Science Applied to Form

The objective of this article is the search of the understanding of this new complex dynamics and sophisticated, having as base, the factor regionalism, the necessity of the expansion of offers of education and the paper of the Internet in the construction of the social conscience that comes providing to deep transformations in the relations human beings speeding up the desterritorializao process. 2. COMPUTER SCIENCE APPLIED To the EDUCATION? VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS the union of the resources of allied computer science to the development of projects interdisciplinares and cooperative gave beginning to a new area of studies, the computer science applied to the education, this junction makes possible the transmission of the knowledge of more attractive and dynamic form.

The implantation of new technologies of support to the education makes with that the pupil has greater interest and motivation to search desired information. When incorporating the texts, images, graphs, sound and video, many of the directions of the user are stimulated, allowing, thus, one better comment of simultaneous form to a bigger number of information, thus having, a change in the paradigm of the organized, synthecized education, hierarquizada (deductive, sequential, quantificvel) for an interactive, intuitivo and multissensorial model. Of the point of view of the didactic strategy, the computer science applied to the education can help of a general form, increasing the cognitiva capacity and mainly approaching the information of the pupils, making possible the interaction and the study of the subjects given in different schedules and places, provoking, in this way, a rupture in the hierarquizado traditional model where the professor is the detainer of knowing and the pupil is a passive agent of the knowledge (vertical relation), this methodology, provides integrant to a colaborativo learning that it can be mediated through tools of communication disponibilizadas by virtual environments (GRANDFATHER).

The convergence and integration of technologies in last the 20 years have modified all deeply the dimensions of our life, amongst these, are distinguished it Internet, that in them made possible much more mobility, that is, the possibility to carry through activities or tasks without necessarily going to a definitive place.

Shaped Language Unified

Several solutions exist will be the transport branch, developed by countless software companies, which present characteristics that don’ t assist you the Real needs of certain companies, or will be being obsolete in technology formerly or being not customize. Like this, the present work has will be objective the process automation of KRTL emission and the evelopment of it system customized will be road transport of loads administration. The research describes the stages used will be the software development, being them the project presentation, requirements rising, the system diagram, the code, the tests and the implantation. Studied, the Adriano Zentil Polzin – ME company will be used, located in Sheets So Paulo, So Paulo, which accomplishes, among to other areas, the road transport of loads and to other products. ILLUSTRATION LIST APPEARS I?

Layers of Software in the Model .NET30 FIGURE II? Form of inicializao of the Programa45 FIGURE III? Principal46 form APPEARS IV? Been form Border Registro47 APPEARS V? Been form Border Editar48 APPEARS VI? Been form Border Filtros48 APPEARS VII? Been form Border Relatrio49 APPEARS VIII? Window of Visualization of the Report of the Estados50 APPEARS IX? Configuration of driver ODBC51 FIGURE X? Data of the configuration of driver ODBC51 TABLE LIST TABLE I? Participants of the Projeto25 PRICE II? List of Materiais25 PRICES III? Model of Survey of Requirements of the Sistema26 PRICES IV? Requirements of Negcio26 PRICE V? Requirements of Hardware and Software27 PRICE VI? Requirements of Hardware and Software28 PRICE VII? Cardinalidades29 LIST OF ABREBIATURAS AND ACRONYMS Standard ASCIIAmerican Code will be Information Interchange (Code of American Standard for the Interchange of Information) CIFCoast Insurance Freight (Freight on account of the addressee) National CNHCarteira of DBFData Qualification Base File (Archive of Data base) FOBFree On Board (Freight on account of the shipper) GUIGrapfical User Interface (Graphical Interface of the User) Withheld at source IRRFImposto de Renda ICMSImposto on Circulation of Merchandises and Services IPInternet Protocol (Protocol of Internet) MRPMaterial Requirements Planning (Planning of the Necessities of Materials) ODBCOpen Date Base Connectivity (Open Conectividade of Data base) Guided POOProgramao the Objects PLProcedural Language (Procedural Language) SCMSupply Chain Management.

Omega Alarm System

On the basis of this equipment is very easy to build both simple and any arbitrarily complex system combines Alert fire and any emergency situations, handsfree broadcast information and advertising messages and music programs. Sure, we should note how easy installation and reliability, and survivability of warning systems, built on the base hardware Omega. Automatic (hardware) control system performance and diagnose possible faults have long been the envy of manufacturers of such equipment. The basic element of the system is a control unit Omega SP40 / 2, which already contained all the necessary functions to create a full soue third type. Switchgear Omega SP40 / 2 is candy bar in the composition of which (standard) already includes the following functional units: Built-controlled uninterruptible power supply 220V/24V Built-controlled charger for battery. Built-controlled digital module recorded messages. Built-controlled digital repeater power.

Built-controlled handheld microphone. Built-controlled automatic switch input signals. Built-controlled power module, control and synchronization of light and sound sirens. Integrated control and diagnostics system. As needed empowerment soue a Warning System Omega may appear different functional modules, converting a simple, consisting of only one device management notification to the powerful distributed Multichannel soue for very large objects.

Options are many, but we consider only some of them. soue third type of small objects. Figure 1's that simple! Installing panel Omega, connect to it alarms, the lines Launch of alarm messages and soue ready. If necessary, the panel can be connected to a source of background music, telephone or remote speaker.

Session Initiation Protocol

They exist about 1.100 computers currently hardwired the PirDigital net. The net of data, today, uses the protocols 802.11a, 802.11b e802.11g, with this the transmission speed varies of 11Mbps 54Mbpsdependendo of the point, in the center of Pira all backbone.Beyond processode computerization, Digital Pira still became possible the entrance of municpiona telesaude3 and telemedicina4, being foreseen ainaugurao for February of the chain.

The intention is to use the resources devideoconferncia on IP through one enlace with the remote site being able serimplementado through a connection point-the-point or saw a net frame-relay, to be given lectures, meetings, congresses, training, entreoutros. For realizaoda videoconferncia, the Municipal City hall of Pira, disponibilizou Audience, Room deDesenvolvimento of Contents and Room of Digitalizao de Contedo, localizadosno> building of the CEDERJ. Velocidadede content transmission varies enters 384 kbps in IP/SIP of up to 2 Mbps for attainment of sincronia and apresentahabilitao MPPlus that allows the equipment to make up to 6 simultaneous sites minimum avelocidade of 384kbps (GONALVES, 2008)

According to Mrcio CorrenteGonalves, the videoconferncia counts on the interfaces of net IP (LAN, DSL, wire modem). Door Simple Ethernet 10/100 (10 Mbps/100 Auto Mbps/) esuporte the LAN wireless saw Ethernet door; 802.11bou802.11g is compatible with IEEE, up to 50 Mbps. It has supported SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), integraocom the Call Manager Version 4.

Production And Costing

production – set of all recurrent costs an entrepreneur, including increasing backlog of work in progress, etc. The estimate is based on economically homogeneous elements, and each row includes the full cost this kind, no matter where they were made (total payroll – from ceo to janitor, the total amount of wear of all types of assets, etc, etc.). Thus, estimates of need for financial management enterprise agreement various sections of his plan (for example, a plan for labor and labor costs in the cost), the determination of national income and net production, determine the need for working capital. Costing .- allocation of costs associated with production and sales of selected products (works, services). It is only for products intended for sale, and on complex (Including heterogeneous elements) articles.

Their list, the composition and methods of distribution by type of product are determined by sectoral guidelines of the nature and structure of production (mass, series, individual, etc.). At the same time highlighted the costs directly associated with the production of selected products (raw materials and basic materials, fuel and energy used for technological needs, direct wages and major service fee), and indirect costs (for training and development of production, maintenance and operation of equipment, general and selling expenses). Costs of training and development of production include the costs: the initial work in mining, industries (up exploration fields, clearing land for surface mining, storage areas of fertile soil, the laying of temporary access roads, etc.), and development of new industries (testing machines, test operation and adjustment of equipment), and pre-production custom-built products. Mastering the production of serial and mass production recovered extrabudgetary funds R & D funding. Expenses for maintenance and operation of equipment include current costs for materials, parts, labor repairmen, wear, etc. General (not related to Certain products) shop costs consist of expenses for management and maintenance of production (cost of shop personnel, auxiliary workers, provision shop raw materials, fuel, energy, instrument, etc., maintenance of premises and equipment, maintenance of normal conditions and safety, including special food). These include costs and to streamline and invention (in Including experimental works), with additional salary earned.

Driving School

Typically, people choose a driving school, located close to home or far from the place of work. But many management and other principles. For example, some prefer a driving school, located in the center certainly the city – look representative, mention it prestigious. Someone, by contrast, is looking for a driving school in the suburbs, believing that the rules of the road for all the same, and the cost of training will be cheaper because of distance from the center. Can I save money? The pursuit of cheapness can play a cruel joke.

Say, when choosing a school, college for education, firm to work, we very meticulously studying the quality of teaching, the level of acquired knowledge, the prospects for further work. Is driving school is not worth the same balanced approach? Because ultimately at stake could be your life! Standard price full cycle of training in the driver's School is 500 ye. Perhaps saturation auto market affects such a significant variation in prices. Has the value and location of the driving school. Private schools offer their services at higher prices, but and best car out there, and a personal training schedule, and instructors are courteous. Should know exactly – it is the cost of a full course of study? Will there be other surcharges, such as for fuel during the practical driving rules for traffic tickets exam, exam delivery of training to the traffic police, etc.

"Avtoshkolnye" Many networks wishing to learn to drive with doubt perceive advertising driving school, giving the set of addresses phones and offers a flexible training schedule. Our people have long been conditioned to be suspicious: was not trying to lure us there every conceivable way to nowhere, offering not understand that? The presence of driving schools extensive network of branches and offices, as well as selection of various modes of study – morning, afternoon, evening and weekends, individual – often shows solid financial position and business successful businesses, as well as the high demand for services of this school. As a rule, do not have branches driving school – either a newly opened driving schools that failed to establish itself in the market, or not too successful businesses that can not withstand competition in the provision of training services to drive a car. The main addition to the above questions will not affect the answers to the following questions: How many years There is a school? Are there any license prescribed by the rules in school, the mutual rights and responsibilities? How to choose a driving instructor as appointed time on the driving, what happens if someone does not come? Is there additional costs and whether they are specified in the rules of training school? What is the average percentage of exams in the sai from the first time? (It is advisable that he was no less than 70%). If you do not be lazy and drive up in a driving school to the beginning (end) lessons, you can learn many interesting things from the students at the school.

Outplacement Scope And Implications

General, basic considerations Today, companies must take into account the scope, which encloses the outplacement impact on human resources, especially the relocation of employees and supporting their reintegration into the workforce after a layoff, made it one of the practices most successful HR area of many companies. Lunar Juan reminds us, trachea consider that work is in our economic culture a form of social and economic linkages vital character. Their loss, especially when it is sudden, it brings a series of negative emotional reactions to the person who experiences it. It is argued that from a behavioral perspective many agencies experienced a significant loss of a source of reinforcement, have inappropriate behaviors, emotional and / or maladaptive and often represents the work done for many workers and managers an important source of reinforcement. These maladaptive behaviors adversely affect the search for a new job or occupation that is a circle difficult to break and that tends to worsen, to the unemployed person, with the passage of time.

To address this reality shows has a is the Outplacement is an increasingly popular tool because the processes of mergers and acquisitions, permanent increase in speed and frequency, are the perfect setting for dissemination. Typically, they identify several stages in these processes. The first is an assessment of the skills, knowledge, experience and skills who will be disconnected, and how to maximize their professional qualities. Then, depending on the results of the first stage, we collaborates with the outgoing executive job search for similar functions for which it was made, then, we consider their options before a change of tasks, then consider a total rupture their work habits, mixture situations.

ICON Margin

The society in them places front to the virtual reality today as a multiple tool of information and formation. It is needed professionals understood in human development who perceive the infinity of processes formadores and deformaring gifts in practical the social one and the world of the work, that they know its value while professional conscientious of its craft and the importance of the education for the humanizao of the being. To if thinking about formation of professors it has that to stimulate a constant culture of search, of research, readings. The confrontation with experiences that place the professor to reflect on solutions for the problems that appear in the dynamics..