Variety Of Pizza Dough

Variety of pizza dough. Pizza – a kind of tart with various fillings. Filling for a pie is the most versatile. You can use: fish fillet, ham, frankfurters, sausages, hard boiled eggs, cheese, mushrooms (especially mushrooms), sweet Bulgarian pepper, onion, tomato, young zucchini, eggplant, peppers young beans, fresh carrots, olives, mayonnaise, tomato paste, dill, parsley, celery, basil. In short, you can prepare the stuffing out of all that there is at hand. An important advantage of pizza is that its preparation does not require large expenditures of time and effort.

It serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, to tea, to coffee; pizza is convenient to take the trip, go fishing in the woods. In short, the pizza is a universal dish, and also easy to prepare. Now a closer look at the pizza recipes. When cooking pizza using different tests. There are many types of dough, but the pizza fit the following: Sweet dough for pizza (soda, sour cream, eggs, milk) should be prepared from high-grade flour, but you can use any available home flour.

Important components of this type of test are butter or margarine, granulated sugar or powdered sugar, eggs (sometimes just the egg yolks). As the liquid take milk, sour cream. You can add a maximum of dough that will make the taste more savory dishes prepared. If the recipe you want to add to the dough leavening agent (usually baking soda), it is mixed with flour, and flour with sugar, then sift the mixture through a sieve. Next to This mass is added in the following sequence of grated butter or margarine, eggs and water. Combine all products first with a knife, then knead the arm, leaving small lumps, then paste rolled on a board in a thin layer (3 mm). Before baking the dough smeared with egg (an egg yolk cup). Pizza dough must be round, thoroughly stirred. After kneading the dough is left to lie down on a cutting board for several hours, then spread on a baking sheet oiled well and place in preheated oven. Puff pastry flour for pizza, good quality, fresh, firm butter or margarine, egg yolk. Water, vinegar and salt. Pizza dough is prepared as possible in a cold room. Read More Variety pizza dough.

Main Steam

Noise at work does not exceed the general background noise of the equipment (pump group). Often the work umpeu be judged only by reading. This effect was achieved thanks to the quality of mixing steam and water in umpeu and applying pressure pulsation dampener heated flow, because principle of anti-vibration is simple – the better the blended environment, the less vibration and noise. Since the principle of umpeu does not imply the existence of cavitation processes in their work, they do not have cavitation erosion, which leads to their high durability (pilot installation worked without repair 8 years). Therefore, the manufacturer umpeu made using carbon and alloy steels (St20, St09G2S of seamless tubes and forged parts piping), which reduces manufacturing costs and provides high maintainability umpeu. Start-up. Run psa – means to create such conditions, when the given parameters of steam and water at the entrance by the calculated flow regime flow in the nozzle and the main thing – to jump seal was placed in the mixing chamber or the diffuser. The main obstacle to starting a psa is the inability to pass through it in the startup period the entire volume of the mixture, since by virtue of the transitional process, it is not have the necessary speed and density. Apply the following ways to run the PSA: by changing the start time on the input parameters of flows of steam and water (steam pressure, water pressure, temperature, steam, water temperature, steam dryness) or by removing part of the flow from the mixing chamber along its length, or by changing the geometry at the start time of psa (change in area of the mixing chamber) 2.

Russian Borzoi

We decided to start Russian Borzoi – provide her regular jogging in the fields after the hare, or jumping on your small apartment, she not bring joy to you and she will be deeply unhappy. Do not try to make miniature poodles guard … in a small apartment better have a small dog. In an apartment building there is also the complexity content of loud barking dogs that interfere with their neighbors, so a dog with a child should be properly educated. If you are renting an apartment or house, you should obtain the consent of the owner in a rented room in the content of the dog. The dog should be as easy boss (no matter how utilitarian it sounds), then it will only bring joy to you and will be quite happy herself! So you have decided on the breed. Next question – why, actually, you dog, you'll do with it? Go to exhibitions? Work? Hunt? Sports? Or lie on the couch, huddled against her warm woolen side? On your choice of career and interest in dogs choice will depend on the breeder and the parents of the puppy. People keen exhibition dog breeding, are bright, rich life with new experiences.

Victory dogs, prizes, many friends, travel abroad – not life, but a holiday. And you decide to purchase a cool dog to enjoy the triumph diligently to grow from a puppy champion. But remember, the exhibition game – the lottery. And losing it at least a win. See if you love your dog – do not champion? And here you have a breeder of the litter and have to choose "his puppy." You need just a companion, friend and bodyguard, feel free to take a puppy in 2 – 3 months.


In the most beautiful place on the snow-covered taiga banks of the Lena River is very special town of Ust-Kut. All residents of Ust-Kut has its own identity, but hardly the whole world could learn about the city and its people through World Wide Web, if not worked Lena newspaper Vesti and photo exhibition created by Larissa Tabarintseva creative. Photo exhibition – a collection of interesting, amazing photos of the city residents. The authors of works prepared The first exhibition of his work for the holiday town. July twentieth Historical Museum of Ust-Kut affably opened huge doors for anyone who reveres his native city and each resident. Of course, the exhibition itself is not created themselves. Strenuous preparatory work was carried out by amateurs to shoot beautiful photos, headed by Larissa Tabarintseva, whose works also included in the list included in the exhibition of the works.

And turned a great photo exhibit photos of Ust-Kut saw with my own eyes how beautiful people are located on the banks of the broad Lena. Nearly twenty amateur photograph people and other objects showed what could be the exposition, as wise and surprising residents of Ust-Kut. What strikes the eye of the taiga people, full of wisdom and kindness. You begin to believe that, yes as long as born in Russia this kind of people, no enemy will be able to drop to their knees this great land. A happy faces Ust-Kut on the photo kids inspire unwavering faith in a brighter future. A smile immediately formed on the face when you look at the laughing children.

With pleasure and joy brought to the inhabitants of cameras this city. These photos are found the response from all visitors to the exhibition, which is understandable in many warm reviews on the website of the newspaper to Lena. Clearly, an exhibition of photographs and decided to keep even turn it into an exit. As only an opportunity, a work of art went to other places. In the settlement of Niya was held to date edition of Lena, and people living in the village that day had a good opportunity to enjoy photographs of his friends from the city on the river Lena. Undoubtedly, this event brought a team of newspapers and books for sale, and entertainment, but only photos was a thin bridge between the souls of the villagers and the city. Now people got to know the relationship between not diminish. You need only wish this exhibition a large number of photographs of successful tours in the next towns, that are located on the shores of the great river and beyond. A themselves masters of the photo is not necessary to stop there. So many nice poses a city of Ust-Kut and the neighboring villages. All this is necessary to demonstrate to residents and neighbors, all the beautiful places shown in the viewer fascinating photographs, and they will admire and future generations. Strong energy of these works will be transmitted to humans as much as possible.


Seeing the time now, do not want to fake. I want to add the image may be a display, but for the avalanche debris is almost indistinguishable. A flash of light in the night and only. However, the decline of art – a separate issue and it is not considered here. Another remarkable discovery of romanticism is to understand that everyone sees differently.

So no one dares impose their own rules, and, hence, their mistakes, to another. The uniqueness of the artist is palpable only in the freedom of his work. In Europe, Romanticism in the late XVIII – early XIX century and the father was considered a forerunner of Michelangelo Buanarotti. The situation is limiting stress forces of nature and man (he had no differences mezhdeu them) are very interested in artists of the time. He was the guiding light for them, because he was a romantic. “Painting – this is not true situation, but the truth of feelings “- E. Delacroix.

So simple theme, black and white response to the Romantics unusually picturesque and full of meaning. Never-ending “classicism” of Soviet times has paved the way for lifting Romantic 60s. It was founded on the opposition to the old, outmoded forms of life and political structure of society. The dream of the “earthly paradise” that exists on earth, here and now maintained and inspires. Gleams of light that era, even and it’s not quite faded. Romanticism of the present day and from there draws strength and hope. Now other times and other obstacles, they generated. The struggle for the harmonization of life, searching points of support for human living, turned to new stage of history. The end of the twentieth century did not give anything new or original in the culture, apart from a few isolated voices, there was a stop motion. The shift towards technical-computing means of expression, new as assumed a universal method, which proved in the hands of technicians from the art, there is little that he gave, besides the concept of “globalism”, which rests on technological achievements, engaging in its scope more and more weight.

Exterior Walls

For sufficiently smooth facade planes – the deviation of less than 30 mm for the entire height of the facade – the system consists of the following, consistently performed the layers: – primer – 'Praleska Grunt' STB 1263 – leveling layer – mortar 'Praleska SSM 30' N STB 1263 – blanket – adhesive 'Praleska SSM 85' – decorative and protective layer – the protective plaster 'Praleska SSM 36' STB 1263, painted with facade paint 'Praleska SNS' VD AK-11 Standard 28 196. A constructive solution of the system 'Praleska-GS' and thickness of the layers are given in Appendix B. In the case of concealed mounting cladding panels on the factory installed special fasteners in the form of anchor devices. For anchors with the bolt slide rails are attached. Cladding panels by means of slides are mounted on the guide profile and are fixed with screws. Regardless of the results of the calculation the thickness of the air gap must be at least 40 mm. To avoid constant wetting of insulation in places conjugation system with window and door openings, parapet and projecting elements of the facade of the building exterior soffits are installed in aluminum or galvanized steel profile, or of facing material. If the differences facade exterior wall surfaces (deviations as vertical and horizontal) are 30-60 mm in the entire height of the facade decoration in the following order: – primer – 'Praleska Grunt' STB 1263 – leveling layer – mortar 'Praleska SSM 30' N STB 1263 – protective layer – the adhesive 'Praleska SSM 85' STB 1072, reinforced with one layer of fiberglass mesh undeformed SSSH-160 1 – decorative protective layer – protective plaster 'Praleska SSM 36' STB 1263, painted facade paint 'Praleska SNS' VD-AK-11 Standard 28 196. A similar construction holds in the ground near the walls of silicate to the construc-struction of other materials (concrete, bricks, panels, etc.), and the launch of a reinforcing material in docked structure must be at least 200 mm.

Recall Information

For example: The verb "identify" in a learning objective that describes what the student should be able to do, might suggest that the teacher consider the use of objective assessment techniques that include multiple choice, mate, or elements of true and false, for information on the progress of student learning. The use of verbs such as "apply", "manipulate" and "operate", listed in the Application level of cognitive domain, may suggest that the teacher consider performance assessment tasks, as the most appropriate evaluation technique. Some verbs cited in the levels of Understanding, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation, for example: ("read ',' defend ',' explain ', rank', 'make', 'propose', 'judge', 'hiring '), could suggest that: expand open questions, make writing assignments or presentations are appropriate techniques for information. VERBS OBSERVABLE OBJECTIVES OF EDUCATION FOR DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE * depending on the senses (different meanings depending on context) with which used, some verbs can be applied to more than one level. Knowledge: Recall information Understanding: Interpret putting information in their own words Application: Use knowledge or generalization in a new situation Organize Memorizing Pair Set List Label Name Remember Sort Connect Acknowledge Repeat Play Sort Describe specifically identified Discuss Discuss Report Showing Locate Recognize Review Select Sort Tell Translate demonstrated using Choose Apply Illustrate Interpret Operate Prepare Sketch Practice Solving Using the design of measuring instruments. CRITERIA FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF TESTS l determine the content domains assessed by specialists approach taking into account the behavior of learning in each territory and its basic needs.