BlackBerrys Equipment

The General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions, within the Ministry of Interior, has awarded to Axpe Consulting responsible for the tasks of technical support and helpdesk support. AXPE Consulting will perform this service over the next three years, being responsible for giving support to the users of the central services in the following aspects: attention In-Situ to the demands of the users of office automation and networks of central services. I support users in the handling of various Office applications installation, configuration, customization and software update in personal computers and printers that constitute the basic equipment of the users workstation. Control of faults occurring in the equipment, as well as the guarantees associated to them. Coordination with maintenance and repair companies. Incidents or malfunctions of Office applications and other application software solution: opening, tracking and closing of incidents. Management and update of the inventory of equipment in the application used by the SGIP configuration of BlackBerrys or similar systems of senior management of the BB Management Server Blackberrys or similar environment system management of anti-virus management services of printing monitoring systems. Axpe Consulting is a company of national capital, specialized in consultancy, projects of system integration and Outsourcing in the global environment of the information technology. He collaborates with the most important national and international companies, providing the experience and knowledge accumulated by its consultants, and providing the best solutions adapted to the different needs of your customers, quickly and flexibly.

Beauty Techniques

There are a multitude of techniques of eye makeup using only a mascara, a very versatile product that any woman can use to alter your appearance. In addition to all colors as black, blue, Brown, there is also the mascara to lengthen eyelashes without much color. When it comes to applying mascara, there are different techniques that can be used in function if it works or not with upper and lower eyelashes. For best results with the lower lashes, holding the mascara so that only the edge of the brush touches the tip of the tabs on the lower eyelids with a new sweep, forward and backward. If you have dark circles, dark mascara on upper lashes tends to emphasize those circles under the eyes making them see even more dark, therefore you must use a tone lighter or even do not use mascara. And remember that using too much mascara very often can weaken eyelashes causing severe damage.

When you apply mascara on upper lashes, tries to use it it more close to the root of the tabs as possible to make them look more thick and full. Let dry mascara 10 seconds or less before applying another layer and then with a tissue under the eyes, it flashes several times so that the excess ends on the handkerchief and not on your cheeks. You must save your old mascara and clean them for use as brushes to separate tabs or apply a little Vaseline on eyebrows to straighten or lengthen eyelashes without any color. Different makeup techniques of eyes using eyeliner, either liquid or pencil-shaped, you can also change your appearance of the more subtle to the more dramatic. Eyeliner can really do seem eyelashes longer and eyes seem more large, or create any effect you want. It always applies eyeliner on the outer edge of the eyelid and never on the inner edge near the eye.

Eyeliner should also be used sparingly unless you’re trying to look like really notable. Use a variety of shadows can easily change your appearance of barely perceptible to exotic with a few different eye makeup techniques. Today there are sets of eyeshadows that are sold together intended for different colors of eyes, therefore already don’t have to investigate that ringtones you should use depending on your complexion or eye color. With any simple technique of eye makeup you can draw attention to have a face more intriguing and look especially beautiful being the center of attention of the party or event that you go.

The Walls

The ground that adapts perfectly to this particularitity of the atmosphere is the smoothed cement floor, that besides being easy to clean is quite economic. This type of floors is impermeable and owns a brightness that gives luminosity him to all the stay. A valid alternative is the ceramic floor, that owns characteristics similar to the floor of cement. As far as the walls, he is advisable to leave them with rustic finishing. To use paperings or wood is not a viable option, since the deterioration that suffer is too fast.

By its characteristics of the dark, low temperatures and certain humidity, One of the traditional uses of a cellar are the one to turn it into a personal warehouse. The particularitities of the cellar, their low temperature, humidity and the dark return it perfect for these necessities. In case the cellar counts on an suitable water installation, it can take advantage to arm a laundry with several machines. If we wanted to place any other type of devices that work to gas we would have to fit itself to the effective regulations that demand certain conduits of ventilation which they return the safe installation. He is not infrequent that the part superior of the walls has contact with the outside.

In these cases peripheral windows can be placed that offer to light and certain capacity of ventilation. As far as concerns the illumination it is necessary that the electrical installation is realised with plastic sewers to avoid that it affects the humidity that could have in the walls. The ideal is that the closing can take advantage of the advantage a communication with a ventilated and illuminated place. A vidriada door would be an excellent solution. These are only a few ideas to consider to take advantage of the possible maximum the cellar our house.