Tokyo Electric Power

For Brazil economically in its trade balance of sales and purchases of merchandises Haiti, represented very little. On the other hand the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, impressed in them in the same way, images terrifying, devastadas cities, contingent human beings becoming vacant for the destroyed streets, search first-aid doctors, search of safe shelters and feeding. But a great abyss between the two events exists very: Japan was prepared for earthquakes, its constructions observed measured of security, is a people who this chemical preparation for emergency is of day or night. What it caused estragos enormous was tsunami unexpected uncontrollable and annihilating, that decimated hundreds of people. Japan we know since child, for its high technology and Brazil was invaded by cheap, smuggled and small objects. We think at the time that we could not have clocks and the Japanese clocks were cheap, bought in each esquina, of Seiko marks, Orient etc, the radios the stack, National, Mitsubishi, that we lead in stadiums of Soccer to follow the departures, the Recorders, the Televisions, them you scheme photographic Olimpus and Canon the Sony computer and other objects of Sony, the Honda automobiles, Mitsubishi, Toyota etc Our goods of consumption had started to have many come item of Japan.

The Japanese had enriched. Japan small island needed energy to put into motion this industry of good, generating of its wealth and today it possesss more than 50 nuclear plants, that produce energy. I think that they knew of the danger that represented the Nuclear plants, because of the earthquakes, me to the progress could not more stop, the snow ball already was enormous, and risks in opting to the use of the atomic energy to generate electricity, everything goes to find a solution. After the earthquake explosions in the reactors of the Plants is notified: ' ' The company Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), that it generates the nuclear central office of Fukushima, did not exclude the possibility of the nucleus of reactor two of the central office to be in fusing due to one damages of sistema' ' this fact this defying all Japanese science in the search of a solution.