Public Provision Of Surrogate Motherhood Program

The governments of many leading Western countries, given the high cost of reproductive medicine, finance encourages families to be infertile at government expense. In France, women up to 43 years, the State allocates funds four attempts a onclick = ‘javascript: _gaq.push (‘ _trackPageview ‘,’ / outgoing/article_exit_link/781742′);’ href = artificial insemination. In Denmark, women under 35 years of state finances three attempts of IVF. In the U.S., depending on the state medical insurance covers infertility in whole or in part (though there are exceptions – in some states, insurance pays for simpler methods of infertility treatment, but not in vitro fertilization). In Israel, the State pay the full cost of the cycle of artificial insemination to married couples, including lesbian and single women. Number of programs for women and 45 years is not restricted, and they are funded as long as patient will have two children.

In Italy, a lot of work centers in vitro fertilization – both public and private (only one Rome runs 57 clinics in reproduction). And in most provinces treatment paid by the state. However, first introduced in Ukraine in 2002 – 2007 years. public support for assisted reproductive technologies, attempts to cover only 400-600 per year (the country), and the program surrogate motherhood may be (financed by artificial insemination, surrogate mother is not funded), when used as surrogate mothers only relatives infertile women. Because of inability to pay treatment of infertility using assisted reproductive technologies, with minimal needs of couples in Ukraine – 38-40 thousand cycles per year, actually held 1,5-1,7 thousand infertility problem does not allow the public to remain indifferent and forcing many countries, zakreplayat at the legislative level the Surrogate Motherhood Program, which every day are becoming more and more supporters.