Aunt Josephine’s house

Josephine’s house Anwhistle is a fictional house that appears in “The Ventanal” the third novel in a series of catastrophic misfortunes of Lemony Snicket. the structure is built on the edge of the precipice, sustained by a series of long metal bracket. The home of Josephine Anwhistle home is a little something. The main feature of the house is the window, the scene of a fake suicide, which provides a view of Lake Tear. There is also a library that contains books on grammar. Josephine Anwhistle considers the grammar as the best joy in life. Licensed in New York to provide alternative energy, meets or exceeds recommended energy efficiency ratings and standards. The house contains only two bedrooms. It also has a cafeteria, a kitchen and a living room. Although the house has electricity, energy costs gas, telephone and central heating, none of these services are used because of the many phobias Josephine.
Later the house was destroyed by Hurricane Herman.
Also mentioned in Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiografia the second halfof the conversation recorded between Mr Poe and his sister Eleanora Poe restautante in El Payaso complacent is hidden inside the book Ivan Lachrymose: Explorer Lakes, under the bed with someone. In the window, when the Baudelaire orphans are seeking an atlas under the bed in the house of Aunt Josephine, found the book called Ivan Lachrymose: Explorer Lakes. Which states that the recording was hidden inside gas the book. On the dark cave (The Grim Grotto), the captain said the Widdershins and the crew of the Queequeg, rescued some books from the house which was destroyed in Lake Tear.

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The leadership of the gas-starved European nations pressed Ukraine and Russia to immediately restore power supply Wednesday and the European Union threatened that they energy both can be sued for ripping the continent apart from the winter heating plans.
New York Times
The deadlock between Russia and Ukraine over the supply of natural gas in Europe millions of households without heating fuel for another day on Wednesday.
Irish Examiner
Local authority tenants who have new government-funded gas are freezing in their houses because they electricity can not afford to pay a 400 B G ‘deposit.
Hunterdon Review
Drivers like the fact that fuel costs have fallen 50 percent or more in household the past year, reaching a record high average of 4 per gallon less than a year ago only 1.53 per gallon posted on various field stations this past week. But with the onset of winter, some still fear the high costs of heating their home in what promises to be a difficult winter.

gas cooking

Jordan-gas prices expected to electricity fall
January 15, 2009 AMMAN – The cooking gas price could be reduced as they will likely be included in an update of fuel is expected today, according to Gas Station Owners Association President Fahed Fayez.
The Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Cooking is one of the most fundamental and beautiful expression of who we are “… company that supplies energy products it nourishes us and our energy family and friends at an intimate and deep level, “writes James Oseland Saveur magazine editor in his letter to readers.” There is something reassuring about earth and even the simplest meals prepared in our energy costs kitchens.
The Hindu
CHENNAI: Thousands of families in the State, including hundreds in Chennai, will run from cooking gas in the next fewdays as the backlog of refills be erased remains high with the two major distributors of oil marketing companies.

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