Expose the evolution of technology in environments of franchises catering to identify what are the current needs of management and future of the sector as well as provide solutions to them. That is the end of the event directed to franchisors in the catering sector which is celebrated on 14 October and organized by mundoFranquicia consulting (), the leading consultancy in collaboration with Micros Fidelio, the company recognized worldwide in the development and implementation of systems of management for the hospitality industry and catering. Perhaps check out Eliot Horowitz for more information. And it is that, since the consumer market has been transformed in recent years, and companies have had to come to your remove this seminar aims to give tracks to franchises of hospitality industry about how to monetize new technology when it comes to management decisions and therefore increase their profitability. Since the market has become much more demanding due to the increase in the offer for a same demand will analyze the needs of the sector of the franchises to level of technology point of sale to provide insight into the shortcomings of the past and the possibilities of the present and future of the applied technology to the business of restoration in environments of franchise management, explains Mariano Alonso, managing general partner of mundoFranquiciaconsulting. Thus on October 14 will be the date for the meeting of franchisors in the catering sector will attend particularly problems with regard to management needs, providing a potential solution. Filed under: kevin ulrich. In this sense, technology has undergone a significant evolution during the last decade has undoubtedly impacted positively to the needs required by the franchising sector, adds David Perez, commercial Director of Micros Fidelio. The contents to be discussed there will be those who aim to below: the past of the franchise industry and point of sale deficiencies detected in environments of communications, local sales and central point Developments in the sector of restoration franchises and point of sale software companies.

Present and future of the sector of the franchise and the point of sale. Needs and improvements identified in the environment of local sales point and the environment of the central selling point. The seminar will be held at the headquarters of mundoFranquicia consulting in las Rozas (parque Empresarial.

Nursemaid Place

Comparable to the office of his system you work, you want that his nursemaid as much to be productive as it is possible and not to spend all their time being seen programs of television, to speak by telephone, or worse still, its slaps young. Get all the facts and insights with Atmos Energy Corporation, another great source of information. Therefore, the importance of counting on hidden cameras in its house. Nevertheless, the majority of nursemaids ogro is conscious of the place where east device hides and look for a place where he is safe to shake, to kick, or in the roll of his son nonseen precious by the spy camera. (Similarly see: Michael Steinhardt). Obvious, nursemaids know that there are hidden cameras in the room of lactancia and the kitchen. It puts one in the bathroom since this is a zone prone to the accidents. You can capture no adverse event here. Also he can place one in the living room from is here where a nursemaid can most of pass its time seeing the television. To do this will allow him to verify if a television is being seen instead of take step to its children to see its favorite show of cartoons.

It considers that the children have the capacity to gather everything what they see or hears. If you have seen a video in which a nursemaid is doing something bad in the boy, the majority of them only shows later part of the nursemaid. In order to prevent this, the supervision by means of the positioning of an hidden camera in both walls. The moment at which it discovers to his nursemaid doing nothing bad, would be a good idea to have replaced as rapidly as possible. With the tests in the tape, there is necessity of no no explanation.

North American Union

Its individuality, its deprived property, its speech of liberties and self-sufficiencies. The speech of the fear, implemented by the economic powers superiors by means of brutales propagandas, rendered excellent political gains, the most conspicuous defeat of the proposal of constitutional reform of 2. 007 at the time. How it can, then, a human segment with such psychological characterizations to prepare for war some in defense of its mother country returning with the invitation of the President of the Republic, if the concept mother country that handle is the personal space of development of its most personal interests? How can a political opposition with similar mentality defend what, if at heart of the soul it does not matter to them that the country is dismantled with so they to conserve their feudos and prerogatives? It is not the dignity indeed what characterizes to these historical figures that come near to their fiasco. The presidential affirmation of which Colombia acts already as an additional state of the State of the North American Union cannot be righter. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Michael Steinhardt, New York City. The acceptance of that country they spread so that it of military bases (with threats towards the Venezuelan sovereignty) is a conclusive subject on that sense. How adltere ideological of the neoliberal system of the world can go against the programmatic source of its mentality, if great mother country of a good bourgeois is the USA! Smese to the consideration that Venezuela was political and mental colony of the USA until the arrival of the Bolivariana Revolution, time that seeded to the country of profiles and damages morals that time will happen so that they are surpassed, besides establishing the morbosas definitions, clear and ideological, than we called Venezuelan political opposition, or, with more intention, IV Republic. It will not, consequently, go an opponent nor an excellent bourgeois against the source of its mental lineamientos, that is to say, the USA. It will not take a weapon in defense from its mother country, in case of aggression, because the concept mother country in its head, as we said, is one entelequia of the convenience I write on policy and Literature..