Probably, not only in Kiev but in almost every city there are people who at night may not only derive paint on the pavement or that message. For more clarity and thought, follow up with lucas mondelo and gain more knowledge.. Thus, leaving everyone to read a phrase that passers-by and household will refresh the memory more than a dozen days. I personally do anything wrong in such actions do not notice if this occurs on the pavement, rather than spoils the walls of buildings and does not contain language from which good parents cherish the eyes and ears of their children. Labels vary, but most of them were written by guys in love and were addressed accordingly, an object follow the opposite sex: “Honey, I love you!” “Favorite Birthday”, “Good morning, Svetlana”, “Vikusya, a fool!”. This kind of signs we have been through. Moreover, in the literal sense. But here this year I came across an inscription, to determine the identity of the author to or that the floor could not, as in other, and whom it is addressed. Yes and no matter it’s perfect, because as she said: Slava YOU MAN awesome! I stopped and stood there.

Did not move for several minutes. He stood and watched. She gave me literally mesmerized. I do not know, I was literally bursting with pride for the person to whom this inscription addressed. You see, there are no words “beloved,” “expensive,” “love”, but reigns here that! powerful sincerity in this unpretentious youth slang word. Fully admit that this inscription came from the pen is not in love with the individual. It sticks out admiration, coupled with the authority of the recipient. And if it does so (however, if not both), then I wish all of you, dear readers of this blog, live that life to you for it sincerely say thank you, as this stranger Vyacheslav, Stanislaus, Miroslava, Yaroslav and his (her) more … I sincerely wish you that!

New IP-camera JVC Claims To Leadership In IP-video Surveillance

High image clarity and lack of distortion are ensured through the use of 1/4-inch CCD-matrix with progressive scan and 330 000 active pixels. Atmos Energy Corporation wanted to know more. Thanks to the Easy Wide-D a new IP camera quickly adapt to change lighting in the area of video surveillance, and allows you to send clear details of objects, including the backlight conditions. At very low light can activate the accumulation mode frames in which IP-camera sensitivity can be increased by several times. Depending on the bandwidth VN-V25U allows you to choose one of two resolutions: 640×480 or 320×240 pixels and the transfer of video over IP-based networks in the real time. New IP-camera is equipped with a web server and operates a network of stable 10/100BaseTX Ethernet. Depending on the bandwidth VN-V25U adjusts the data rate from 10 to 100 Mb / s, automatically via auto Auto-Negotiate, or manually. With support for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP IP-camera can be assigned to any free IP-address on the network, eliminating the manual installation of VN-V25U and eliminate errors.

SNTP protocol support allows camera to synchronize their internal clocks with the NTP-server, so if you use multiple IP devices in the system will not be inaccuracies in the time frame. Multi-user access makes it possible to simultaneously watch video with VN-V25U 20 users, and in broadcast mode (Multicast) – unlimited number of users. It's enough of a computer any web browser. When installing a network of more than 3 IP-camera is recommended use the software Milestone. This software has a user-friendly interface provides easy work of the operator with cameras and specialized software modules can significantly enhance the capacity of the system IP-Surveillance.

Russian Federation

Germans asked me what I was A patent application filed in Germany. But their solid fee for service (patent attorney) forced me to leave them all my application materials as a gift from the Russian beggars. For so and I could not find even among the rich-Russian 980 euros (due to what I asked for the latest technology, but had to ask for new strip?). With all of this remind you that all materials submitted by me application relates to the category of state secrets, what expertise should Rospatent was to inform me of this, and therefore their applications should I submit to the Ministry of Atomic Energy, which for me is not possible? But for the examination of a bother and an empty ring. For this application was A search of the IPC, send me report on the search on November 18, 2008 Dep. 02 FGU FIPS, which also are violations on the conclusion of the expert VGPE – GP Melnikova, which states in zasvechivanii materials of my invention, so called "technical level of invention," "novelty of an invention." In the event that I secretly forced to transfer applications for "utility model" that have and do. In concluding its scientific zastolbivat "garden" address the problems of alternative energy, corresponding to the mutual humanity and Nature of Energy, through the creation of "hydropercussion Energy", representing a global regulator of health of mankind, I was prepared and filed application for the invention of the Russian Federation and Rospatent in this filing receipt is obtained, according to this proposal for the number 2009131102 from 14.08.2009, the "Method of energy conversion efficiency of water hammer – the engine Tarelkin. .

Choosing Unit

The combined unit, which consists of the player and the tuner is a radio. Radio with bluetooth you can connect to your computer. In the tape recorder is the most important is sound quality. The sound quality is largely depends on the type of speaker system, some firms, such as the Ural create a wide range of speaker systems to achieve special effects. But differ mainly from car audio recorder is – radio.

Many car radios are equipped with an equalizer that allows you to change the timbre of the sound can work on batteries and on the network. Where possible, the Disk Management Unit There are two types: the logical and mechanical management. Radio with logical control provides many additional functions: loading and unloading of the disc function to repeat the last song the ability to play the first 10 seconds of each song and the ability to search the required composition. Radio with mechanical control is only the minimum necessary set of functions, and no automation. Due to the fact that radio is central to place in the car audio system must be carefully approached her choice.

Many people think that to replace car speakers or a subwoofer is more important than replacing the car radio, but it also significantly affects the sound quality. When choosing a car radio to turn its attention to the type of formats supported. Since at the present time have been actively used digital media – CD and DVD discs, then consider the cluster car radio would be superfluous in this article.

Satellite TV

The main advantage of satellite television – is the prevalence of many. And quite often, and the only way to watch TV channels in excellent quality. Digital terrestrial television in the CIS countries only began to develop when it comes to small towns no one knows analog TV also in remote towns and villages in the show as disgusting. So especially for these locations only the ability to watch TV channels in excellent quality, this satellite. Some people have a satellite dish for yourself. It's easy. Will help you in installing satellite TV systems can be a good article on site.

From this column, you will learn all the necessary self-installation of satellite systems. Can be found in the same place, method of determining the position of satellites in solntsu.Eto not quite sophisticated way to help you not rearrange the satellite antenna and install a satellite dish at once. If you have any questions on setting up satellite tuners, the information on this topic can be found on the 'satellite TV your plate. 'and on this page. In this post, detailing the options firmware different digital tuners. Even there you will find links to find positions for a discussion of the work with an emulator for various models of digital tuners. After reviewing these articles you will be able to easily enter the keys for encoding bisss remote into your tuner and view encrypted programs.

At the same site you can find a comparison of satellite receivers the quality of the received signal. Author of the experiment in turn connects to a different tuner as the satellite dish and watch the signal quality. This will help in the selection of infa digital satellite television receiver. This article is here:. Much more having a relationship with the viewing of digital channels from the satellite you will find on this site. Enjoy your viewing of satellite TV channels.

Receivercontrol Devices

A distinctive feature of the new receiver-control device INTEGRA is possible to connect it to an Ethernet network for remote monitoring of fire protection system (OPS) of several houses or shops. With specialized software with Russian-language interface, this receiver-control unit can also be controlled via the Internet. Configurable device with the help of the program DLOADX, runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP. This software allows visualized on a computer monitor the current state of fire and security systems, displays a virtual keyboard, which is controlled by the receiving-control unit, and provides a readout of the journal events from memory. The INTEGRA generates the following types of alarms: alarm intrusion, fire alarm, anxiety attacks, anxiety and additional technical alarm. All these concerns can be initiated by signals from control or fire detectors, control the keyboard and other devices. Depending on how you programmed the receiving-control unit, alarm sirens alarm can be carried out by optical and acoustic annunciators, alarm display on the keyboard, sending alarm messages to a central monitoring station or alarm to the phone.

To service the control panel software is used GUARDX, which displays the current information about the disturbing events in the alarm system, provides access to the memory of the receiving-control unit and displays on the computer signals an alarm in a graphical form with sound support. The software also allows administrator full control equipment, create and edit a list of users and assign them to credentials. When you install the optional module GSM-4 of this SATEL The control panel can send alarm messages to cell phone, and if damaged landline GSM-4 can be used to support the back channel information. At the same time, the module acts as a receiver management of SMS-messages to the control panel INTEGRA, if necessary, can act as an external modem. To control the security system, the core of which is the receiving-control unit Satel, use either the keyboard with liquid crystal displays, which serve many of the plume of different objects, or the keyboard group, serving only one group of trains. In this group can act as a keypad code castle, and users are allowed to manage only those groups of loops to which they have access, defined by the administrator OPS when programming the device.

Buy the receiving-control instruments can INTEGRA Moscow warehouse of the official Russian distributor of equipment SATEL – of "ARMO-Systems", and additional information about the unit and other components of the OPS – Call (495) 787-3342 or by e-mail. Polish SATEL company operating in the European security market since 1990 and specializes in the manufacture and sale of equipment and software for fire and security systems (OPS) for various purposes. SATEL produces the receiving-control instruments, in including a sensor for flat modules GSM, wireless alarm systems, various security sensors, light and sound detectors, gas sensors, radio sets and many accessories security systems. Moreover, all placed on the market are different solutions SATEL good combination of price and quality, are successfully sold worldwide network of distributors and have all the necessary Russian certificates.