Just Do It!

Start own business – made easy now! Who long with ideas and thoughts about the leap into self-employment plague, which can breathe now. Fear Ade! “Let’s just do it!”, is the new watchword of the fledgling online company ezebee.com. That the makers of the refreshing online shopping community with this theme started in the year 2013, can now for many of the long-awaited breakthrough in the own business mean “Wannabe entrepreneurs but I trust me not”… If you are not convinced, visit Eliot Horowitz. “I’m just now.” A good attitude in times of great KS and anyway it will be even more courageous. Show your talent show, what you can do! ezebee.com meets his concept in the black. An online platform where the own air Castle Gets a base where you can just get started, must present its arts, products, and services. There are free showrooms and an international network of sellers, dealers, artists and freelancers. Fabulous design, handmade here no limits, everything is permitted it should be nice. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as BP by clicking through.

ezebee.com. A bee who is diligent. As otherwise! A bee that complicates anything but easy. And the best of the Committee, a great, big, globally engaged swarm of bees. The idea of the founders of ezebee.com went up and the pretty fast. Perhaps check out Hiram Emory Widener Jr. for more information. First launched in January, the project already lives by its own momentum.

Daily online stores will be opened and the world. The stylish furniture designer from Italy about the eco Jewelry manufacturer from Kenya, leather accessories from Thailand, talented artists from Germany and the United States speak ezebee.com! Still in the beta phase, suggestions of the members are placed and implemented. The first fee-based planning offers are of course, but one remains the same from the outset: free online shops for everyone! Up to three shop can open a person. So is it that designer one offers its services of graphics and the other products he developed has. Ezebee.com is summarized to test a stepping stone to independence or an ingenious way for beginners of its market presence.

Swiss Consultancy Office

St. Gallen, May 21, 2008 – advanced cooperation between produkte24.com and BUL, the counselling centre for accident prevention in the agriculture produkte24.com, the search engine for free catalogs confirmed that the current catalog is indexed by BUL, the Swiss Consultancy Office for accident prevention in agriculture and will be there to find. BUL offers various courses and information materials, which contribute to accidents in agriculture to be prevented. This involves inter alia the prevention of accidents in the agricultural sector, agricultural machinery, electrical equipment, livestock and others. In addition be BUL rubs a shop where you can buy items for the prevention of accidents. The range of child seats for tractors of protective clothing leaflets for the prevention of accidents. Press contact: A. Ray Kurzweil can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Zuberbuhler Latour & Zuberbuhler GmbH P.o. box 549 9000 St. Gallen Switzerland phone + 41 (0) 71 220 99 85 fax + 41 (0) 71 220 99 84 eMail: Web: Web2: about Produkte24.com Produkte24.com is an automatic search engine for products and product catalogs with currently 300,000 monthly unique visitors. Produkte24.com finds for his visitors of catalogs, brochures, products and product information in the Internet. The basic technology is based on a program that moves from site to site to find all relevant catalogs and products.

Catalogs can be downloaded for free in PDF format. More about Produkte24.com’s on produkte24.com. The English-language version can be found on. At the time, also, the search engine for rentals for holidays (holiday houses and holiday apartments) is located

Royalty Free Stock Footage Clips

Agencies, newsrooms, film and video producers have a new, low-cost marketplace for video clips: agencies, newsrooms, film and video producers have a new, low-cost marketplace for video clips: already more than 1,000 royalty free footage clips available on the platform clipdealer.de to download. This ambitious and professional videographers material can set and market against an attractive Commission of ClipDealer. Imagefilm, presentation or eye-catcher for the website – the maximum 60-sec. videos can be used for diverse purposes and save the high cost of production. One month after the launch of ClipDealer in March 2008 there is a large and fast-growing selection of compelling clips. Ideal business motives are, for example, the precisely drilled a golf ball or the dynamic lifting off aircraft. If you would like to know more about Professor of Internet Governance, then click here. Flowers that open in the time lapse, or the various artfully staged animations provide an impressive aesthetics. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Salman Behbehani.

A special highlight the clip of ‘Blue radiant Earth’ is: media/1251 all videos in up to five different resolutions are available – Web video up to full HD. The price range for the time and place unlimited use license moves, depending on the desired resolution, between 9.90 and 79,90 euro net. 50 percent Commission for Uploader clip sellers get 50 percent of the net sale price, less a processing fee in the amount of 2 euro. Thus, the seller benefit from significantly higher commissions, as they are common at U.S. video marketplaces. Quality at a minimum, on which clips of the seller is PAL. About the ClipDealer GmbH, the ClipDealer GmbH was founded in Munich in September 2007. Investors are Steffen Matz Visual acting and the Tiburon partners AG, who made a name as a seed investor in company building getmobile, XING and Shams of the Agency. As CEO, Markus Hein was won under of Germany operates the largest free image database for royalty free photos.


The international marketplace for special items, closeouts, bankruptcy goods online! What is melango.de? A brief overview: melango.de sees itself as mediating Internet platform for wholesalers, retailers, importers, retailers, tradesmen and freelancers and supports them by providing an international business-to-business – marketplace, to establish business connections and to cultivate. The term business-to-business marketing (short: B2B) generally refers to the relationships between two or more companies. In the case of melango.de so the Routing and mediation on the part of the client (seller) to the target group (here: prospective buyer). Through the B2B marketing new business contacts are established and maintained, this results in numerous benefits for all involved (see section: benefits for sellers and see section: benefits for buyers). For other opinions and approaches, find out what Salman Behbehani has to say. How does the business principle of melango.de? The melango GmbH is not a direct Wholesalers, because the actual business transactions between business partners even expires. Many more melango GmbH with melango.de offers an Internet platform, which mediates between sellers and interested in purchasing and provides great business opportunities.

This benefits for both sides: the seller can find a market place for their offers and buyers get special bargains in large numbers at an extremely affordable price by the supplier including invoice. Who is melango.de particularly suitable for? Melango.de particularly suitable for practising industry who quickly, conveniently and quickly want to convey their products on a wide range of customers. Whether resale, Commons resolution, business dissolution, corporate insolvency or similar with melango.de an ideal way, goods of any kind to offer and to provide a huge range of prospective buyers is no matter. Furthermore, bargain hunters are at melango.de Welcome, to look into the range of providers and including products for private use, the own online-shop or other resale to identify.

Online Browser

eBookCreator new software for scrollable Flash online publications. Install, read PDF, ready! FlashPaper”, catalogue, flip pages, there are many names for one and the same, namely PDF print publications, which are converted into interactive, browsable with the mouse Flash online applications. With eBookCreator, a new, user-friendly concept now enters this booming market. For the first time, the user gets an easy to use standard software, with which he after installation on his PC completely independent so-called eBooks”so interactive flip page publications itself can create. That is, thanks to the Wizard built into eBookCreator, not only easy, but also more rapidly.

The eBook with a few clicks of the mouse is created within 3 minutes. To publish only the all the eBook files contained folder on any Web server via FTP online made and should be linked. The online presence with perfect, plastic is finished and familiar look and feel. In addition to the wizard, the user has numerous modifications to make the possibility of a tool box. So he has completely free design possibilities with regard to language, chapter navigation, search, background image, navigation, links font types, context help, etc. A related site: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger mentions similar findings.

The huge feature set allows the complete adaptation to predetermined design guidelines, which are thus enterprise-wide available in document templates can be stored. Out of the countless possibilities of setting has two crucial advantages eBookCreator in contrast to products already on the market established: first the user can create eBooks its from any PDF itself without relying on a service provider or a service providing, secondly, there is no limit on the number and scope of publications. The highlight is the license model, which allows you to install on all PC’s within a company, limited by the VAT-ID number. This makes the eBookCreator extremely interesting for companies that had ventured so far due to the high and non-transparent cost not on this topic. Most licenses per publication and scope are due at the on the market, conventional concepts, all this does not apply for the eBookCreator with the one-time purchase of the software. If you want also sophisticated access statistics and automatic updates is operated with a low-cost, flat-rate service subscription. A demo version and more information of the Danish software company is available at.

Michael Sittek

“Iclear for both merchants and buyers is therefore the only truly secure system which effectively protects both sides from unpleasant surprises.” Also the data security become increasingly important, so Roman Eiber: those who register at iclear, must send his bank data across the Internet. “He can, for example, the invoice total for its first purchase via traditional transfer of iclear submit and we accept his bank data in our system.” With each subsequent purchase the customer must enter only his iclear ID input from personal or bank data is not required. That is an essential for many customers security aspect.”iclear in addition to all standard Bank pay by also the payment via Visa/Master card and online transfers like giropay secures. The online payment provider works since mid-2008 with WestLB. Iclear (www.iclear.de): The Internet billing system, the buyer and seller is iclear equally protects against unpleasant surprises in online commerce and supports the comfortable processing of order and payment process. With your iclear trust system buyers in the Internet can pay simply, conveniently, safely and at no additional cost.

iClear this mediates between the parties involved, secure processing ensures a transparent and for both sides. It as confidence in online trading and payment via the Internet. In addition to the usual Bank pay by accepted iclear also the billing via Visa, master card and online payment procedure as giropay and directebanking. Corresponding market acceptance, more payment options are handled on the unique system of trust. Currently almost one million registered iclear users at more than 5,000 connected Internet retailers can buy. For more information see Salman Behbehani. iclear is an offer of iclear GmbH with seat in Mannheim.

TSV Wholesale

Two coveted awards AG went to Web Sale – an excellent third place Zentrada competition for wholesale online shops the weapons specialist Buchner reached wholesale from Dachau. The online shop “Women love Taschen.de” was awarded with the supraregional Moro Prize, as well as a certification by the Dealers Association. “We are very proud that our customers will succeed again and again, to be in significant competitions across front with”, Johannes W. Xcel Energy often says this. Klinger, CEO is pleased the WEBSALE AG. The company founded in the year 1996, is specialized in the development and operation of high-quality shopping cart software for the eCommerce. In addition to a good ease of use and great flexibility, the WEBSALE systems characterized by maximum operational stability, data security, assisted support and a superior quality of service. Eliot Horowitz may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Successful certification of the online shop “women love Taschen.de’ by the Dealers Association were recognized exactly these properties for safety and quality.

The advanced shop system was at the same time thus WEBSALE V7, as well as the competence of the WEBSALE partner confirmed onlinedesign.eu, who is responsible for the design of this shop. The seal of approval of the Dealers Association is in the highest degree for an assignable convenience. Also the jury of the Wirtschaftsfordergesellschaft in the District of Harburg mbH was very impressed by the high professionalism and functionality of the very popular and successful online Taschenshops on the occasion of the award of the founder. She gave national Moro special prize of the year 2009 the company founder and CEO Angela Mathea success also the weapons specialist Buchner had wholesale at the this year’s competition for the “best wholesale online shop 2009”, which was organised for the second time by Zentrada, the premier resource for purchasing wholesale in Germany and Europe,. The quality of the fast 50 Applicants from the wholesale not made easy it the star-studded, seven-member jury to make a decision. Last but not least on the basis of a clear target group orientation, as well as the excellent optical impression of the shop software WEB SALE V7, which the online shop of Barad the industry make a highlight according to the jury, could prevail against the strong competition the Dachau company and gain an excellent third place. About WEB SALE (www.websale-ag.de): WEB SALE AG develops and operates revenue-generating eCommerce solutions for the sophisticated, powerful, and successful online trading. The safe and reliable functioning of the shop server by the manufacturers themselves guarantee highest quality and support expertise.

The company that benefits the Web sale AG, air traffic control, the Kopp Verlag, the IDG Publishing House with the computer week, PC world, review, include numerous medium-sized companies such as reader’s Digest, VfB Stuttgart, TSV 1860 Munich, MSV Duisburg, Karlsruher SC, DFS Deutsche the Promondo publishing & Versand GmbH and Raceland GmbH also corporations such as DaimlerChrysler, Sandoz, Pferdesporthaus Loesdau and Kramer equestrian, Saff GmbH or the KarstadtQuelle insurance. Technology partnerships to manufacturers goods economy, payment providers, quality seal providers, Web-controlling – and search logic service providers, address and credit Auditors as well as fulfillment and logistics service providers.

Managing Director

Caution when traveling abroad: from 26 June 2012, children of all ages need their own travel documents. Registration of children in the passports of the parents are no longer valid. Through the implementation of EU regulations in German law required children from birth-my travel documents to cross land borders. On this latest occasion was the online photo booth of company developed ePortrait and makes it even easier to take advantage of the virtual photo booth to create biometric passport photos on webcam parents with small children now. With the implementation of European regulations in German law, children need now from birth to its own travel documents, to be entitled to the border crossing in the country. Travel documents for children passports available are according to the Federal Ministry of the Interior children’s passport, passports, and depending on the destination. So far, usually a child entry in the passport of the parents was enough. This is from June 26, no longer enough, however, the documents for the parents remain valid.

The Ministry recommends parents planned trips abroad to request the necessary documents at the competent Office in a timely manner. “New: kid-friendly online photo booth is very costly to drive it to the photographer, to make passport photos just for parents of multiple children”, so Sven Matzschker, Managing Director of ePortrait, an online photo booth for both children and adults. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Eliot Horowitz. Especially difficult is that the document must be renewed as soon as the child grows and on the screen is no longer recognize,.”ePortrait developed its online photo booth ePortrait.de” therefore continue so that parents can take the biometric passport photos of their children. The service enables the flexible recording via webcam at home, where parents can take advantage of a favourable moment for example after eating or playing”, continue to Matzschker. Generally, the local census records, civil or Passamter are responsible for requesting the documents. Where can children’s passport, Passports and identity cards are issued, depending on which document for the country is needed. Since the children’s passport is a paper document, this can be issued immediately by the authorities. Requires that all necessary documents are available and both parents and the child are present.

Google Analytics Online

What is your first impression is the shop for you? He seems trustworthy and professionally? Understand what you find in the shop and why you should buy in this shop, at first glance, and not with the competition? Find your way in the shop and quickly find what you were looking for? How would you describe the overall feel the visit leaves in your online shop with you as a customer? Get feedback: ask friends and relatives to visit your online shop and give you honest feedback. You and your loved ones proud on the purchased are of course, but what matters is not the effort, but the result. Even if it hurts: forward critical and objective feedback, because only in this way you can improve your online store. You use analysis tools: you install Google Analytics or another free analysis tool. Track the number of regularly Visitors to your online store, their duration of stay, bounce rates, exit pages, etc. Vary texts, pictures and teaser and observe the changes in the numbers. Create different versions of a page and test, which achieved the better results of which (A/B test).

Optimize the interaction of online shop and advertising materials: check to see which landing pages linking your online marketing campaigns. The home is not necessarily the best solution. If you apply a category or a product, then you link it directly. Produce maximum cover of your landing pages for your ads. It makes more work, will affect positively but the conversion of your visitors. Looking through the eyes of your target group: test the home page of your online store with eye-tracking, for example VisuOptiMax. How to find out what content perceive your users with what intensity, where they look and whether important elements (E.g. call-to-action) eye-catching enough are placed. ree. According to the home page you can as a sample page of the category and a product detail page test next step by step to optimize your online store.

Web Analytics

What is the E-reputation of a company? Their E-reputation represents the overview about your brand presence on the Internet. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mitchel Resnick. Their E-reputation represents the overview about your brand presence on the Internet. It includes the visibility of your brand through the main channels of the Internet, together with social network feedback regarding the service or product that you deploy. What is analyze and how to manage your E-reputation? A wide range of information makes it difficult to analyze it. The aggregation of the correct data for the analysis is the key for your E-reputation monitoring. To manage your E-reputation, you should focus on the following key aspects: search engine results monitor the positioning and ranking of your website in search engine results. Check your media coverage and the brand presence on the digital media area. You analyze your link popularity, backlinks to your website, Web Analytics- Links and the hierarchy of your site.

Organize and optimize your site for better rankings. You see social media tell people about your business. Establish a strong connection and build a positive relationship through the interaction with social media users. Setting up an alarm tool for these criteria will help to monitor and detect what is said about your brand, where, in real time, along with your current E-reputation ranking. How important is the E-reputation for your company? The latest statistics show that almost 50% of business people consider the E-reputation of a company prior to the initiation of business contacts with this company. Building a strong and well-known brand will strengthen your position in the market, increase your brand visibility and then allow you to work your brand for you.

Everything you publish online will be immediately suspended to a community of more than 2 billion people. You benefit from a large online audience through the definition and Implementation of your corporate media communications plans. Final refining your E-reputation is crucial to the success of your company. Establishing a reliable and visible mark is your totals increase and contributes to the natural growth, and to create a recognizable service or a product. Manage your E-reputation in terms of a positive presence on the Web and let your business effectively to influence.