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Subscriber focuses only on the required You and useful for him actions. Rule number 8. Necessarily in every issue of watch list, so that a subscriber has full information and tools to manage subscriptions. Give him advice on how he can unsubscribe from the list if it does not like, or how he can edit your personal subscriber data, if there is an error. Remember that the subscriber can be on your list only for its frank interest and goodwill if they are lost, then he is entitled to instantly unsubscribe. Rule number 9. If the subscriber has subscribed to your mailing list, it does not mean that he automatically agrees to receive from you and your other mail! Note that man was initially interested in specific information and he confided to you my email-address in order to get there only information on the topic of their interest.

When you open a new feed, you can at an old mailing only mildly otreklamirovat his new posting and offer to sign on it. Or, just put the subscriber in popularity even before the first subscription that it may receive from you and other materials (newsletter). Then, the subscriber will be informed and will have no problems. Rule number 10. For the conduct of its mailings, use only quality software, and better Web services mailings.

High-quality script, program, or Web services allow you to technically comply with already by default many of the above rules. Software for mailing lists is a very important link in the process of mailing it must as soon as more reliable qualitatively and functionally to ensure your needs as well as the needs of your subscribers. One of the most comfortable, functional and well-known tool for keeping lists of Russian Internet service is a smart email-autoresponders and mailing lists Here you'll find everything you need to reference list, as well as full compliance with all functions of the network rules and regulations of voluntary email-marketing (the science of the conduct of e-mail mailings). Well, congratulations! Now do you know the main rules for the effective management of mailing lists. If you faithfully follow them, then I am quite sure that you will achieve a high response to their offers a strong confidence, the respect of your subscribers and as a result – higher profits. There is no need to invent anything – just use the rules and quickly solve your problem!

Group Construction

However, it is very important to the production process itself may not remain the likeness of a black box, accessible for inspection Only when analyzing the consequences of emergency situations. Ensure transparency of the organization of production allows the quality management system. Their operating principle is based on a simple formula: quality of products ensured the quality of production. "At the present time, we see that big companies are not waiting for the abolition of licensing and not relying on the assurances which it gave, introducing its own certification system", – notes Denis , Director of "Consent-Management, the chief auditor tuv cert. So, for about a year propleks Group, Russia's largest producer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies, conducts certification their partners to meet the requirements of the company to production technology and product quality. At the same time respected mutual interest: Certified Partners receive comprehensive support manufacturer, for example, assistance in vocational training. It should be noted that this practice is widely used around the world. There are international quality management system certification, for example, iso 9001.

However, some experts believe this standard was not adapted to the needs of the construction industry. Thus, specialists of the Federal Center technical product evaluation in construction believe that iso 9001 is designed to improving management of the organization in the industry, whereas in the construction quality is ensured mainly at the level of industrial process control. Therefore, for all its merits and universal standard is not very well reflect the specifics of construction in general, and Russia in particular.