House Dishes

The culinary art is enabling increasingly pleasures that come hand in hand with some news from around the world. Thus it is possible to find mergers that are typical of a House of meals and other more generals who begin to have acceptance in the palates. The addition of exotic fruits in many dishes gourmet has crossed the boundaries of what is known and begins to dabble in some interesting additions. The great chefs show their dishes filled with color, clothing and textures that undoubtedly accompany unique flavors. When you want to incorporate exotic fruits into their dishes it is important to know what type of food are combinable or are encourage to try. Shopping at the wholesale are always an alternative that allows us to contact suppliers of safety and confidence of the product that many times we do not know. This possibility of food increased purchase assures us a quality that does not ruin the dish. The guava or green bananas are two exotic fruits with more acceptances.

Another option for desserts or meat is that soursop pulp is get ultra frozen and is processed in a manner that allows to retain its flavor and therefore collected during his maturity. It has an aggregate of sugar and is ideal for mousse, bavarois, cocktails, pastes of fruits, jellies or semifreddo that accompany other dishes. So also the cassis, currant or raspberry are mostly used in the preparation of desserts and sweet fruits but that increasingly more have been added to warm savoury dishes of rustic as the Lamb, birds or deer meat. These exotic fruits usually come also ready for the preparation of dishes, such as the pulps to append only some toppings like butter and have a delicious puree of apples for the loin of pork, the pulps of peach for a sauce that accompanies a typical ham and most suggestive schemes that you may begin to see in current international cuisine where the taste of these exotic fruits is accepted due to their particularities, colorful and presentations. A good way of knowing its possibilities of use, is tested with easy and typical dishes that are friendly to prepare.


An emergency call always comes stuffed of some surprises. It was thus when somebody asked for the ambulance in the ready attendance of the Saint Casa de Aparecida where I worked per five years and seven months, being dismissed in July of this year. Necessarily in one day 25 of December, a woman requested the ambulance that readily was to see about what was the case. Some minutes later here it is that a woman and its son with the estria of that chagam to the P.The boy, running behind pipe for there, she finished fincando a taking in the heel. She was then that the mother said: ' ' My son said that he is with the foot hurt since ace 4 of the afternoon. Child you know as she is, you have as much energy that she finishes if forgetting hurt it. Now that I arrived of my service is that it came me mostrar' ' What I wise person am not that in the heel of the boy still was fincada the taking, with its two ' ' plugs' ' sunk in the heel of the boy. Until it was calm and the mother also. After all, it was with that fincado in the foot more or less one 4 hours. The mother only not it liked when somebody spoke playing that &#039 went to bind one; ' it blinks-pisca' ' in the taking of the foot of the boy pra to see if lit. Child has much energy, but also already she is there excessively

Different Types

According to the company you are, it is the type of compensation plan working. The companies have designed different compensation plans in this industry. There is profit and personal gain from the sale of products by the network according to the following: phased Plan. It is also called Breakaway. It is one of the oldest and is used today. Distributors earn a Commission from their personal sales and sales of its network until they beat them on the step.

Some of the companies that work with this system are: Agel, Herbalife, Amway, Omnilife, etc. Plan Matrix. In this plan the number of sponsored that each person can have on your first level, i.e. its direct sponsorship is limited. Depending on the company, there may be different levels and fees vary depending on the level. Binary plan. This type of plan limits each level to two direct sponsorships. The main advantage is that there are no steps or levels.

Partners gain all their distributors the same regardless of the level in which they are. It promotes teamwork. The binary plan has three types: short leg, where the representative paid him commissions from the side that won fewer sales or consumption. Binary compensation 50/50 where the company pays partners by both direct sponsorships, when both legs are consuming the same amount of product. Another system is the binary of 1/3 2/3, which works similar to the 50/50, only that this is a little more flexible. The key of the binary plan is kept in balance or compensated. This compensation plan has been the last in was created, so it has certain advantages over others, as it is the case of not having levels, and a single frontality of two new representatives. Finally the revolt matrix is: in this type of system, all members of the team advance in the compensation plan by rotating the matrix system. Structure lift or pyramid. Its legality is questioned and consists of a game board in which each dealer pays one or more units of products in order to participate or receive bonus. This scheme, is considered to be a fraud, giving the money to the founder of the business and leaving in the last bankruptcy coming. You must take special care when researching any network marketing company because every day new companies are formed in the world and not all offer security in the business, or product management team.