Groupama Seguros y AESLEME sign a cooperation agreement for the prevention of accidents

This agreement includes sponsorship of a ‘Road Show’ and the bell ‘It Could Happen’ to raise awareness among young people in road safety. Madrid, July 10, 2009 .- The head office of Groupama Insurances witnessed the signing of its partnership and sponsorship agreement with the Association for the Study of spinal cord injury (AESLEME), and through which the insurance company support The ‘Road Show’ and the bell ‘It Could Happen’ that AESLEME is underway to raise awareness among young people from 13 years in the field of Road Safety and traffic accident prevention. The event was chaired by alvaro Jacinto, CEO of Groupama Insurance Resources and Sea Buds Straw, AESLEME Director, who conducted the official signing of the agreement. During the celebration of the event, Jacinto alvaro highlight the relevance of such activities to raise awareness among younger people, who are, in their view ‘a segment of population less aware of risk, and at the same time in the future must contribute actively to the challenge of reducing accident rates’. He added: “We have decided to support these initiatives contribute AESLEME because the present and future of Highway Safety, an area where we are and we will be committed as a company and part of society ‘. The ‘Road Show’ is an activity that driver education is to recreate the night of a young, beginning at the disco and ends with a traffic accident. Its success lies in the staging and the testimonies of his protagonists, young daredevil, disc jockey, police, firefighter, emergency medical, hospital doctors, families of victims and injured spinal cord by accident. ‘It Could Happen’ is a campaign to prevent accidents AESLEME primarily aimed at schoolchildren. Under the model conference, attendees can hear the experiences and testimony from a doctor and a person with spinal cord injury by accident. AESLEME will be able to continue this campaign largely thanks to support from Groupama Insurances, because as highlighted Buds Sea, ‘the support and corporate sponsorship is a key to continue our work of awareness. The agreement we signed with Groupama Insurances is a clear example, as well as continuing with the ‘Road Show’, its contribution will allow us to carry the bell I can Pasar ‘a colleges Aragon, one of the Autonomous Communities that still we still did not cover ‘. About Groupama Insurances Groupama is a multinational insurance group, mutual French origin, which ranks first among the European mutual insurance. With a history of 150 years in the Spanish market, is a reference both for its technological innovation and the quality of their products. Groupama Seguros yourself comunicacion

Tracing the Steps of Greatness

President-elect Barack Obama, arriving in Washington Saturday night at the end of a 137-mile train journey evocative of Abraham Lincoln’s arrival in Washington, used the trip as a pre-inaugural vehicle for calling on Americans to summon a new spirit of optimism . Obama’s arrival on the eve of an outdoor concert in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday marks the start of a series of celebrations leading to his inauguration as the 44th president on Tuesday. Along the way, he spoke of the hardships that Americans are facing, and invoked the spirit of the nation’s founders as an inspiration for making “a new declaration of independence.” “The trials we face are very different now, but they are severe in their own right,”Obama told thousands assembled in Baltimore, during the final layover of a train trip in which he also echoed Lincoln’s own inspirational inaugural words . “What’s required is a new declaration of independence,” Obama repeated along his route, making “an appeal not to our easy instincts, but to our better angels.”Read Article at In another act of honoring and commemorating Lincoln’s inaugural process, Obama requested the use of the same bible President Lincoln used when he was sworn in . “President-elect Obama is deeply honored that the Library of Congress has made the Lincoln Bible available for use during his swearing-in,” Presidential Inaugural Committee Executive Director Emmett Beliveau said in a statement Tuesday .The burgundy velvet Bible with gilded edges was purchased and inscribed by William Thomas Carroll, clerk of the Supreme Court. It will be on display at the Library of Congress February 12 to May 9 as part of an exhibition titled “With Malice Toward None: The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition .” The exhibit will then travel to five other American cities in commemoration of the bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth on Feb.