS) of several houses or shops. With specialized software with Russian-language interface, this receiver-control unit can also be controlled via the Internet. Configurable device with the help of the program DLOADX, runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. This software allows visualized on a computer monitor the current state of fire and security systems, displays a virtual keyboard, which is controlled by the receiving-control unit, and provides a readout of the journal events from memory. The INTEGRA generates the following types of alarms: alarm intrusion, fire alarm, anxiety attacks, anxiety and additional technical alarm. All these concerns can be initiated by signals from control or fire detectors, control the keyboard and other devices. Depending on how you programmed the receiving-control unit, alarm sirens alarm can be carried out by optical and acoustic annunciators, alarm display on the keyboard, sending alarm messages to a central monitoring station or alarm to the phone.

To service the control panel software is used GUARDX, which displays the current information about the disturbing events in the alarm system, provides access to the memory of the receiving-control unit and displays on the computer signals an alarm in a graphical form with sound support. The software also allows administrator full control equipment, create and edit a list of users and assign them to credentials. When you install the optional module GSM-4 of this SATEL The control panel can send alarm messages to cell phone, and if damaged landline GSM-4 can be used to support the back channel information. At the same time, the module acts as a receiver management of SMS-messages to the control panel INTEGRA, if necessary, can act as an external modem. To control the security system, the core of which is the receiving-control unit Satel, use either the keyboard with liquid crystal displays, which serve many of the plume of different objects, or the keyboard group, serving only one group of trains. In this group can act as a keypad code castle, and users are allowed to manage only those groups of loops to which they have access, defined by the administrator OPS when programming the device.

Buy the receiving-control instruments can INTEGRA Moscow warehouse of the official Russian distributor of equipment SATEL – of "ARMO-Systems", and additional information about the unit and other components of the OPS – Call (495) 787-3342 or by e-mail. Polish SATEL company operating in the European security market since 1990 and specializes in the manufacture and sale of equipment and software for fire and security systems (OPS) for various purposes. SATEL produces the receiving-control instruments, in including a sensor for flat modules GSM, wireless alarm systems, various security sensors, light and sound detectors, gas sensors, radio sets and many accessories security systems. Moreover, all placed on the market are different solutions SATEL good combination of price and quality, are successfully sold worldwide network of distributors and have all the necessary Russian certificates.

Search Engine Optimization Off The Page

Search Engine Optimization Outside Page (Off page SEO) and how to grow the popularity of a website. In the area of development of links, there are many important factors to remember. After all, the development of links is the most important for achieving a high position in search engines. There are many things that can significantly impact the growth and spread of links to your site as. Make sure your site has something that others would be interested to link webmaster. Create content that people want to link, even if not directly provide economic value, this site worthy of being linked raise the authority and position of every page of your website.

Whenever possible, try to have your keywords in many of the links pointing to your pages. Sign in blogs and forums, participating or exchange links with sites related to your topic. Create your discussions on topic. Look for places where you can get free links high quality (such as local libraries or chambers of commerce). If you have good internal content, try to get direct links to your internal pages. Write articles and afiliate to sites with more authority. Start an interesting and unique blog and write about your topics, products, news and other sites in your community.

Comment on other sites with helpful comments, relevant and valuable. Participate in forums to learn what your potential customers think is important. What questions do often? How can you solve their problems? etc. . It issues press statements with links to your site. While developing a great website is half of the equation of SEO, the other half is promotion. Search engines are very particular regard to improving their ability to detect link manipulation and artificial junk, so an effective SEO you want to promote your sites in total length must use a process of development of natural and organic links to succeed.

Incentive Consumption

We are in a consumer society imposed by the capitalist system of production, which extends not only to developed countries but all of the planet. The capitalist mode of production has been manufacturing Coca Cola to jets for private use. Obviously, these products do not try to sell to the Peruvian Indians or the inhabitants of the shantytowns, but efforts will turn to these places children consume Coca Cola instead of milk. What is really important for the system is that most people become irrational consumers, but through this form to transfer the largest amount of resources. This is how the current consumer society establishes the dictatorship of the product. Specifically, Ms.

Aranguren stands, management must know what the consumer really needs, and that is through a study it. It is important to note that few companies in the country is done, since they copy a product from another country to introduce it here, without knowing the true needs of the same, avoiding further its idiosyncrasies. Money allows consumption, but increasingly less money is needed. The mass production of imitations and has allowed people outside the elite are able to access similar objects and that is why the phenomenon of consumption involves relations of domination but also of imitation. Cultural mimicry is an important motive for consumption. Consumption is a conscious choice of the person and depends on their culture. The study of the needs of the individual allows a better understanding of the attitudes and behaviors of who is the central motif of trade.

The implementation of marketing strategies on the wishes of the individual causes Incentive in consumption, a demand generation. It is evident that although marketing needs can exacerbate pre-existing, or create desires and provoke a lawsuit The need is something missing and that the consumer wants more or less intensity. The need runs the full range of appetites, from true distress caused by thirst, even the most frivolous that may be experienced in the desire to indulge minor. Consumer needs are forming a scale of values with their wants and desires. We can conclude according to the above, that management Venezolana must commit more to their management of the markets in the study of consumer behavior, to find a way of how they can meet in order to gradually instilled a true culture of consumption, really consider what their needs, their behavior even more an unstable economy in crisis like the one currently facing. The management of the market is weak with respect to consumer study that accurately identifies, with a thorough study, the current and potential users of your brand or product category. It does not allow them to focus their marketing efforts and also customize the offering, which, if they did, would help create customer loyalty and to define the product positioning.

Internet Search

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by a friend of mine to Punta Umbria, an idyllic place in Huelva near Seville. My friend is divorced, has two adult children and it seems to me that with a divorce and a separation recent the represents a common case within the generation of older than 40. My friend seemed to have achieved so much in economic terms as family everything that the average citizen would have been able to wish in life, but unfortunately not fared so well in loving terms, not managed to form a lasting relationship. Their work duties and with his sons left him little time and opportunity to learn about a new partner. In a similar situation many of the members of the mature generation currently. The only way out when it comes to finding a partner under these circumstances seems to be the Internet. And while it is not necessarily the only exit actually represents a very important alternative to over the age of 40 and over the age of 50 who have no greater opportunity to meet new people in their daily lives. My friend, who was one of those cases, failed to verify If same the usefulness of this new tool.

As the live in the countryside and is very busy doing countless proceedings during the week you had no greater opportunity to meet a new companion through the traditional paths. When we talked about this at dinner, another friend present recommended you try social networks and services for couple online that are on the network. My friend felt shine a new light of hope inside and very vigorously devoted himself to register on multiple pages and to come into contact with many new people. In less than 24 hours it began to receive the first messages. After a relatively short search he met a woman who interested him much, they followed the first meetings in person and to shorten them the only story I can tell you that my friend is very happy with his new girlfriend. Both are very much in love and feel like a couple of teenagers. To my gives me great joy seeing them and check that they say that love has no age.

And is is not the first success story that heard about successful infatuations by Internet. Try you also, register at, the main international community online for 40 or older. Perhaps you will not only find a new partner, but also many new friends.