Deep Well

One claims that in the case of Deep Well, the least two bureaucratic nets (the Cooperative Association/and supply-chain of the coffee) and the net of social relationship between the associates are gifts. The social net fulfills the paper to generate confidence and to discourage the opportunism, giving value to the reputation, had here as it rewards for not deceiving the others. Its value if carries through to the measure that the people prefer to do business with people of good reputation. More still, if the transaction is recurrent, the partners is each time more mutually known and interested in perennial the relationship (OLIVEIRA et. Check with BMC to learn more. al., 2007). Certain local initiatives favor a reflection on the functions and the place of the familiar agriculture of Deep Well, in order to assure the continuity to it a social, economic and ambient paper and to consider it na its globalize, a time that exist much self-denial, experience and certain knowledge technician who is, in good measure, menopausal for the local public power (OLIVEIRA et. For even more details, read what Crumpton Group says on the issue. al., 2007). The Fair trade certification has benefited this organization, bringing: new equipment for improvement of the coffee, agricultural machines and implements, room of computation for the local community, among others.. .

Possible Energy

Ice catching fire and serving of power plant. Thing of film? Not, it exists and if it calls: Clatrato de Metano.O clatrato of methane is an ice that imprisons great amounts of gas methane (CH4). To have an idea, 168 liters of gas methane can be imprisoned in 1 liter of clatrato of methane. The clatrato of methane is steady under conditions special: High pressures and low temperatures, little above of 0. Click Viktor Mayer-Schönberger to learn more. The effect that if observes of ice catching fire, can simply be explained: The Clatrato of methane imprisons methane, the methane is a highly inflammable gas, when the Clatrato does not meet in its due conditions of steady existence the clatrato liberates methane, setting fire fire directly in the ice, it catches fire. The clatrato of methane was described for the first time at the beginning of century XIX, however it was only found in the nature in 1960, in Siberia (for occasion of prospections made in oil search).

Times later, similar deposits had been found in Canada and the north of the Alasca. Russians had tried to use the deposits of Siberia, but for problems technician, they had not gotten success. In 1972, Charles Hollister and John Ewing, had commanded an American project of perforation in deep waters, them had made soundings acoustics in Blake Ridge, the Bahamas. They had discovered surfaces in the mud of the maritime stream bed that produced echoes. When perforateing this surface had discovered that they had found a deposit of clatrato of methane. However the discoveries of Hollister and John Ewing had caused little impolgao up to 1980 and 1990, when posterior explorations had started to show that such deposits are spread by the deep one of the sea in the whole world. These deposits generally were hidden by sediments and if they located in the base of ' ' declivities continentais' ' , in return of the deep stream beds of the oceans.

One gives credit that the methane is found there due to anaerbicas bacteria (that they do not utlizam oxygen in its metabolism) that decomposes organic substance (animal deceased, plants), producing methane that slowly this methane went leaguing itself with the water. The methane is cleanest of fsseis fuels because, in its burning it is only set free dioxide of carbon (CO2) and vapor dgua. However it also is a potential ' ' gas estufa' ' , being able to contribute severely for the increase of the global heating. Any attempt of extration of clatrato of methane, if well will not be planned, can inadivertidamente liberate great amounts of methane in the atmosphere. Some geologists suspect that, in a remote past, he has 250 million years, had a great methane release in the Land, causing ' ' great extino' ' of plants and animals. This time occurred little before the first dinossauros appearing. So that the Clatrato de Metano is an abundant clean power plant is necessary that it has responsibility and much technique in the extration and methane transport. Countries as China and Japan are developing technologies and solutions for an insurance extration of Clatrato de Metano, followed of efficient commercialization.


While in the North they increased the protests against the demographic growth, to the contamination for the industries, the excess of consumption and wild industrialization, in Latin America searched to compete in the market and to reach the developed countries, opening the doors for its development. In the decade of 80, after the spreading of the discovery of the hole in the resultant ozone layer of the activities human beings, the press started to intensify the attention for the ecological questions, and in Brazil, the media started to notify the ambient problems faced by the Amaznia.Com> advent of the democracy, the ambientalista movement in Brazil started to question the model of development instituted for Industrialization. The interest for alternative forms that prezavam for the sustainable development emerged with solid bases. However, the dissemination of these ideas represented danger to the commercial and economic interests of the elite, and in such a way, the space in the media from the decade of 80 started to shrink considerably. At the beginning of years 90 the concept of sustainable development was extended.

The accomplishment of Echo 92 in Rio De Janeiro, still more despertou the interest of journalists for the environment and many periodicals had created specialized editorias and notebooks. The mobilization climate invades the population and the press approaches subjects ambient as never before it approaches. Leaders of 160 countries if congregate during ECHO 92, event that defines the measures to be sacramentadas in Agenda 21, a document fruit of the concern with the planet as a whole, independent one of national borders. The policing is was as to assure to the developing countries the access the resources you add e, over all, to the technology necessary to implement the changes in its economies as until the current days – other cases of notice on environment vitiated, that is, displayed in disconnected way and unprovided of the Inter-relations with the partner-politician-economic sphere.

Transversal Subjects

The meaning importance in the qualitative boarding is of vital 08. The investigators quefazem use of this type of boarding are interested in the way as the sensible pessoasdo its lives. On the basis of what it was displayed, is possible to say that opesquisador qualitative is necessarily involved in the life of the citizens. valido to stand out that the people who participate of the process are not simplesreservatrios of information, but are recognized as citizens that elaborate sensible edo to the events. To proceed to the analysis from the impact from the Program Being sown nasescolas public from the City from Ub-MG some ways for aconstruo of the qualitative research had been followed. They had been used techniques as: pesquisadocumental interview, semistructuralized, qualitative with the professors responsible oucoordenadores for the program in the participant schools of the first ProgramSemeando to the fifth year of Basic Ensino – Municipal School; Segunda has 29 years, acts as Teacher of Sciences in state school, already aterceira it has 30 years, acts as SupervisorPedaggica in State School. Interviewed Oquarto possesss 53 years and leciona geography in Basic education – State School, and, finally, the interviewed one has 38 years and the dediretora position of the Municipal School. The study how much to the procedures technician of the research passapelas following stages: Bibliographical 1-Survey: To develop essetrabalho a research of materials was carried through bibliographical referring aotema.

Books as Transversal Subjects and the Strategy of Projects, deUlisses F. Araujo, Trajectory and beddings of the deLoureiro ambient education and the Ambient Education and making to interdisciplinar in the deAnglica school Conenza Rodrigues, had been the main references bibliogrficasusadas for the development of the research. * Area of abrangncia: This study it was carried through noMunicpio of Ub-MG, and he was focado in five public schools, being duasmunicipais and three state ones. * Documentary research: Umapesquisa of documents of the Senar institution was also carried through, that it made possible to make historical umlevantamento, as well as its organizacional and structural form and regional suaabrangncia for Brazil.


The used data of secondary sources had been books technician on marketing, environment and ambient economy and magazine (Lakatos, 2002). The study he is theoretician-empiricist and it is based through the study of the specific bibliography and of you marry of companies (Lakatos, 2002) that already they also benefit of the ambient marketing and of those that, had the disastrous ambient interventions, had depreciated its image. The Study In case that also is one used technique to approach, sucintamente, on the practical ones of Ambient Marketing for recognized companies in the market. The Study of case it is a strategy chosen to if examining events already occurred and that they cannot be manipulated or be modified (Yin, 2005). 2. MARKETING AND Environment 2,1 Concepts For Churchill (2003, P. 4), ' ' Marketing is the development of exchanges where the organizations and customers voluntarily participate of transactions destined to bringing benefits for ambos' '. Kotler and Armstrong (2003, P.

3) they affirm that Marketing ' ' an administrative proceeding and social for which individuals and groups get what they need and they desire, by means of the creation, offer and exchange of products and value with outros.' ' The ambient Marketing, also called ' ' Verde&#039 marketing; ' it is destined to minimizing the negative effect on the physical environment or to improve its quality. In a study, 93% of the adults had said that the ambient impact provoked by a product defined its decisions of purchase (Churchill, 2000). This new marketing tool aims at to reach one definitive niche of market bringing competitive advantages for the ambiently correct companies. The new consuming niche if sees sensetized highly when perceiving that in the processes of production of determined product/service exists an ecological conscience when producing its good or services According to Kotler & Armstrong (2003, P. 544), ' ' the ambient defense is a movement organized that congregates governmental citizens, companies and agencies engagements, with the purpose of in improving the environment of life of populao' '.

Potable Water Supply

Objective RESUMOO of the research was to analyze the management of waters of analytical and creative form being formulated principles and lines of direction, with the orienting and normative document preparation, to the estruturao of managemental systems and the taking of decisions that have for final design to promote the inventory, use, control and protection of the hdricos resources. The following elements are part of this activity: politics of waters, plan (of use, it has controlled and protection of waters), management of waters. Ours lcus of research is Southern Cross that is as the bigger city of the State of the Acre, with an area of almost eight a thousand km ; known as Land of the Nuas, the population is of 86.725 inhabitants, where 54,945 live in the urban zone and 31,780 live in the agricultural zone. Most of the urban perimeter of the city of Southern Cross (about 70% of the domiciles, as given of DEAS-AC 2007) is supplied with drinking waters for the general net. The present study it adopted as strategy to search to characterize s and 17 wells, a water production of 640m3/h. Collating the results of the research of Basic Sanitation referring the water supply, with the gotten data evidenced an increase of 41% numbers in it of total linkings in this interval of time. In this manner, it is important to stand out that I number, as it demonstrates the SOURCE: DEAS (State Water Department and Sanitation 2007). Words keys: estruturao of managemental systems, basic sanitation, drinking waters, manancial.1 Administrator Qualification in Ambiental2 Management Administrator Qualification in Ambiental3 Management Administrator Qualification in Ambiental4 Management Administrator Qualification in Management AmbientalASPECTS OF THE MANAGEMENT OF WATERS: Reading of the system of potable to water supply in an Amazonian community. Adriana 1Cssia Blacksmith Birth Rasp Hisses 2Hudilena Da Silva would 3Maria Daniele Dos Santos Hisses 4SUMMARYThe objective of the research was you analyze the management of waters of analytical and creative form being formulated principles and lines of direction, with the orienting and normative document preparation, you the managemental estruturao of systems and the taking of decisions that have will be final design you promote the inventory, uses, control and protection of the> hdricos resources.

State Process

One knows that, currently, argued dasquestes more in the whole world it becomes related the ambient problems. In virtue of the population growth and the great human accumulations, devasta, it is burnt, polui and one contaminates it Land, in significativaspropores, affecting the human being, the plants, the animals and the quality of guae of air. The Program is based on pedagogical activities desenvolvidaspelos educators, children, familiar and community in general,> throughout the year, culminating in competitions for awarding of best writings, drawings pedagogical eexperincias, whose permeia central subject the defense of the environment. () They had been carried through in the five public schools, being two dPrefeitura and three of the State, qualitative and semistructuralized research with multiplying osagentes that are the representatives of the Program Sowing. to parafacilitar this work, by means of the collection of data, the strategies deperguntas had been divided in five categories. The qualitative inquiry that it aims at to understand the fenmenossociais, in terms of its process and the experience lived deeply human being.

Inquiry this that tries, over all, to understand as the people gives sentidos things and to the world. In this aspect, it is possible to say that the pesquisadorqualitativo is necessarily involved in the life of the citizens. It is to validoressaltar that the people who participate of the process are not simplesreservatrios of information, but are recognized as citizens that elaborate sensible edo to the events. In the understanding of this process, valley to detach algumasreflexes pointed for Bogdan & Biklen (1999) on aspects of the pesquisaqualitativa: In the qualitative inquiry the direct source of data is oambiente natural, constituting the investigator the main instrument. Thus, oinvestigador considers that the human behavior is influenced contextoem by it that occurs, dislocating itself whenever possible for the study place. The qualitative evaluation is descriptive, demanding that mundoseja examined with the idea of that nothing it is trivial, that everything has potential to paraconstituir a track that allows in them to establish a maisesclarecedora understanding of the study object.

Synchronous Battery

Advanced DC L91-4003 130 continuous amperes, 500 amperes continuous peak 13 HP, 43 HP Reversible peak 72-120 volts double axle 1,125 ' ' of diameter 1,37' 'output axle. The electric motor ADC are the most popular of the series of engines DC. Umaampla variety are available in the market. The greaters are normalmenteutilizados for electric cars. The minors are used for vehicles levescomo karts, motorcycles etc. All the engines use ADC isolation classroom H (180 degrees C) Flange of adaptation of the engine eltricoO flange are screwed to the electric engine with four screws of 1 ' ' x 3 /8 ' '. Combining with the hurricane of the box of march of the VW. Comchapa of aluminum or 4 is manufactured steel of 1/' '.

Axle of xdiferencial motor coupling the axle coupler incases in the electric engine and the axle of the differential. Esteacoplapamento is usinado in an industrial mechanical lathe made with steel. The part is screwed to the present coupler comparafusos allen. When the adapter of the axle of the engine and axle of the differential somontados in set the unit of transmission, the mechanical work he is ready being able to be made in poucosminutos. Enclosed controller in this kit this Kelly Controller 24-120V 500 the Programmable one I OPT, PWM (width of pulse modulation) MOSFET (metal oxidates semiconductor transistor).

Estescontroladores, Kelly model, are total programmable. You can until mesmomonitorar parameters of the engine during the conduction using a computadorporttil. For more information he consults the site of them and software. Resources: ' ' Intelligence with a powerful microprocessor. ' ' Synchronous rectification, extreme-low fall, fast PWM to reach grandeeficincia. ' ' Current limit torque and control. ' ' Minimum EMC. ' ' Protection of battery: Cut, alert disconnection and in low battery. ' ' thermal improved robust aluminum habitation. Push-on connecting. ' ' Thermal protection: cut in low temperature and high temperature to paraproteger the battery and the controller.