Stains Oil Paint

Our clothes and clothes for our children often suffer from oil paint, especially in spring and early summer when the parks and backyards of houses painted benches and fences. Remove such stains from clothing can be yourself. The key is to remember that the sooner you take for removing stains, the better. If you spot a fresh (within 1-3 hours) may be normal wash soap, then the next day the same spot will show gasoline, turpentine or other organic solvents. To remove fresh stains from oil paint, wipe its cotton swab moistened with turpentine, acetone, or kerosene, and then with ammonia until the stain disappears. Be careful – Ammonia can change the color of the product and acetone "contraindicated" for many synthetic fabrics. Get rid of the stains of oil paint on clothes can also use the refined gasoline (sold in hardware stores). When using a crude gasoline around the spot is often formed "halo", which disappears only after dry cleaning.

After processing, the product must be thoroughly washed with warm water. Do not put clothes smelling gasoline in the washing machine – otherwise things will get all this seductive aroma:) Do not worry if you can not just get rid of the smell of gasoline – leave product ventilated (for example, on the balcony) and the smell will disappear. Fresh stains of oil paint with a wool suit coat or can be removed by wiping it with a cotton swab moistened lightly with sunflower oil. If the paint has hardened, carefully remove the peel with a knife, not damaging the tissue. Then clean the spot with gasoline, turpentine or acetone, repeatedly wiping a cotton swab with the solvent. Old stains of oil paint easier to remove if you soak them with turpentine, to wait until the paint softened, and then clean off her strong solution of baking soda. Note: gasoline, turpentine, alcohol, acetone and stain removers with their contents are flammable, volatile and poisonous. Need to use them in ventilated areas, observing precautions. Keep solvents should be in a bubble with a tight-fitting cork out of reach of children.

Time Favorite

Holidays – a favorite time for everyone. We look forward to May, New Year or some other holidays when we can rest in the circle of family and friends, go to the dacha, on nature, or in a rest home. All Holidays are divided into private celebrations, which include, wedding, birthday, anniversary or housewarming. Corporate events – presentation, the anniversary of the company, the award ceremony, calendar holidays – New Year 8 March, and the professional holiday – Day of the builder, teacher day etc. The eve of holidays, is permeated with a certain spirit and attitude. People running around raznlichnym shopping, buy food, gifts, or choose to buy new things.

All of this creates a certain pre-holiday chaos. And now, the long-awaited holidays! You are invited to their friends to visit and want to have fun. Often, it all comes down to the banal-sitting at the table. Let's move away from tradition and come up with platitudes and together how to spend the holidays so that they would remember for a long time! For each holiday, depending on its importance, duration and time of year, you can come up with something different, memorable. The more the festival will be more bright and unusual, that does not happen to you in everyday life, the better and more unforgettable memories will be then.

Very helpful would be remember something from my childhood! For example, if you mark the 8 March – arrange a competition for the best snowman. Check out the nature, cold vodka, the taste of grilled meat with smoke, hot tea and room for creativity, bring you a lot of fun. Zimioy in New Year's Day can be made at all, quite interesting and even extreme. Construct, preferably next to the bath, a house made of ice or snow. Suppose that this is a real house, with hall, lounge, kitchen, fireplace, bedroom and bathroom! Now imagine a meeting of the new year in this house! Vivid memories are guaranteed! Well, so do not get sick, more hot drinks, warm clothes and of course, to help you – Russian Bath! Of course, festivals do not go without gifts. Give gifts to each other more often, regardless of the holiday occasion. In fact, for any holiday, you can come up with a theme gift. On the day of independence can be give each other small flags on May Day – the Komsomol badges with a ribbon of St. George, on the day of the builder – 'cornerstone', on the day of petroleum – kanistruochku with gasoline, etc. Such a small detail, as gifts, make the holidays more memorable! And another tip. Do not load the holidays and everyday household chores! Try to leave all the worries on weekdays and weekend routine. A holiday leave for these festivals and adventures. To ensure they are holidays to celebrate and have fun! Organization and holding of festivals in Moscow and Moscow region.

Russian Borzoi

We decided to start Russian Borzoi – provide her regular jogging in the fields after the hare, or jumping on your small apartment, she not bring joy to you and she will be deeply unhappy. Do not try to make miniature poodles guard … in a small apartment better have a small dog. In an apartment building there is also the complexity content of loud barking dogs that interfere with their neighbors, so a dog with a child should be properly educated. If you are renting an apartment or house, you should obtain the consent of the owner in a rented room in the content of the dog. The dog should be as easy boss (no matter how utilitarian it sounds), then it will only bring joy to you and will be quite happy herself! So you have decided on the breed. Next question – why, actually, you dog, you'll do with it? Go to exhibitions? Work? Hunt? Sports? Or lie on the couch, huddled against her warm woolen side? On your choice of career and interest in dogs choice will depend on the breeder and the parents of the puppy. People keen exhibition dog breeding, are bright, rich life with new experiences.

Victory dogs, prizes, many friends, travel abroad – not life, but a holiday. And you decide to purchase a cool dog to enjoy the triumph diligently to grow from a puppy champion. But remember, the exhibition game – the lottery. And losing it at least a win. See if you love your dog – do not champion? And here you have a breeder of the litter and have to choose "his puppy." You need just a companion, friend and bodyguard, feel free to take a puppy in 2 – 3 months.