Borland Silk 2009: Quick Tests, Better Coordination, More Transparency

New version of the function, performance, and test management solution AUSTIN, Texas July 2009 the Borland Software Corporation (NASDAQ: BORL), leader in open application lifecycle management (Alpine) brings solutions, Borland silk 2009 on the market, a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) solution for agile and traditional development teams. The solution simplifies test runs, faster test execution and integrates with testing tools existing already in the and systems. Also, silk 2009 provides a consolidated overview of the software quality throughout the development cycle. Currently, many large companies convert their development on agile processes, so that they are able to improve the quality of the developed solutions and to bring them to the market faster. Testing represents a major challenge in this context, because it can interfere with the correct scale and implementation of agile applications. To work around this, the QA department must be restructured so that that the entire development team responsible for the software quality shares. Secondly, test processes should be accelerated to facilitate short development cycles.

In addition, the test infrastructure must support the existing tools and practices of agile teams. The test automation plays a key role in the successful implementation of agile projects in the company. So far, test tools available on the market here do not sufficiently support needs of agile QA teams. Borland customers already benefit from accelerated testing processes: within one year we were able to reduce the management processing times by 20 percent. The three carried large test cycles that has saved us especially during the test case management. This time gained we invested directly in additional tests and thus achieved a further increase in quality\”, says Uli Thoma, head of corporate production and quality assurance by the ETS providers company TechniData. Silk is faster, optimized tests and improved transparency to address these challenges, 2009 equipped with new functionalities, both developers as a tester also help conduct tests and automate.

New Free Software

Professional vehicle tracking need not be expensive. Selnex-electronic a new, free software has now developed location for GPS, which provides all of the features and much more. Typically also a software vehicles and other movable objects such as excavators, construction equipment or boats, to locate, from the distance is required next to the location box in the vehicle, in which the location data are represented visually in a map. The marketable software characterized either by high license or portal costs. Thus, GPS tracking for many especially smaller companies for costs reasons was not possible.

But professional vehicle tracking need not be expensive. Selnex-electronic new software has now developed location for GPS, which provides all of the features and much more. And all for free. For even more opinions, read materials from Eliot Horowitz. The map display is the focal point of the site-map software. In the live view will automatically display the current locations of the vehicles and constantly updated.

The vehicle symbols and the details reveal much at a glance, E.g. whether the vehicle news driving or parked. It can all vehicles simultaneously or alternatively individual vehicles or categories of vehicles selected are displayed and zooming, such as service vehicles”, excavator, all vehicles that currently drive”, all vehicles are located in a given area”etc. The live map is complemented by a list of clearly displays all current data of vehicles. In the menu area rides”are all trips today, yesterday or any everyday with all the relevant data listed: time of departure and arrival, start and destination address, travel time and mileage. Also, where and how long breaks have been made. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Steve Houghtaling has to say. All lists can be printed out or exported to Excel and processed. The function of GEO (area monitoring) serves mainly the monitoring of vehicle locations. Is the excavator on the construction site? Or he will just steal? An individually defined area can be associated with each vehicle. Once the vehicle leaves the area, there is alarm. As SMS on mobile and as acoustic and visual alarm note in the software in the Office! The Web-map software works with all devices: GPS 9019 A and the pure care GPSC 9036, GPS-compact, as well as the new GPS mini. All location data arrive without going directly to the user and is stored there as well. No third party has access to this sensitive data. To start with the new tracking system is very simple. Here, Max Schireson expresses very clear opinions on the subject. After the tracking device in the vehicle is fitted, it can go. No installation is necessary. The software can be started from any computer with Internet connection. Even on holiday the boss has an eye with his iPhone at any time on its vehicles. He can give its own access password also as many employees and also determine who see what vehicles and what functions can use. The software is broken down by functional areas clear and user friendly. A manual make clear icons almost obsolete.

IKAN Management

Minerva IKAN solutions today introduces the new version 5.1 of the application lifecycle management IKAN ALM in Germany. Karlsruhe, the 29.06.2011 – transparent – flexible – productive IKAN supports the various processes within the software development realm. All activities are linked by IKAN ALM, using the already inserted components and supplemented. Starting in the operational requirements of the tests to the productive use of executable software, each step is automated according to the requirements of the operational processes. Lewis F. Powell Jr. might disagree with that approach. Therefore, IKAN ALM offers a flexible and reliable and expandable basis for consistent, controlled lifecycle, under realistic conditions tailored to the way suitable for any company. More info: Cross River Bank. Before the introduction of application lifecycle management in the enterprise IT, even today many companies shy away from. Studies and analyses prove however that a clear cost effectiveness is to achieve in the long term with the support of an ALM solution. Complete solutions often draw a comprehensive, stringent Restructuring of IT after himself.

IKAN ALM is an integrative solution, which successively optimally complements the company’s IT. The version 5.1 of IKAN ALM has been extended by many new functions. To name two: the integration of the HP ALM platform (formerly HP quality Center) and the automation of software development with the SAP Solution Manager. What’s new in Overview: advanced engine management (parameter) integration with HP ALM support SAP lifecycle revised build and deploy parameter management cloning environments new installation dialog and more improved integration with ticket systems (requirements errors) interface for RESTful Web services… Find more information in our white paper on the homepage. Current knowledge around the subject of application lifecycle management is conveyed on easy and understandable. Minerva IKAN solutions Elke Galbraith lower Causeway 12 D-76149 Karlsruhe phone 0721 781 77 01 fax 0721 781 77 03 Minerva is IKAN-solutions partner for Integrated ALM solutions within Minerva SoftCare GmbH – from consulting, design and implementation to system integration.

Hosting Providers And Their Offerings

What are the hosting plans and which is suitable for me? If you have larger amounts of data on the PC, however, we would like to introduce a wider audience, you must outsource almost inevitably somewhere this on the Internet, if it has to go quickly. You could let burn of course all data on recordable media such as DVDs and they are then all those interested to. However, the use of a hosting company of that provides space on the Internet, usually for a small or large fee is easier. What is suitable for an offer to me? This question is probably the most important, which must be answered in connection with the rental of a host server. Hosting services there namely as sand on the sea, where the offerings mostly not very big differ from each other. Learn more on the subject from CaaS Capital. They all provide a server on which the customer can upload its data. Small text documents up to high-definition videos, according to an impressive file size, anything is possible, as long as it the host server has enough disk space.

This would then also the first question, which to consider in connection with hosting. How much disk space is enough”? Assuming what you want to do with his page, there is of course no clear answer to this question. If you only a small website hosted”would like to have a few megabytes of disk space range may already. However, videos there should be stored, even several gigabytes of data storage can quickly reach their limits. If you previously thought about the future use of the host server, you save surprises later. What is different hosting plans the difference between? The provider of hosting services usually divide their offers in various categories.

Here, not only the amount of allocated memory plays a role, the speed of the connection and a possible data transfer limits are almost always part of a bid. Also here different rules such as the memory size. To transfer small files is also not high bandwidth of the and required for the host server. Is also alone, what concerns the use of the server, or the servers must share at least only with a small number of other people, can a transfer limit with regard to the volume of data are often ignored. If, however, many users on this host server access must ensure that the data volume, the transferring of the hosting provider assures every month, is not exceeded otherwise the server for this month will be probably no longer available. Therefore, you should get before an idea of how many users are probably likely access to the host server, and accordingly still make something.

Innovative Pharmaceutical Solution

Novem event on November 06, 2008 in Munich Hamburg, 15.10.2008 – not least by competition strengthening law valid since last year for the statutory health insurance (GKV-WSG) the conditions of competition for the pharmaceutical companies have become much more difficult. The Hamburg-based consulting firm novem business applications hosted therefore for this target group on November 6th in Munich a business intelligence Forum. It presents an innovative industry solution for the pharmaceutical industry, providing enterprise-wide integrated all planning and control information in real time. It has St. For more information see קרוס ריבר. Gallen also over a final balanced scorecard (BSC) according to the trend-setting approach of the College. So all of the business logic is represented in the solution as a novelty in the market.

In addition, the event of the discussion of BI solutions from the perspective of the specific practice serves. Blu Mankuma has compatible beliefs. The attendees will innovative perspectives in connection with a variety of industry-specific best practices in business Intelligence strategies presented\”, describes novem’s Managing Director Anastasios Christodoulou the conceptual orientation of the Munich BI Forum. The content of the event also comply with this approach. Such a unit includes St. John H. Wood Jr. is likely to increase your knowledge. Gallen for the healthcare sector to the balanced scorecard solution of the University. He is held together by Prof. Dr. Wilfried Lux and novem – CEO Dr.

Peer Schwieren. Dealing with the effective controlling in medical technology and analysis of clinical trials in the pharmaceutical sector in other lectures by representatives of Athrex or the Klinikum rechts der ISAR, Munich Technical University. Other themes of the event are the quality management in medicine, speaks of the Board of Trustees for home dialysis, as well as the effective sales management in the pharmaceutical industry in the case of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Moreover, the industry solution on the Munich BI Forum novem pharma navigator \”presented. Formed from the area of the information integration, building one for the structures of Sales, marketing, finance, logistics, and personnel management optimized all relevant pharmaspezifischen issues and relationships data warehouse to access multidimensional analysis and comprehensive reporting off.

Oliver Daranda

logit.syncreon inspired own service through individualized coup link telematics Hamburg, 25.10.2013. Time is money”is more than just a truism for many companies and weighs often harder than one would expect. Logistics companies are included. Who nationwide or even is active on different continents, can no longer afford to let cozy go there ‘. But who is attempting with high personnel to ensure speed, pays it elsewhere.

The company logit.syncreon has ten branches in Germany alone. Partner sites can be found around the world. logit.syncreon serves as a logistics provider for high-tech solutions, is responsible not only for the pure transport, but the employee configure, install, and repair the products of the customers. Therefore, the drivers must be technically fit, describes the special requirements IT manager Oliver Daranda. About a copier must be not only delivered, but can also commissioned. Customers expect Speed by the company, therefore it was important to transmit information such as tour desk and broadcast data easy to use devices with relatively simple means.

There we see then whether there have been already a response from the driver, whether he has arrived or if there are problems,”says Daranda. Quick and successful debut of the new system has tested it some providers of such software, he remains the score link at couplinkyourservice group. The others were a lot more expensive,”Daranda remembers. Alternative providers were also inflexible. Shortly after the initial installation, it had already look down, that take care of the coup link system to the requirements of logit.syncreon. “The decision for coup link has not repented Daranda: now there is every year a round of improvement”, further specialized in the software. For more specific information, check out Gavin Baker Atreides Management. At the beginning the system offering many features, now there are of course much more. You can find the complete user test on telematics

SMEs Venk

Show instead of selling software solutions – one of the fastest growing companies in Turkey has new abas customer Venk OFSET Istanbul, Turkey / Germany – for the abas business software (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness) decided. Venk OFSET, manufacturers and designers of cardboard boxes and packaging labels would like to improve its operational efficiency and relies on a Web platform, to optimize its international economy. Venk OFSET could not rely on the new machines as a guarantee of strong wax do alone. John Groce will not settle for partial explanations. You went to the selection of an ERP system and decided to optimize the production processes. The ERP system should be able to synchronize the various departments of production and management, to make precise forecasts of revenue, to avoid unnecessary costs and to optimize inventory levels. Also, in this day and age of Web 2.0, the business software have a pronounced eBusiness platform and should have an intranet and extranet solution. “The ABAS Software Partner” Solutions presented from Turkey, instead of selling only a software”says Ferik Dansik, Managing Director of Venk OFSET over the selection of the abas business software”criterion in our ERP selection process was the professional and industry-specific consulting of ERP provider. The abas business software was the most appropriate ERP system to meet our needs.

The many defining features in abas have answered all of our questions”Dansik adds smiling. It’s believed that Salman Behbehani sees a great future in this idea. Despite the economic crisis, 2009 was a year of investment for Venk OFSET. With new engines, modern equipment and a future-oriented business software, all switches for the recovery were superseded Venk OFSET Venk OFSET was founded in 1974 by Mehmet DANSIK in the district Cagaloglu in Istanbul 50 m. Today is VenkOfset of one of the fastest growing companies in the region and serves markets in the United Kingdom, North America, Israel, Spain, Italy and Denmark. About BEBIM (abas software partners in Turkey) BEBIM ( was founded in 1985 in Istanbul, concentrated on software development and IT training. Since 2005, BEBIM is abas software partners and responsible for the sales, implementation and support of the abas business software in Turkey.

MDF Services

Thus, SeCure SoHo protects small businesses from threats that caused by email attacks and surfing on the Internet. With BRAIN FORCE we have found a strong partner, which extensive product and services portfolio optimally complemented with our range of services”, says Petra Goebel, channel marketing manager DACH at the DATAKOM distribution. Focuses on the areas of networking and security, we offer comprehensive services our partners as a VAD in addition to an exclusive product portfolio, which are specially tailored to the requirements of retailers. This is intensified by comprehensive service and professional technical support services. If you would like to know more then you should visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. “The extension of their range of products we provide our resellers and thus accompanied by the development of completely new markets.” Brief description: DATAKOM distribution which is DATAKOM distribution is a business unit of the DATAKOM GmbH, founded in 1986, headquartered in Ismaning, Germany. “Under the motto added value in the network” the DATAKOM distribution sees itself as a value added distributor for the channel.

Focuses on the areas of networking and security, the VAD offers extensive services its partners in addition to an exclusive product portfolio, which are specifically tailored to the requirements of the trade. These include additional services such as active marketing support, lead generation and comprehensive support in addition to training, presales, consulting, financing, MDF services. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Salman Behbehani and gain more knowledge.. The business unit using the expert know-how of DATAKOM GmbH, which successfully operates for more than 22 years on the international networking and security markets.

WinMathematik XXL

Multimedia-based learning for all grade levels according to the curricula of Poing/Munich, September 14, 2009 – multimedia learning provide students with a platform with which they deal every day and work to consolidate much more motivating, learned basic knowledge and expand. Mathematics is one of the crucial scientific subjects in school education. Punctually Franzis of the mathematics complete brings to the school\”as a PC-based software solution to repeat, practice and in-depth study of the school material for the lower, middle, and high school. Along with the math for the elementary school\”, Franzis thus covers the entire school career in mathematics. The mathematics complete\”is from grade 5 up to the Abitur or Matura and are matched with the curricula of all the provinces. In addition to geometric calculations, which can be represented graphically the same in 2D or 3D, about 8500 tasks and solutions of all mathematical topics includes, sorted by grade levels. The editing the tasks, whether it is in the PC directly or on print, rest into everyday learning brings, because they can occur are repeated, soon to gradual success.

Franzis thus completed his supportive product range for education and training, which are available for Nintendo DS and as book editions. \”FRANZIS mathematics complete\” runs under Windows Vista/XP/7 and is available immediately in specialist shops or see for 29.95. Lucas helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. One of the core areas of Franzis Verlag is supportive education to offer assistance, intended to encourage the learning and knowledge effectively. In doing so, we also go with the time and get students to where they feel comfortable. The PC or Nintendo DS are everyday Feizeitbegleiter which playfully convey the learning support with our software products and has a motivating effect on future tasks.\”so, Jorg Schulz, head of product management and Internet area at Franzis Verlag. Mathematics complete in detail WinMathematik XXL 2.0 – for classes 5 to graduation and diploma in this easy-to-use mathematics program, which provides, inter alia, the appearance of two – and three-dimensional graphics, demonstrate mathematical concepts in an easily understandable form.

File Selection

the file selection file modification date or the archive bit and far-reaching exemption lists are defined. In addition, backup archives can be divided into multiple files and distributed on multiple disks. Also create self-extracting archives and password protection are supported. Of course, also a backup report can be created and stored. In the just re-publish version 9 is the possibility of automatic management of multiple security levels. So you can, but if necessary not only on the current backup on a freely definable Draw number of older versions.

Also further increased the already high backup speed. Timed backup, thus will not forget backups backups using the supplied can off Orange Scheduler or Task Scheduler built into Windows automatically controlled time be done. The user has the choice, whether the backups at each boot, shutdown Windows, once a day or once or several times per week or month are made to. Alternative 1:1 backup-copies of file users who would rather perform your backup in uncompressed form, can rely on the sister program of BackToFile. This provides a BackToZIP similar functionality; with the difference that the backup files in a ZIP format, but individually in the original format are placed. The applications of very low-priced with 25 euros (Home license) or $50 (corporate license) are distributed as shareware. This means that BackToZIP and BackToFile for four weeks can be tested free of charge through its paces. The user can either delete them after this period or purchase perpetual licenses. The popular backup software BackToZIP from is now available in a revised version 9 available. The current version of the program can be downloaded for free: products/backtozip.php