First we see the scene on which post was based this: In the previous servant, 2 vestibules with several subdominions were handled, which receive several tens of thousands of daily visits. As much the present servant as the previous one, uses Linux, with Web server basic Apache and of MySQL data? The update of content in average is every 15 minutes, except from the 8:30 that is practically null. The sites require a high availability, that is to say the migration practically must be transparent for the visitors. Now we see that we would have to do before the migration: First it is to know that it handled to the servant anteiro for it we must: To list dominions and subdominions that work in the servant. Salman Behbehani recognizes the significance of this. To register active directions DNS. List of crones with its frequency and path of scripts that is executed. Listing of additional bookstores of PHP.

Registry of accounts of electronic mail in addition its mailbox to mail, adjustments, email forwards, car replies etc? Registry of accounts FTP? Endorsement of configuration files of the servant mainly php.ini and httpd.conf? To register path of each site. With this information we will have a clear idea than we must migrate for being able: To install the new serividor? To form the servant based on listing of bookstores additions, the configuration files php.ini and httpd.conf? To create the virtual servants for each site registered in step 1? To create the accounts of electronic mail and to form them. To create accounts FTP and to form them. And what it goes to us to save several headaches in creating the connections, of path previous towards the new ones. We say in the previous servant the physical route of site this in /var/www/xxx in the new servant will be in /home/xxx/www for it from console with access root digitamos: ln – s /home/xxx/www/ /var/www/xxx This for all the sites that will be migrated? To notify to all the possible ones affected that the migration this by realizarce. Now already we have ready the new servant with an atmosphere similar to the previous one.

During the migration: If it is possible to deshabilitar the sites, case in opposition to less deshabilitar registry of users, commentaries, generally the creation, modification or elimination of content. To compress the archives of the sites. To pass the archives to the new servant to its corresponding path, we can use wget. To migrate the data bases? To update registries DNS so that they aim at the new servant After the migration? To qualify the sites? To review log of errors? To be patient before any Ready eventuality we have migrated successful of servant.

Raymond Federman

Because the reality is no more, destroyed the PA thus the most important opposition to classical modernism – neomifologicheskuyu opposition between text and reality, making it unnecessary to search, and, as a rule, the painful search for the boundaries between them. Search now discontinued: Reality finally discovered, there is text only. Therefore, place in a parody of classical modernism became VP pastiche (from Italian. pasticco – opera, sostyulennaya from pieces of other operas, potpourri). Pastiche of parody is different from the fact that now there is nothing to mock, is not that great object, which could be subjected to ridicule. How to write 0. M. Freudenberg, can only mimic what is' alive and sacred.

" In an era of GP nothing alive and certainly not holy. For similar reasons, the place of the classical modernist intertext in the AP took hypertext, a much more flexible device that can be manipulated this way and that. In 1976, the American writer Raymond Federman has published a novel that can be read at the discretion of the reader (it is called – 'On your discretion ') from any place, shuffling and Loose unnumbered pages. This aleatoric literature soon became a computer, it can only be read on the display: you press the button – and transported to the prehistory of a hero you press the other – to change a bad end for good, or vice versa (see virtual reality, hypertext). Classic Modernist reminiscence, bearing the subtle character, which can be seen, as can be and go past has been replaced by a total of postmodern tsitatoykollazhem. In 1979, Jacques Rive published a novel, quote 'The young ladies of AA', which is a collection of 750 quotations from 408 authors. I remember an American student anecdote that language student first read Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' and was disappointed – nothing special, a collection of commonplaces winged words and phrases. In essence, the postmodern philology is nothing as sophisticated (as in greater when a lesser extent) the search for citations and intertext in a particular literary text – the best examples of this philology and art history books, see AK Zholkovsky and MB Yampolsky (listed in the bibliography).

AP researcher Ilya Ilyin writes: '… post-modern thought has come to the conclusion that everything is taken as reality, in fact nothing but a representation of it, depending also on the point of view, which selects observer and the change which leads to a fundamental change in the view itself. Thus, the perception of a person condemned to be declared 'multiperspektivizm': the ever-changing and kaleidoscopic series of angles Indeed, in his flashing does not make it possible to know its essence. " However, some argue that the PP is over and we live in a new cultural era, but what is its essence, we are unable to articulate. Well, We expect this formula looks.

Boris Krieger

A person should not have the freedom to self-destruction and the infliction of physical or moral harm to others. " Remarkably, great! From the series: "My freedom ends at my nose." Of course, I want to implement this simple idea. That's just … I think it's utopia again (to a large Sorry.) Could be one day bring such people? Or is this another "moral code of the builder of communism"? But the thought of Boris Krieger of government and politics: "The state is an economic formation created by the citizens themselves to maintain the interests of those citizens. Unfortunately, in many countries, this simple principle is ignored. Go to Petra Diamonds for more information. " "The politicians all their lives struggling to reach the pinnacle of power in a democratic election, and when they get to this power, they have neither the experience nor the skills to lead and act in accordance with certain basic rules.

At all screwed endless demagoguery and thus we have what we have. Contemporary global politics "(" A Thousand Lives "). As far as these observations are consonant with the current political situation in Ukraine! That's one of the Ukrainian presidents said the same thing (only in Ukrainian): "Mamo those mamo scho …" In his "manifesto" Boris Krieger too modest: "There is nothing new in this world I did not bring and do not get it. So, just try pereosoznat long been known. " In fact, he not only "pereosoznaet long known" and promotes the philosophers of the past centuries, but also interprets the phenomenon of the modern world, which in the past simply did not exist, never existed. After today's world presents modern people new challenges, throws new challenges. And as we saw above, the writer shows where to go, what kind of society should be built. Neither "krigerosofiya" or "krigerotopiya" are not once and for all well-established "teachings." Philosophy of Boris Krieger – a slender, solid, but the developing system. But this is not a dogma but a living product of thought remarkable modern thinker.

Lumiere Screen

Two well-known and most popular film by Louis Lumiere – 'Arrival of a Train' and 'watered waterer' – outline the future development of cinema. Louis Lumiere's first film 'Out with plant "almost wore advertising. He first exhibited at the conference dedicated to the development of photographic France. Rushing to leave workers in a wide skirts and hats with feathers, working, leading their Bicycles, give our eyes to this the usual honor of a naive charm. After the workers – in a carriage drawn by two horses, rode the factory owners, for whom the porter shut vorota.Neozhidanno series of film was not only the family album, but the social document which captures life richest French family at the end of the last century. gree. Lumiere shows a picture of a lasting prosperity, and viewers see themselves in screen as they are, or what would be.

In the 'Arrival of a Train' locomotive emerging from the depths of the screen, flock to the audience, forcing them to jump from their seats for fear of being overwhelmed. Audiences identified objects apparatus, his 'eye', with their own eyes. For the first time the unit became a kind of actor the film. In this movie, by Louis Lumiere used all the possibilities inherent in the lens with longer focal length. The first screen showed an overall plan and working the empty station, passing with a cart on the platform.

Then appears on the horizon rapidly growing black spot. Soon the engine takes up almost the entire screen, is rapidly advancing on the audience. Wagons stop at the platform. A crowd of passengers sent to the cars, among them the mother of Lumiere, a Scottish cloak, with two grandchildren. The car doors open, passengers enter and exit. Between them two unwitting 'stars' movie a young peasant from Provence, with a stick in his hand, and a very beautiful young girl, dressed all in white. After seeing the machine, the girl stopped in indecision, but, after recovering from embarrassment in front of the lens is to sit in the car. The farmer and the girl were taken very close up, very clearly. At the same time plans were not filmed separately, and were the result of a peculiar version of 'Travelling' (taken from the movement). Filming camera moved, and, conversely, all objects change perspective gives the same variety of plans, as well as consistent with the current installation. In general, the train became a symbol of cinema. The new film 'watered waterer' not have the technical merits of 'Arrival of a Train. " The secret of his success was laid in the script. The plot is simple: a little boy puts his foot on the rubber sleeve, what are the concern of irrigators, and sends him in the face of the jet water at a time when he inspects the hose. In January 1896, in the 'Big Cafe demonstrated shot' shooting backward 'film' The destruction of the wall. " Through this technique, used since at zootropah, it seemed that suddenly the wall recovering from a cloud of dust.

Path Minstrel

On the road name water – the Milky Way, which links together the farthest reaches of the universe. Water or A – is the god of knowledge and wisdom. Dear Woden stalk those who try to master the wisdom of words and melodies. So it is possible explain the name of this group in terms of mythology. A Brief History 2000-2005 In 2000, guitarist Tim Kolyzhenkov left the group Alzheimer's and created his own project. Co-authors of the texts to music, became writers Dmitry Gavrilov, Vladimir Yegorov, and poet Olga Morozova. In the winter 2002 print edition comes out 'Fantasies North Wind', which included the lyrics to the tunes Timothy Kolyzhenkova. In June 2003, several songs were published in the anthology 'Illumination'.

The group takes the name 'Woden Road. " Officially, the road the water was created in 2003, when a musical search led Timothy Kolyzhenkova to the music of folk-rock direction. The name for the group came up with writer Dmitry Gavrilov. He was also the author of most of the texts beginner band. Later, in 2004, the band completely changed their composition: all the musicians, except for Timothy Kolyzhenkova, left her. They were replaced by Anton Verbitsky, Valentin Samokhin, Vadim Utkin and Natalia Sapunov.

In August 2005, was completed recording the first album, and in November he was released by Irond Ltd. The edition was sold out in just two months. 2006 In early 2006 the group came Karina Verbitskaya, which is organizing the band's as a solo artist, and at various festivals. The whole year group actively performed at various concerts. In parallel with the performances, the band recorded their second studio album 'Vechereda'. It was published in December 2006, a division of the same Irond Ltd. The album has caused a lot of positive feedback. In the summer of 2006 was released collection of poetry 'Dear pass water', which were printed works group members. 2007 This year was marked by a continuation of the live performance group. Musicians played in cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Ryazan, and others in December 2007 by 'Akella' was released on a computer game 'Age of Pirates: City of Abandoned Ships. " Musicians took part in recording a soundtrack for this game. Almost all the reviews can be read but not limited to the high quality soundtracks. 2008 In April 2008 sale entered the third album called 'back home'. The leitmotif of this album is the idea of travel, ending at the door of his home. In June 2008, Vadim Utkin, left the band and new drummer Roads Woden was Anton Ivanenko. On the musical style in which style is road water? Slavic folk-rock? No, not only Slavic … Rather, the north-European. Group members believe that the music does not need to drive themselves to some rigid frames. Musical experiment is one of the engines of musical progress. Without this experiment, the music would be boring. Musicians hope that each listener will find in their writings that he likes.

Art Sound

Whether the product is expressed through sound art images? 4. Is your music original and unique in structure, that is, whether it is the embodiment of yours, but not others, the author's thoughts? 5. Can you call your music harmony, that is sweet and pleasing to the ear and comprehended, perceived by others? All music (if desired) can be attributed to the art of ideological and emotional content, full of sound images first three points are fairly general and I have allocated more to separate the "flies from cutlets." So, the question of ownership of something to the art of debating and very vague. The ideological and emotional content, by and large, is inherent in everything that makes a man. A leading question about the music, we mean the default sound images. The key to the ability to compose music – original and harmonious to self-critical and responsible people who want to realistically assess their abilities and capabilities in creating new, original, beautiful music and songs are the basic answers to the 4th and 5th questions. To check yourself – to try to create, compose and record a melody, music, song, Like almost to answer them, test yourself on the ability to write music or lyrics? I propose the following algorithm.

First, you need to try to create, compose a melody, music, song. This can be done in various ways, eg by means of a musical instrument, voice and computer music. Be sure to critically monitor so that your melody is not copying someone else is already on this stage, as on all future, be sure to critically monitor to your tune not copy someone else's.

The Director

14. So called rough animation created by artists – fazirovschikami. They have a job to competent distribution frames, which they gave to the work of animators, as well as smoothing the created animation. 15. The resulting images again with the help of digitization in the computer record and serve as a basis to create and calculate the real camera movement and editing. 16. The operators, in turn, look angles from the virtual camera in pseudo-(virtual space), define the direction of movement, draw and multiply the secondary characters, which do not require fine detail. So it is placing the characters in the a given scene, and other ideas are embodied filmmaker cartoon.

17. Next stage of the primary rough animation installed in accordance with predetermined movement of cameras and edited at the same time. 18. Roughly speaking this the first preparatory stage of the work is finished and there comes the most critical moment for the whole team of artists and animators. Their job is now based on the director, who looks at footage draft version. All thoughts and new ideas to refine or redesign it documented on paper and once again pays to work. Successful scenes are the work further – synchronized dialogue samples from lip movements of characters and their facial expressions. Same finalized all the animation characters created by Russian cartoon.

19. Of running and jumping contours drawn characters have made the same ones we see on the screen – that is, is bringing them to final form 20. So it is dorisovki intermediate movement between the key phases, ie given the smoothness and naturalness of movement on stage. 21. Now comes the more tedious work – it is necessary that the surroundings in frame was realistic and was an integral part of it. As the water flows, moving the leaves on the trees and bear fur is growing in the wind a scarf Masha or snowing – all these animations, which give a realistic cartoon. 22. Rough animation effects as being approved and can not be refined once the animators. 23. Computer graphics – this is a separate lot of talk. In modern cartoons, and Masha and the Bear in the among other things, is usually used to create realistic background scenery and backgrounds. Just use it to create special effects and animation of inanimate objects in the movie, including vehicles. Then. During composition is the reduction of hand-drawn animation and computer graphics. I think this can be summed up staging the first part of the story of how complex the process of creating cartoons in modern animation. You can read the continuation of the second paragraph, how to create cartoons.

History Samovarov

So far, neither of which is not known when and who invented the first samovar. Many believe the country is Russia samovar, but it is not. The first semblance of a samovar can be found in Ancient Rome and China. It was a large vessel, which had the chimney and ash, the principle of his actions was the same as a conventional samovar. Also, there is a perception that the first samovar yet invented Tula, who took with him to the Urals, Tula smith-industrialist Nikita Demidov in 1701.

Once on the uninhabited place, longing for the hot brought down, and they came up with a widget, which itself is all cooked, initiating the samovar production. In Russia, a samovar was already known from 30-40 years of the XVIII century. The first mention of a samovar and samovar production is mentioned in 1745, "the Register how many made and given to Mr. Gregory Akinfievich nobleman (Demidov) in different copper utensils title in 1745 and at what price the market is 'and' seizure of property Onega, second-class monastery ', which dates from 1746 and a year where, among other things mentioned, and' two samovar with green copper pipes. " But the available data do not show the what the shape and the device was samovar at the time. We only know that in these years, the samovar is used in the Urals, and later in Moscow, Tula, St. Petersburg, and in the XIX century samovar appeared in Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Vyatka province.

Radio Transmitting Programs

The program Dzomo Ayun, that transmits all the Tuesdays Radio Voice of the Coast, of 9,30 to 10hrs had the mission and the pleasant encounter with the sculptor, I lived Fuchslocher, a great artist who left to our encounter with his habitual calidez, back in Cuinco, way to Trumao, place that locks up the mystery of these hands of creative woman, generous in his char it where one appears tiny not condice yet the art who takes exerting kill time in the middle of the woman tasks agriculturist, and mother. This visit without doubts had a different shade, the program looks for to recognize, faces of simple women but that nevertheless they have given and generated in his lives qualities distinguish that them. Feminine as I lived, like him tenth that we feel to honor I tie that one stays like the flowers wild lilacs that adorn the entrance to that temple of the art where it is having a discussion with the clay that in short whiles seemed to emerge from a universal uterus, molding perhaps the flight of Vicente, a crystallization that leads to Marisol Waters to us and to a moving silence inevitable. It cheers to us that this osornina artist returns a to surprise with fusions of textures and materials to us. While we crossed the great amount of pieces to see and or to take, we continued it listening, sharing a conversation without rimbombantes terms, its attachment to the Earth, that that it maintains it constantly sensible, receptive without more oppression than the one than she herself occurs to go to that wisdom that will say finished piece to him. To recover these to char them he is most stimulating of Dzomo Ayun, creative Joy of Woman, hands, histories of life, faces of beautiful women, who have shared from their heart that passion subsists that them, signals leave that us in a territory that if we cheered up to look for and to discover, can surprise to us.


In the most beautiful place on the snow-covered taiga banks of the Lena River is very special town of Ust-Kut. All residents of Ust-Kut has its own identity, but hardly the whole world could learn about the city and its people through World Wide Web, if not worked Lena newspaper Vesti and photo exhibition created by Larissa Tabarintseva creative. Photo exhibition – a collection of interesting, amazing photos of the city residents. The authors of works prepared The first exhibition of his work for the holiday town. July twentieth Historical Museum of Ust-Kut affably opened huge doors for anyone who reveres his native city and each resident. Of course, the exhibition itself is not created themselves. Strenuous preparatory work was carried out by amateurs to shoot beautiful photos, headed by Larissa Tabarintseva, whose works also included in the list included in the exhibition of the works.

And turned a great photo exhibit photos of Ust-Kut saw with my own eyes how beautiful people are located on the banks of the broad Lena. Nearly twenty amateur photograph people and other objects showed what could be the exposition, as wise and surprising residents of Ust-Kut. What strikes the eye of the taiga people, full of wisdom and kindness. You begin to believe that, yes as long as born in Russia this kind of people, no enemy will be able to drop to their knees this great land. A happy faces Ust-Kut on the photo kids inspire unwavering faith in a brighter future. A smile immediately formed on the face when you look at the laughing children.

With pleasure and joy brought to the inhabitants of cameras this city. These photos are found the response from all visitors to the exhibition, which is understandable in many warm reviews on the website of the newspaper to Lena. Clearly, an exhibition of photographs and decided to keep even turn it into an exit. As only an opportunity, a work of art went to other places. In the settlement of Niya was held to date edition of Lena, and people living in the village that day had a good opportunity to enjoy photographs of his friends from the city on the river Lena. Undoubtedly, this event brought a team of newspapers and books for sale, and entertainment, but only photos was a thin bridge between the souls of the villagers and the city. Now people got to know the relationship between not diminish. You need only wish this exhibition a large number of photographs of successful tours in the next towns, that are located on the shores of the great river and beyond. A themselves masters of the photo is not necessary to stop there. So many nice poses a city of Ust-Kut and the neighboring villages. All this is necessary to demonstrate to residents and neighbors, all the beautiful places shown in the viewer fascinating photographs, and they will admire and future generations. Strong energy of these works will be transmitted to humans as much as possible.